Love Drunk (A Jade thirwall and Harry styles Love story)

"Please, Harry, don't leave me." I begged. "Jade..Taylor wants me." Taylor. My competition, and his girlfriend. ''You know what? Go. Go be with her." I growled. "Babe..please try to understand. Now I need to go.." He left my sight. Tears streamed down my soft cheek as I all I thought about was him. I want him..maybe a little too much. Maybe I'm a little Love Drunk?


2. It's Over


Harry's P.O.V

I swallowed hard, and walked over to her. "Actually, it looks like you don't need me." I chuckled harshly. "Who the hell are you?" The man got a little defensive. "Damen, don't." She put her palm on his chest. "Taylor,shut the hell up! You just used me!" I yelled. I clenched my fist. "Hey, I said don't talked to her like that!" Yelled Damen. I saw his fist rise, but caught it before it striked me. I felt my face go warm, and then I connected my fist with his jaw. "Harry stop!" Was the last thing I heard before everything went dark.


Jade's P.O.V 

I could hear my phone ring, and I answered it while half asleep. 

"Hello?" My voice was groggy. "Jade, it's Taylor." I nearly hung up, but  decided to hear what she had to say at 2 A.M. "What do you want?" I said a little too harsh. "Harry- he was fighting and blacked out. I'm so nervous."

I sat up immediately. "Wait, what? Why was Harry even fighting?"              

 "He fought some guy named Damen."                                                    

"Damen? Who the hell is that?"          

"A guy that I kissed. Now get over here!"

"What?! You cheated on him?!"

"It's over. Now just come pick him up."

"I hope you rot in hell." I slammed the phone. 

I sighed, and grabbed a pair of vans and a sweater.


*At Taylor's house* 

"You're such a bitch! Harry gave you everything!" I yelled. Tears were in my eyes, and out of control, I slapped her. "The fuck was that for?!

"For breaking Harry's heart." I yelled ."I don't even know  why you try, Jade! He'll never love you! So yeah, keep writing love letters in your diary to"I thought you passed out" i said "ya well i woke up now answer me jadey" He said while walking over to me "fine i love you harry i have since we were 15" i said Harry just stared at me "didn't taylor know you when you were 15" he asked "yeah and she knew i liked you that's why after you two started dating i stopped being friends with her" i said while putting my head down. Harry moved my hair and he smiled "Your so cute" he said "and your the best friend a boy could ask for and...i love you" he said "really" i asked "Ya i just thought you didn't like me back" he said "Oh" i smiled while looking up at him he was so much taller than me. which made me feel tiny and small. I had to stand on my tippy toes to look him in the eye. So i stood up on my tippy toes and kissed him. Then pulled back and smiled "I love you jade a thirwall" he said while pulling me close "I love You harry E styles" i giggled "Jade will you go out with me" he asked and i nodded "Damen baby your up" cried taylor while helping her boyfriend up "Jade" i heard a familer voice say "yea" i turned to see the girls (Perrie leigh and jesy) while holding a camera Harry laughed My eyes widen "we got your first kiss together" laughed perrie "yeah you have me and harry's and Zayn and Savannah's" i giggled "There's was cute" admitted Leigh "Yeah Yeah can i see the Picture now" I giggled "sure" they said in unison "Can you go home first" said a snotty taylor while holding a bloody Boyfriend "Fuck you too bitch Buh bye" said harry while taking us four outside "bitch" he muttered and i giggled "what" he asked "your cute when your angry" i smiled He just laughed and looked the other way I could tell he was blushing i'm so happy he is mine i have loved him for four years and He loved me back the whole time we where the quite the couple i laughed to myself 

*at our flat* 

"Hey zayn hey Savannah" i giggled "so you guys are dating" said Savannah "Yeah" we said at the same time "Here are the photos" smiled Leigh



 Lexi Played as Vanessa Hudgens 

Lexi and Niall have been dating for a Month 

Amaya played as Selena Gomez 

Liam and Amaya have been dating for 4 years 

Savannah Played as Ashley Benson 

Savannah and Zayn have been dating for 1 years :) 

Jade and Harry kissing :P hope you like if your wondering i don't like taylor swift sorry but i just don't hope you like so far Btw 




are real people :P okay bye loves 

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