More than friends

Gracie Jackson... Aubrie Heyer they are best friends.....Gracie's best friend is Harry Styles. Aubrie's best friend is Niall Horan...... Trust me, when Harry and Niall are your best friends, your bound to fall in love.


15. Wedding Disater

(Gracie's pov):

     Today is the day I get to marry the love of my life, Harry Edward Styles. And nothing could ruin this day. I was awoken with Aubrie screaming at me that my phone had went off and It was a text from Harry.

From: My Baby

Morning Beautiful, today is the day we become one, and today is the day I get to start the rest of my life with you, you have made me the happiest man alive, and I love you so much. XOXO Harry.

Aww, he is so sweet. I hit reply and I started typing.

To Harry: Aww, thanks baby, you are the greatest thing in my life, I will see you and the end of the isle:) XOXO, Mrs. Styles

I sent Send, and went into the kitchen to get breakfast that Aubrie was making, surprisingly she didn't burn the house down. We ate, and then the hair stylist and makeup artist we hired came and I got my hair done and I slipped on my dress. Aubrie was behind me complaining about having to wear a dress. But she did it anyway. The wedding was at 1:30 at the church Harry used to go to before he became famous and everything. And are cake is being delivered from the Bakery Harry used to work at. And we were having cupcakes and little desserts for the guests. I had my hair curled and then brought up into a bun, I had a white strapless dress, the top of it was full of sparkle and so was the bottom of it, and I had a simple makeup. As we were driving, it was very icy, and I was afraid we were going to crash. I checked the time and it was 1:15, and the last thing I remember is checking the time and then everything went blank.


     It was 1:30, time to marry the love of my life. I was standing at the alter, the other lads had gone through, but Aubrie wasn't there, which I thought was weird. Then out of no where Niall busted open the door "Harry man, she is not here." "What the hell do you mean, she is not here?" "Mate, she never showed up" "This can't be happening." I ran up to my dressing room and my phone was ringing. "Hello?" "Hello Mr. Styles, we are calling about your fiancé" "Yes, is she ok?" "She has been in an accident, we are going to need you to come down to the emergency room as soon as possible" I dropped my phone and ran off, yelling to the boys where I was going. I sped to my car, and I was going beyond the speed limit. I didn't care about anything right now except Gracie. I got to the hospital and told the lady at the front desk who I was. They led me back to a room and told me she had a lot of bleeding, and she broke her left ankle and leg, and also broke her right arm, but she was lucky. I walked into her room and her leg was held up and she looked so hurt. She was awake though and she saw me. "Harry" she said in a small whisper. "Yes baby girl, it's me, how are you" I asked while sitting down beside her holding her hand. "I am sorry I left you standing at the altar" "Its ok baby, just as long as your ok, we will defiantly have the wedding when you are healed, I just thought you didn't love me and you didn't want to marry me"  "Babe, don't be silly, I love you more than life, now come here and lay with me" I lay next to her and she puts her head on my chest as I sing Little Things into her ear. Thank god she is ok.

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