Chasing the siren affection

Sinster with with a smile


1. Chapter One

~chapter one~
Jhene Pov
Im walking up to my house to be greeted by a letter saying.

Dear princess Jhene,
Hello love coming out of this realm to find you .when I do find you there are things you must know A.S.A.P (thats what yall young whippersnapper says alot right)but anyway trust nobody things will get bad okay I mean really worst .you may not know me but I know you .I have people watching you but you seem to disappear in thin air . You make my heart swell with pride .

See you soon good bye princess Jhene.
Sincerely love,

Wtf bro what is this I thought walking to room to be pounce on by my dog shadow he is getting big by the minute it was only when he was a puppy a cute nasty puppy.

hey shadow I said patting his head while walking into my room to change after I shower shadow followed me everywhere. One time I cought him smelling and licking my boy shorts.

Oh lord this nasty dog touching my stuff I looked around for a news paper and found it rolled it up and started to swat him on the head 

Stop swat nasty swat shadow swat now swat bad swat dog swat swat bad go to your room now bad boy.

He started whimping and walking to his room I made for him .

Im cleaning my room to find white stuff on my bra and shorts .......hmmmmmmm ewwwwwwwww shadow

Now I have work to do tonight and lots of it........

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