Don't Let Me Go

I desperatley waited for the bell to ring. It was almost time to leave school, but all I heard coming from the speakers was "CODE RED"! Everyone got out of their seats including me, and headed to lean to the walls. Without making a sound everyone just looked at each other. Code red was when an unknown person entered our school to hurt people. I could only hear evryone's breathing until "BANG"! Our classroom door open! Everyone screamed as we saw a guy with a gun. Everyone started to run in different directions as the guy shooted randomly. I tried to run out through the other door but, my foot got stuck between a desk. The last thing I saw was that guy taking me out of the class, while everyone else screaming my name, "Lauren"! And then, I saw black...


5. Love at first sight

Harry's P.O.V

   Niall had called me telling me about a girl staying at Liam's place for a while. He even said she was pretty, so I decided on to meet her. I headed towards Liam's place, as I knocked on Liam's door. What surprised me was the most beautiful girl ever. She was almost my age, but look younger. She was just all a boy would expect from a girl, I dont know what was happening to me but, I was weak for a moment. I just had experienced love at first sight I guess. 

   "Hi!" She said shyly, which made me go out of my thoughts.

   "Oh, hello what's your name?" I asked desperatley wanting to know who's lovely girl's name is. 

   "Im Lauren and you are Harry right?" She asked. 

   Oh wow, her name is an angel's name. Very gorgeous just like her.

   "Umm... Is Liam here?" I aksed

   "Yes he is with Niall at the living room." She answered.

   "Thank's." I said before disappearing into the living room findind Niall and Liam.

  "Hey boy's!" I said.

   "HI!" They replied.

   "So I've seen you met Lauren didn't you?" Niall asked.

   "Yeah, I met her and she is damn beautiful!" I said in a whisper yell.

   "We all know that Harry but, we want her to feel comfortable around us ok?" Liam asked.

   Of course I had to agree with him, because he is the one in charge of her. 

   "I know I will!" I annoyingly said.


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