More than friends

Gracie Jackson... Aubrie Heyer they are best friends.....Gracie's best friend is Harry Styles. Aubrie's best friend is Niall Horan...... Trust me, when Harry and Niall are your best friends, your bound to fall in love.


24. Christmas Make-up

(Gracie's Pov):

   It was Christmas Eve. The girl's first one. And I was stuck in some shitty hotel. But what else could I do? My husband cheated on me, and I didn't want my girls around that. Louis has been here a few times. He keeps telling me Harry is a wreck without me. He won't eat, and he has barley gotten out of bed. He also told me he thinks I should call Harry and invite him over here to the hotel. Thinking about it, I think he is right. What he did was wrong, but he should be able to see his girls on Christmas. I texted him.

"Hey, if you want to stop by and give the girls there gift, you can, its the hotel a couple blocks from our house. I am in room 213.

"Okay, I will be there at 2."

I checked the clock. It was 12. I was ready except for my outfit. I had my hair in wavy curls, and some makeup. I decided to get the girls ready.

"Daddy's coming girls!"

They looked at me confused, and then Sydnee started screaming and smiling, Darcy following after. They were In little pink dresses Uncle Louis had gotten them, and had a little flower headband in there curly brown hair. I decided to get dressed. I put on a multi-colored maxi skirt, and a sparkly black top. I had gotten Harry a watch before all of this, and luckily it was with me. I heard the door, and I went and opened it. My heart nearly dropped. There stood Harry. He had a big bouquet of red roses in one hand, my favorite, and two pink teddy bears for the girls.

"Hi Harry"

"Hi beautiful... How are you?"

"I'm good... Are these for me?"

"Yes, of course, these are for you... and these are for the girls"

"Well, thank you, the flowers are beautiful, the girls are right here"

He gave the girls there gifts, and I gave him his.

(Later that night)

(Harry's pov):

   I had taken Gracie and the girls out for dinner, and now we were back at the hotel. It was about 8:30, time for the girls to go to sleep.

"I am going to put them down, I will be right back"

She went and fed them their bottles, and they went right to sleep. As she was coming back I noticed she was crying. She looked at me, then looked away quickly as her eyes caught mine.


"Harry.. I am trying, I really am, but this is hard by myself. I can't come back though... you cheated on me"

"Come here"

She came over, and sat on my lap, burying her head in my neck, she just cried. I let her. Rubbing her back in small circles until she was calm.

"Why Harry..? Was it me? Was I not good enough?"

"No baby, your perfect, and I mean that. Never forget that. It was a mistake. A stupid drunken mistake, and I am so sorry. I know I ruined everything, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to repair the damage I caused for you. Ever since you left I have been a mess. I barley get up, I have missed a ton of band meetings, and the meal we had tonight was the most I have eaten since you left. I miss you so much baby girl... I miss our family. I love you.

"Harry, I married you for one reason. I love you. That will never ever change. And the most important thing to me is trust. And I know I can trust you. I don't want to do this alone. I cant do this alone. The girls need their dad. I need their dad.. more than he knows. I want to come home. I just really miss you, and I really love you, no matter what."

She cuddled into me, and fell asleep in my arms. Where she should be for the rest of her life.

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