Good girl gone bad

Olivia stale is 18 she is a good girl. She does her homework she arrives at school on time. She is a perfect A student. She doesn't care she doesn't even notice that a new life is going to begin. Olivia doesn't have that much friends. She on,y has one friend named candy minder. They are really good best friends. The one thing is one direction is stalking Olivia. Until one day the boys from one direction make a plan that the badest boy in one direction would get her, that would be zayn malik. Would Olivia fall in love with zayn?? Would the boys teach Olivia to be a bad chick?? Zayn is the mostly one that is going to teach her!!


6. Chapter 6:

Olivia's POV: 

 He took me to his room. He layed me gently and went to get protection. He undressed himself only in boxers. He undressed me also leaving me with bra and underwear. He came on top of me and kissed me. It felt kinda good from Niall. I let out a moan for the pleasure he was givin

Olivia's POV: 

I woke up and it was 5:45 PM, I let out a sigh and got out of bed. I was still in pjs. I went downstairs.  I remembered something that Liam said to get a Halloween costume because tommorow were having a party. Oh crud. More people. I told Liam I was going to the store and he said it was fine. 


i got to the store and I headed inside to the Halloween costume store. I picked out a flirtatious sexy, not angel costume. I went to pay. I got out of the store and walked back home. Once I was home I tried it on I forgot to tried it on in the store, but i got the size I needed to get. I tried it on. I put on my sexy leggings on. ( it litterlay said sexy leggings) I put on my shoes and went to look in the mirror. My boobs were wanting to come out. That's when Niall storms in. " OLi--  ooh  is that you're halloween costume. I nodded. He came over well it looks too tight. I nodded again. " comon well go to the store and get you a new size" he said. I nodded ncd agin. He got out and let me change. He is acting so nice. Or is he mabye he wants something. I changed into short shorts and a strapless shirt and sandels. I went to his car with the costume in hand. Once we were in the car we left. 

... When we go to the store I went straight and got an another size I tried it on and it fit perfectly. We went back to the car. Niall got my costume and opened the car door and threw it in. He lifted me up on the car. I tried to get off but he was way too strong. He kissed me. He let me off the car but still not breaking the kiss. He grabbed my bum. He pressed my body hard on him, which was hurting me. They were people gathering saying is that Niall horan from one direction. " ill let you go but when we go home you're having sex with me alright" Niall said. " I-I-I"was all I could say. " good " Niall said while letting go. 

g me. He smirked. This time he stick his thin inside of me and I let out Huge moan. He smirked and went harder. It hurt so bad. He traveled his lips onto my bra. H took my bra off wi his teeth. He gave me a hickey on my neck as well. He did more stuff but can't tell all. After we were done I got dressed and him as well. " Olivia will you be my girlfriend" Niall said. " u-u-um Niall I-i-I- sure" I said. He siled a big smile and gave me a kiss. We both went downstairs Liam came up to me really fast who gave you the hickey. " my boyfriend" I told him. " Niall you let her go see her boyfriend" Liam said to Niall " I am her boy friend" Niall said back. " YOU'RE WHAT" Liam screamed. " Liam leave them" zayn said sounding a bit sad. I wonder why he is sad. We sat down on the couch. To make Liam jealous I kept kissing Niall. I think I went ok far though because Liam grabbed my face and kissed me. Niall got mad and lunched him. I stopped Niall. Liam's face was all bloody and of course nialls hand. I went to the bathroom and looked for a medical kit, luckily I found one. I went back to Niall. I wiped all the blood from his knuckles. Then I went to Liam. When I turned around around to get another cotton ball, Liam quickly cupped my boob but then let it go. Niall got mad, but didn't hit him. After I was done I put the medical kit back and zayn took Liam to his room and I took Niall to his room. " Olivia I want to go to you're room" he said.  I took him to my room. I layed him only couch. " ouch " he whimpered in pain. I didn't realize Liam was hitting him back. I gently pick Niall up so he was sitting, I go back and take out the medical kit and I go back to Niall. I gently take his shirt off. He had a big bruise on his back and stomach. I gently wiped everything off and put the kit back. I took of nialls pants to leave him in boxers. Then I put a blanket over him. I usslay sleep in my bra and underwear how am I supposed to do this. Oh wait he has already seen me but still. I take of my clothes. I get on my bed and put the blankets over me and fall asleep. 

The next morning I woke up to someone kissing me and on top of me. " Olivia hi " Niall said. I sit down quickly and he gets off. " good morning Niall"I say a bit of annoyance in my voice for him to wake me up. I gave him a quick kiss. I got off and went to the bathroom and took a shower. I got out and got dressed into into a strapless shirt that shows my stomach and short shorts and some vans and a giants hat. I never dressed like this. Oh my gosh its Monday I have to go to school. It's barly 7:27 but school starts at 8:00 I hav to eat SOEMTHING. I quickly eat SOEMTHING and I tell zayn if he can give me a ride. He said yes and we left. " Olivia we are going to you're school now me and the boys, the boys are in there own cars though they went ahead of us though" he said. " stalkers" I said. We got to the school zayn went his way and I went on mine. I entered the school building. All eyes were on mine. " who're, slut bitch." They kept callin me but some were calling me " oh you look nice today, you changed dyoure look, let's be friends. I went to my first period class. Once my first period class was over I was heading to my locker when I get pulled into another empty class. It was Brian conner the schools popular QB in football. He starts to kiss me. I scream for help. He grabs my hand and puts in his boxers. I felt his dick. I pinch it. " OUCHH" he screamed. I ran but he grabbed me agian. I start screaming again. That's when someone comes in and takes him. It - it -it was zayn. Thank god. WAIT ZAYN. 

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