Black Rose

"Black Rose." A thick Irish accent called out. I looked around nervously as the other girls whispered and stared at me. I looked over at the girl next to me. "Why is everyone whispering?" I asked. "You're the first girl Niall Horan has ever taken home." She said. "Niall Horan?" I asked. "He's the biggest High Roller here."


2. Meeting the Girls

                  My eyes fluttered open and I shook the dizziness out of my head. "She's up." I heard someone say. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room, it was dimly lit and I saw a few other girls. "So you're the new girl, huh?" I saw a girl with bright red hair walk up to me. "Where the hell am I?!" I asked sitting up quickly. The girl laughed. "That's exactly where you are. Hell." She said. I looked around at a bunch of girls looking at me. "What the fuck am I doing here? What's going on?" I asked.

                 "Well first, I'm Eva-Marie, but just call me Eva." She said. "I'm Karah, now tell me whats going on and what I'm doing here." I said. "You're practically property now. You walk out on that stage over there, do a routine, and if one of the guys waiting out there likes you, they bid on you. Highest bid wins and the winner takes you home. You do whatever they say, whenever they say. If they don't like you, they bring you back here and the same process begins." She said. "Jesus Christ." I muttered. "You better get a routine ready. The show starts in two hours." She said. "What kind of routine?" I asked? "Any kind.. just make it look good and strip." She said. I scoffed and got up muttering, "I am not stripping." 

                 Everyone soon went back to what they were originally doing. I got a cup of water from the disgusting sink, gagging as I swallowed. "Gross, isn't it?" A girl laughed. "Absolutely terrible." I said tossing the cup away and turning to the girl. "I'm Maegan." She said, smiling. "Karah." I nodded. "Welcome to Hell." She chuckled. "Yeah, thanks." I rolled my eyes. "Why don't people call the cops on this place?" I asked. "Are you kidding? Those people out there have guns. If any one of us tired that, they'd kill us all." She said. "Don't your guys' families wonder where you are?" I asked.

               "They pick the ones who don't have families. We all know about you, you're parents recently died in a car accident, you have no grandparents, no siblings, hardly any friends. We did the research for the assholes who run this place." She sighed. "What the hell?! That's so screwed up!!" I said angrily. She shrugged. "You'll get used to it soon enough." She said. "I don't want to 'get used to it', I want to go home!" I shouted. She shook her head. "Get that thought out of your head. You're never getting home."

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