The Wedding Planner: Payzer

Based off the movie 'The Wedding Planner'.

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer, also known as 'Payzer', had broken up back in 2013. What happens after that?

Liam gets a new girlfriend, proposes to her, and starts planning a wedding.

Danielle stops dancing, and decides to become a wedding planner - out of the lost of love, A.K.A losing Liam.

What happens when One Direction isn't formed - but Eleanor decides to set up Danielle on a blind date.

Who's that blind date?

And does she choose Liam over him?


5. Chapter 4

Liam’s POV

“Hey Niall?” I texted Niall.


I was nervous, today Niall was taking Danielle on a date, an actual one. Today, was the first time I have seen her in almost 6 years. I sound selfish when I say this, but I don’t want Niall taking her away from me - especially when I don’t really have her.


“Yeah?” Niall replied back.


“I don’t mean to be that ‘ex’ but I feel nervous about you going on a date with Dani.” I typed, then I deleted it and rewrote, “Have a nice date tonight.” I replied.


I hope he doesn’t notice how hesitant my reply was, it was 5 words, it obviously couldn’t take 2 minutes to type that.


“I will, she’ll be okay mate. I’m not some jerk.” Niall replied.


Even though it’s true, he’s not a jerk, he’s also too sweet for my liking. He’s a nice lad, but I just feel jealous about this. I just wished he was a jerk, so I had a reason to beat up my best mate for trying to date my ex.


“Of course she will, just make sure to compliment her.” I replied.


It was true, the reason we were together for so long, is I would complement her - it was true - and she would adore my sense of charm. I didn’t have to flirt with her, she fell for the awkward Liam, not the funny one, strong one, singer, or anything - it was my awkward side. The side that tried too hard to be perfect, but she liked it.


Wait, what am I doing, I’m overthinking the past. She couldn’t like me after all these year- but didn’t Niall tell me she still missed me? Do miss and love mean two different things?


Dani’s POV

“Are you ready?” Niall texted.


It was 6:45, meaning in 15 minutes was my first date in 5 years. I tried to do dates, but they never turned out well, I would always compare him to Liam. There was one guy who was similar to Liam, and I tried dating him - until he left randomly back to Australia. It was strange.


“I’m ready.” I replied.


I was ready a while ago, I spent most of time rethinking this date. What if Niall does like me, what if I end up liking Niall, what if Liam’s jealous.


“I’m here.” Niall replied.


Wait, what, was he just waiting at a corner for me to be done? Either that, or I was more in a daydream than I thought.


I grabbed my phone and walked out. Niall was walking towards the door before he stopped.


“Hey Dani, nice to see you - again.” Niall smiled. He’s got a nice smile though, I thought in my head.


“Yeah, it is.” I smiled.


“Well, how about that dinner?” Niall asked as he stuck out his arm to kindly escort me to the car. Whoa, that’s weird to say, I thought.


“Sure.” I giggled.

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