More than friends

Gracie Jackson... Aubrie Heyer they are best friends.....Gracie's best friend is Harry Styles. Aubrie's best friend is Niall Horan...... Trust me, when Harry and Niall are your best friends, your bound to fall in love.


21. Receptions are always fun.

(Gracie's pov):

      I was married. Married to the one person I loved the most. We were in our limo on the way to the reception. Just Harry and I. The others shared a limo. 

"Well, how does it feel to be Mrs. Styles?"

"Nothing has ever felt better in my entire life, and I love you more than you will ever know."

"I love you too baby, and now your all mine."

"I was yours before, and I always will be yours, remember that, these little miracles inside of me are only going to make our love stronger."

He leaned over and kissed me as we pulled up to the building. Harry helped me out of the car, and we waited outside until we heard our names being called. Harry picked me up, and that's how we entered. I love him.

"If I could please have the bride and groom step out onto the dance floor for there first dance together"

He grabbed my hand and led me out to the floor. I got to pick the song and I chose Wanted by Hunter Hayes. I laid my head on Harry's chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You make me the luckiest guy alive baby girl"

As he said that, I started blushing and looked down. He grabbed my chin as the song was coming to an end and kissed me. Then I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and it was Aubrie. She was a little drunk. Then I saw some people neither Harry or I knew. They looked drunk, and they were walking closer to me. One of them started kissing me, and the other was trying to get under my dress.

"Well, you look fun, can we take you back home with us baby?"

"Hell no, as you assholes can see, I clearly just got married, and I'm pregnant."

"Hey, how about you get my hands off of my wife before I make you regret ever showing up here"

"Whoa buddy calm down, we only want to have a little fun"

"Well go have fun somewhere else, because my wife is off limits"

Harry said while throwing a punch to the one guys face, making him fall to the ground.

"Harry, baby, its ok, we will just have Paul escort them out, come dance with me, they are playing 1,000 years, and you know I love that song."

We had Paul come and take the two guys out has Harry and I went to dance.

"You know, I love seeing you so jealous I must say, you were pretty sexy all mad and upset"

"Oh yeah? You liked that huh?"

"Yes I did, it shows how much you are willing to protect me and our family."

"I will always do anything I have to do to protect the people I love"

He pulled me in for a sweet kiss and the rest of the night was spent dancing. Until my water broke.



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