More than friends

Gracie Jackson... Aubrie Heyer they are best friends.....Gracie's best friend is Harry Styles. Aubrie's best friend is Niall Horan...... Trust me, when Harry and Niall are your best friends, your bound to fall in love.


9. Some changes need to be made

(Gracie's pov):

     It has been about 1 month since Harry and I broke up for good, he has been trying to text and call me almost everyday explaining to me that he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing, but frankly I didn't really want to hear his bullshit anymore, he called me a bitch! It was time for me to move on, and get away from Harry. I was going to Starbucks one day, just to sit in a booth and read for a little bit. I was walking out with my coffee that I had just ordered when someone ran into me and spilled all my coffee on me. "I'm so sorry" I heard the voice say. When I looked up I saw the most amazing Brown, Hazel colored eyes, and to be honest it made me melt. "Oh, no, it was actually my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going" "we'll I can't just leave without getting your name, your gorgeous" "oh um, thank you! My name is Gracie" "we'll Gracie my name is Zack, and it is amazing I met you" "oh yeah?" "Yeah, you see I just went through a nasty breakup with my Ex girlfriend, Megan and i am tired of being alone, how about we go on a date tonight?" "Ok, that would be great, pick me up at 6?" "Ok, and here's my number." He handed me his number and we walked the other direction. 


(Gracie's pov):

    I was actually really nervous, I haven't been on a date for about 6 months, Harry and I split and he was on tour and then we were back together again, then we broke it off again, and here I am going with Zack. Anyway, it was 5:50 and Zack would be here soon. I was just getting my Keds on when the doorbell rang. I opened it and there was Zack and he had on tan shorts with  black shirt and his brown hair was all spiked up at the front. "Wow, Gracie, you!" "Haha, thanks Zack, you look very nice also" I had on white shorts, a shirt with a heart with an infinitie sign on it. Zack offered me his hand and I gladly took it. We drove for awhile until we got to Buffalo Wild Wings. "Zack, how did you know I loved this place?' "Lucky guess" we went in and ordered, and we got to know each other. I found out he had an older brother named Tanner, and an older sister named Madison or Madi for short. His moms name was Kristy and is dad lives in Kansas because of a job transfer he got when Zack was in Middle School. He is also from Oregon so he loves the Oregon Ducks. He is a really sweet guy. He learned some more about me and when we were finished he brought me back to his house. "So, you mentioned you liked the movie 42 right?" "Yes! It's one of my favorite movies!" "Ok, we'll we could watch it." "Really" "yea!" "Ok Zack, I don't have any PJs" "you can borrow a shirt and some of my basketball shorts." He gave me a black Oregon Rose Bowl shirt and his green Oregon shirts, and I was kinda cold so he let me wear his yellow Oregon Ducks sweatshirt, which smelled just like him. "As we got settled I cuddled into his chest. "Thanks for tonight, I really like you" "I'm glad, because I really like you also Gracie" he looked into my eyes and we both pulled closer and our lips met. When we pulled away we were both smiling. "Stay the night?" "Ok, I would love to"

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