Good girl gone bad

Olivia stale is 18 she is a good girl. She does her homework she arrives at school on time. She is a perfect A student. She doesn't care she doesn't even notice that a new life is going to begin. Olivia doesn't have that much friends. She on,y has one friend named candy minder. They are really good best friends. The one thing is one direction is stalking Olivia. Until one day the boys from one direction make a plan that the badest boy in one direction would get her, that would be zayn malik. Would Olivia fall in love with zayn?? Would the boys teach Olivia to be a bad chick?? Zayn is the mostly one that is going to teach her!!


1. Chapter 1:

Olivia's POV:

I walked into the school building wearing my normal clothes wich people call them geeky. I went to my locker and found my bestfriend candy minder. " hey Olivia lets go to our first period class" candy told me. Candy is popular a little, but she hangs out with me, I get she is acting nice, I also get she is my bestfrien But she can turn on me just like that. " yeah let's go" I tell her closing my locker. I had my science book in my hand. We arrives at the class and I took my normal seat in the back. I can see perfectly so I sit in the back wich is actually in the middle people. 

- skip to end of school-

"bye " I told candy. I walked outside of the school building. As I was walking I felt I was bieng watched. I arrived at my house. My mom was cooking something delicious. I went upstairs to my room and started on my homework. " Olivia lunch is ready" my mom screwed from downstairs. I check the time before going downstairs. It was 2:00 pm inthe evening. I usually eat lunch then take a walk outside for an hour or more. I ate my lunch and got dressed again. This time with sweats and a short sleeved shirt. I put on my shoes and left. As I was walkig I still felt I was bieng watched. The. Out of no where a wet cloth on my face. Everything seemed so dark now. After I awoke, I was in a strange room. My eyes were still shut but I was awake. I just don't want to open my eyes. " Harry you killed her" Somebody said. " no I didint" I heard the boy said. I decided to talk and open my eyes. " I'm not dead " I said mad. " aaaahh she awoke from the bed" I heard the curly boy say. A blonde boy introduced him and the rest of the boys. " I'm Niall horan, he is zayn malik, he is Liam Payne, and he is Louis Tomlinson. He pointed at all of the. That's when Liam comes and takes of the blanket I was in and takes of my shirt and pants, of course I fought back. But of corse I failed. All of them stared at me. " damn she has a good body, can I be the one that have sex with her" zayn said touching my legs. " here is the drill, were going to teach you how to be a bad chick not a good chick" they all said. 

That was last words they said before heading out the door.


So hey my lil carrot heads I hope you you like the first chapter of good girl gone bad...




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