Black Rose

"Black Rose." A thick Irish accent called out. I looked around nervously as the other girls whispered and stared at me. I looked over at the girl next to me. "Why is everyone whispering?" I asked. "You're the first girl Niall Horan has ever taken home." She said. "Niall Horan?" I asked. "He's the biggest High Roller here."


5. His

                  I licked my lips and saw all the other girls staring at me. "Will all the ladies go back and get changed, then come back and find your owner." Paul said, dismissing us off the stage. We all quietly walked backstage, only whispered conversations going on. I scurried over to Maegan and sighed. "Why isn't anyone talking to me?" I asked. "Because they're all jealous bitches. Everyone wants to go home with Niall Horan, they're just jealous that you got Niall to pay 100,000 fucking dollars for you." She shrugged. "You're not mad at me, are you?" I asked. "Hell no, I figured I'm going to be miserable either way, so why should I be worried with who is going to torture me?" She said.

                 I saw Eva-Marie glaring at me from afar and I bite my lip. "She's the worst one to deal with, y'know.. she gets out of control sometimes." Maegan said changing. My eyes widened as I saw her storming over here. "Shit, shit, shit, shit." I muttered. "Don't touch her Eva." Maegan growled as Eva-Marie got in my face. "Fuck of Maegan." Eva spat. "D-Don't hurt me." I stuttered. "You think you can waltz in here and take the best buyer without getting hurt?! Us girls have been working hard to get him and you come here on your first fucking day and get him to pay 100,000 dollars for your slutty ass?" She shouted in my face. I narrowed my eyes and pushed her away with all my force. "I'm the slutty one?! I'm the only fucking girl here that didn't do a stripper dance, I'm not the slut. You are." I said, crossing my arms. 

              She raised her fist before I heard someone. "Black Rose?" Eva-Marie glared at me. "You're lucky, bitch." She muttered. I looked over and saw him, Niall Horan. The man who bought me. "Ready to go?" He asked. I silently nodded and walked over to him as he slung an arm over my shoulder. I looked up at him, scared and he returned a smirk. "Let's go." He said, pulling me towards the door. I looked back and waved to Maegan, my hands sweaty and shaky. Niall nodded to Paul and Justin as he led my out to his car.

              "Have fun with her, Horan." Justin smirked. "Oh trust me, I will." He smirked evilly, opening my door for me. I climbed in, shaking with fear. He put the child lock on my door before shutting it so I couldn't get out. I looked around the car and licked my lips, it was a nice car, very nice actually. It was a black Range Rover with tinted windows so no one would be able to see in. He got in and started the car after briefly talking with some people.

             "I already got my workers making the house comfy for you." He said as he pulled out of the parking lot. I stared out of the window, not responding to him. "Come on princess, lighten up." He said putting his hand on my thigh. I turned to him and narrowed my eyes. "I'm not your princess, and get your hands off of me." I growled. "Feisty." He smirked, sliding his hand higher. "I said get your fucking hands off me!!" I shouted raising my hand to smack him. He grabbed my wrist and slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a quick stop. He stared into my eyes and tightened his grip on my wrist. "I own you. You do whatever I order you to. I do whatever I want to you. You're mine. Mine. Got it?" He growled. I swallowed hard and licks my lips, nodding. "Good." He said letting go of my wrist and slamming on the gas. "Very good." He smirked.

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