Good girl gone bad

Olivia stale is 18 she is a good girl. She does her homework she arrives at school on time. She is a perfect A student. She doesn't care she doesn't even notice that a new life is going to begin. Olivia doesn't have that much friends. She on,y has one friend named candy minder. They are really good best friends. The one thing is one direction is stalking Olivia. Until one day the boys from one direction make a plan that the badest boy in one direction would get her, that would be zayn malik. Would Olivia fall in love with zayn?? Would the boys teach Olivia to be a bad chick?? Zayn is the mostly one that is going to teach her!!


4. Chapter 4:

Olivia's POV:

I woke up to the sound of banging on my door. I open it and a very angry Louis come in. He grabs my shirt. He pulls it down. Luckily I had my bra on. " oh very smart Olivia"he said to me. He rips up my bra. I holded it up though. He through me on the bed. He got naked. He put some protection on. He went on top of me and started to kiss me. He kissed me up to my stomach and went up to my boobs. He smiled. He made out with me a bit more.  He left and got up from the bed. God I hate them so much I thought. " oh Olivia you don't know what's heading for you " I said to my self out load.  

I decided to eat something so I went downstairs  I ate something wich was cereal. I got tired from the sex Louis gave me. I went up to my room and got in my bed. It was 1:00 pm now.

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