The Wedding Planner: Payzer

Based off the movie 'The Wedding Planner'.

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer, also known as 'Payzer', had broken up back in 2013. What happens after that?

Liam gets a new girlfriend, proposes to her, and starts planning a wedding.

Danielle stops dancing, and decides to become a wedding planner - out of the lost of love, A.K.A losing Liam.

What happens when One Direction isn't formed - but Eleanor decides to set up Danielle on a blind date.

Who's that blind date?

And does she choose Liam over him?


6. Chapter 5

Dani’s POV

“That was a wonderful dinner.” I said as we walked out of the restaurant.


“Uh huh, that’s not the whole date.” Niall chuckled. “How about, we go to a pub?” Niall smiled cheekily.


“Drinks, really Niall?” I giggled, “Of course you would want to take me drinking.”


“Hey, I was hungry, but now, I’m thirsty.” Niall winked.


“Yeah, I thought being thirsty meant drinking water or something?” I questioned.


“Yeah, you’re talking to an Irish, sweetheart.” Niall laughed.


“Oh really, I thought you were Australian.” I joked.


“Dani, come on, stop joking.” Niall laughed. “But seriously, let’s go drinking, for the night?”


“Fine.” I smiled, “Just this once.”


“But we went out drinking back in 2011.” Niall raised an eyebrow, “So twice?”


“Yes Niall, twice.” I giggled. “Just make sure someone can pick us up later.”


“That was when we first met you, as Liam’s girlfriend.” Niall laughed. “You were so shy when you were sober, then when you got drunk, you were talkative.”


“Shut up Niall.” I laughed, “You were the one whining to Paul about how you couldn’t find Liam, when Liam was right beside you.”


“Hey, it wasn’t Paul, but I was scared, Liam said he would be there…” Niall pouted.


“You were such a kid.” I joked.


“I was not!” Niall whined. “I was 17 Dani, that’s not a kid.”


“Yes, you were a kid.” I rolled my eyes, “I mean, you weren’t even 21 yet.”


“Shush Dani, we’re going to a pub, don’t spoil my mood.” Niall joked, “But seriously, can we just go in now?”


“How did we- when did we get here?” I asked. How were we all ready at the pub, when we were just at the restaurant 10 minutes ago.


“You’re more talkative than I remembered.” Niall said with a shrug.


“Okay, okay, I am, that’s why my job is good for me.” I giggled, “But I’m ready for fun, with a friend.” I grabbed Niall’s shoulder, “A good friend.”


“Always.” Niall smiled.


-- Later --


“I never noticed how pretty your eyes really were.” I giggled at Niall.


“Thanks.” Niall said, with an obvious blush, “I never noticed how truly beautiful you were before.”


“Thanks.” I giggled, “You’re very handsome Niall.”


“Thank you.” Niall blushed more.


“If I could turn back time, I would want to meet you first.” I giggled. Deep down, it was nonsense, but it wasn’t when I was drunk.


“I wished too, always.” Niall shrugged.


“We need to get you two home.” Liam said. When did he get here, I thought to myself.


“Where have you been?” I drunkenly pointed at Liam. Well that’s off balance, I thought to myself.


“I’ve been here for half an hour, just watching you guys from afar. Niall wanted to make sure neither of you got hurt.” Liam shrugged.


“Aww, he’s so sweet, isn’t he?” I asked while I kissed Niall’s cheek.


“Oh the sweetest.” Liam said, in a jealous tone.


“He is…” I trailed off.


-- The next day --


“What happened?” I asked, “Last night?” I groaned from a massive headache.


“We drank.” Niall stated, with not look of hung-over.


“How are you not hung-over?” I asked, “I feel like shit.”


“I was when I woke up, but I got over in like half an hour ago.” Niall shrugged.


“I hate you Irish people.” I sighed, “This is why I don’t go drinking.”


“You silly Brits.” Niall joked.


“Hey, we’re cooler than you.” I stuck my tongue out at him.


“Well, we sound better.” Niall argued.


“Well, we- okay I can’t beat that.” I sighed.


“Aww, you’re awesome though.” Niall smiled, “Always.”


“Thanks-” Niall pulled me towards him, and quickly kissed me.

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