Don't Let Me Go

I desperatley waited for the bell to ring. It was almost time to leave school, but all I heard coming from the speakers was "CODE RED"! Everyone got out of their seats including me, and headed to lean to the walls. Without making a sound everyone just looked at each other. Code red was when an unknown person entered our school to hurt people. I could only hear evryone's breathing until "BANG"! Our classroom door open! Everyone screamed as we saw a guy with a gun. Everyone started to run in different directions as the guy shooted randomly. I tried to run out through the other door but, my foot got stuck between a desk. The last thing I saw was that guy taking me out of the class, while everyone else screaming my name, "Lauren"! And then, I saw black...


4. Living With Who

Lauren's P.O.V


  I woke up to what it seem's not the hopital. I was literally completley confused, where am I know? Still this room is more beautiful and im not connected to a machine which it's just way better! I stood out of bed and the floor was cold. I looked around the room, and it was really big compared to other's, but where in the world am I know?

    I heard voices, which seemed to come from downstairs? I opened the door, look both sides of the corridor and no sign of anyone, but this house just was completley wonderful, in size and design. I followed the voices and led me to a living room. I was just trying to listen to the conversation, but their accents were british, and they were all men voices. I got really scared, because I thought I got kidnapped again. But when a blonde guy turned around and saw me looking at them. My mouth dropped, and my eyes got wide open. I couldn't believe that I had Niall Horan right infront of me! I couldn't even speak, though I tried to make up the words I my mind to speak they just didn't form  right. 

  "Uh.. Hi you must be Lauren and, you must be confused seeing One DIrection and being in Liam's house!" Niall said.

   "I uh am Lauren and why am I with you?" I asked very confused.

  "Listen, this my sound akward, but I have to take care of you, and you will have to live with me until the plice, and the governer find a way to send you back to the U.S or contact your family." Liam explained.

   "So.. It mean's im living with you? " I asked pointing towards Liam.

   "Yeah!" He replied.

   "Oh, well thank's for accepting me here until I can go back home!" I replied excited. I was going to live with Liam Payne. I will see all One Direction almost everyday!

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