Don't Let Me Go

I desperatley waited for the bell to ring. It was almost time to leave school, but all I heard coming from the speakers was "CODE RED"! Everyone got out of their seats including me, and headed to lean to the walls. Without making a sound everyone just looked at each other. Code red was when an unknown person entered our school to hurt people. I could only hear evryone's breathing until "BANG"! Our classroom door open! Everyone screamed as we saw a guy with a gun. Everyone started to run in different directions as the guy shooted randomly. I tried to run out through the other door but, my foot got stuck between a desk. The last thing I saw was that guy taking me out of the class, while everyone else screaming my name, "Lauren"! And then, I saw black...


3. Living With Me

Liam's P.O.V

    I was about to go to Niall's flat, when someone knock on my door. When I open the door it was surprisingly to see a doctor and a policeman. 

  "Umm... How can I help you? I asked confused.

  "Im Drew Parker, a doctor from London's International Hopital(I just made it up) and well,we need to talk to you about something serious." Drew answered.

   "Umm.. Sure come in!" I responded leading Drew and the policeman into the living room. We got their and we all sat down.

     "Look, this might sound weird, but we need you to take care of a girl that is from the U.S. I know it sounds confusing, but here is the story, she was kidnapped during school hour's and somehow brought here. She was unconsious when she got here, and bareley woke up after 2 months. And know we have to find a way to get her to the U.S or contact her family. But right know we've checked your record's and you seem to be a good guy, that can take care of Lauren. You really don't have to spend money on her, the government will provide her the neccesary thing's she needs, just as food, clothing, and all that. But we really need you to let Lauren be with you. I know you are in a boyband but, we also know you have some vacations. We've already talked to your manager's, and they've agreed because, you are the most responsible of the band and fan's will increase your popularity by helping Lauren." Drew and the policeman explained.

     "Well, it would be a pleasure to have her stay with me, I don't have any problem, with her being here." I replied.

      "Well, that is very sweet of you Mr.Payne, well I will be back with the girl because she is asleep right know and well, do you have a guest room which we can lay her down?" Drew aksed.

     "Oh, yeah its next to the stairs the first door." I replied.

   They left and in a couple of minutes came back caring a girl about 13 years old her hair was long and dark brown, her face was like an angel's, she was just like the  sister that I never had!

          When they came back, they said thank you and said Dr.Drew will come back every weekend to check on her. I had to call the lads and tell them that a 13 year old is living with me.

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