Good girl gone bad

Olivia stale is 18 she is a good girl. She does her homework she arrives at school on time. She is a perfect A student. She doesn't care she doesn't even notice that a new life is going to begin. Olivia doesn't have that much friends. She on,y has one friend named candy minder. They are really good best friends. The one thing is one direction is stalking Olivia. Until one day the boys from one direction make a plan that the badest boy in one direction would get her, that would be zayn malik. Would Olivia fall in love with zayn?? Would the boys teach Olivia to be a bad chick?? Zayn is the mostly one that is going to teach her!!


3. Chapter 3

Olivia's POV:

" we'll in the night they"... Liam paused for moment. "They had made out with you" Liam finished off. " did they use protection" I asked. " umm no" Liam said. "For gods sake" I screamed. I started to cry. Liam came and gave me a hug but I pushed it away. I went into the kitchen and cried my eyes out. I waited until the boys went upstairs. I grabbed my purse and headed outside. I ran and ran until I got to my moms house. My mom Wasint there. I snuck in. I sat on the sofa and cried and cried like seemed for hours. After awhile the doorbell rings. I open it. Five angry boys storm in. The five boys were one direction. How did they find me??. They grab my hand and take me to thier car. Louis slaps me across the face. " OWW" I screamed. " shut up you fucking whore" Louis said back. I could tell all of them were drunk. We arrived at thier house. It was raining, I was still in the clothes they gave me. I was cold and wet. They opened the door. I stayed outside. Niall pulls me in. " zayn take her to her new room" Niall said to zayn. I didint even want to look at zayn. He took me upstairs. He showed me to my new room. He opened the door. I entered. My room was gigantic and nice.

the room is on top. 

Zayn left. I closed the door. I looked at the closet it had pjs and more clothes they were sexy clothes and not so sexy clothes. I picked out some pjs. I went to take a shower in my own bathroom. After the shower I put on my hello kitty pjs.

I went back Outside of my own bathroom. I turned on my big flats screen tv. I decided to watch a Freddy Krueger movie. At the middle of the movie I paused, because I got a little hungry. I called the papa johns pizzeria. " you're pizza will be ready in five minutes" the guy told me. " ok thanks, ill be waiting" I told him back. I waited until the five minutes, and the doorbell rand. I went downstairs to open the door. I had my money in my hand. The boys were drinking downstairs. I was so scared but what can I do I'm hungry and the man Is waiting. I went downstairs and passed through the boys, the boys were staring at me. I opened the door. The man gave me the pizza and coke. I gave him the money. I closed the door and turn around leading me to face the five hottest boys. But they are still mean even though they are in one direction. " I see you ordered pizza" Liam said. " no duh are you blind" I spat at him. I pass threw them and went up to my room. I ate the entire pizza by my self. I was really hungry. After that I decided to finish Freddy Krueger. After the movie finished I went to bed. But before I locked the door and the windows. I went and snuggled in my bed. After that I black out.

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