More than friends

Gracie Jackson... Aubrie Heyer they are best friends.....Gracie's best friend is Harry Styles. Aubrie's best friend is Niall Horan...... Trust me, when Harry and Niall are your best friends, your bound to fall in love.


27. Everything is going to be okay.

(Harry's pov):

   God dammit, I am so stupid. How could I be this stupid? Letting my two girls out of my sight for even a second is wrong. I know. And now I am out looking for them because I turned my back. Niall and I got in the car, ready to start looking. I was so upset, and disgusted with myself right now. I started hitting my hands on the steering wheel, and just started crying. Niall looked at me and said,

"Mate, everything is going to be okay"

"How do you know that Niall? Because of my stupid actions, my girls are out there somewhere with some random person, and we may never see them again, and I have a wife inside who is probably going to divorce me, because she won't ever forgive me for this one, and it is all just to much. I am so stupid, and if we do not find our girls, I am going to hate myself for the rest of my life."

"Okay lad, how about we call the police, and put out a search warrant, and you go inside and talk to Gracie. Let Aubrie, Anne, Robin and I handle the police call, Anne will help, she knows what they look like, and she knows how to do this stuff, so lets go inside, and you need to talk to your wife, nothing is going to get better if you two are fighting."

"Okay.. thanks mate"

We went inside, and Gracie was no-where to be seen.

"Mom, where is she?'

"Harry, she is upset right now, I think maybe you need to give her some space... and..

"No mother, I will not, I am the man of this house, and my job is to protect and comfort her when she needs it, now where the hell did she go?"

"Sweetie, she went into the nursery, she has been crying for the past 15 minutes, go, we will get the search warrant out, in fact, we are going to all go down to the station, so you two can stay here and talk."

"Okay, thanks mom, I love you"

"I love you to Harry"

I went to the nursery, and before I even got there, I heard her crying.

(Gracie's pov):

    I had been crying for at least 15 minutes when I heard a knock on the door. I didn't really want to talk to anyone right now.

"Baby girl... it's me, can I please come in?"

"Go away Harry, I don't want to talk to you right now"

He came in anyway.

"Baby, you have every right to be upset with me, if I were you, I wouldn't even want to be married to me anymore, but know that I am so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. It just did. I couldn't go and look for them, I won't do it without you, everyone is at the police station right now filing a search warrant, but I needed to apologize to you. I am the husband, the father, and the man of this house, and I just let them go. And baby I am so sorry, but you need to know, and understand that everything is going to be okay, we are going to find the girls"

"Harry, I don't forgive you completely, but I really need your hug, your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace right now to hold me, and tell me good things, and we need to search for our girls together."

"Come here baby"

I walked into his arms, and he wrapped them around my waist, and I lay my head on his chest. He kissed my hair, and whispered, in my ear.

"Everything is going to be okay angel, I love you, now lets go get our girls back"

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