The Wedding Planner: Payzer

Based off the movie 'The Wedding Planner'.

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer, also known as 'Payzer', had broken up back in 2013. What happens after that?

Liam gets a new girlfriend, proposes to her, and starts planning a wedding.

Danielle stops dancing, and decides to become a wedding planner - out of the lost of love, A.K.A losing Liam.

What happens when One Direction isn't formed - but Eleanor decides to set up Danielle on a blind date.

Who's that blind date?

And does she choose Liam over him?


4. Chapter 3

Liam’s POV

“Why do you want a beach wedding?” I asked.


“Because beaches are romantic.” Marci simply stated.


“You sound like Niall.” I sighed.


“Good, because last time I remembered, ‘Niam was real, definitely real’ Liam.” Marcie said.


“Hey, that was a while ago.” I said.


“Whatever, Niam last, but Payzer didn’t.” Marcie said.


“Whoa, whoa, what does Danielle have to do with this?” I raised my  eyebrows questionably.


“Because, you love her. You just have to.” Marcie stated, almost angrily.


“I don’t have to, and I don’t. Okay, she’s just a friend.” I stated. After then, I knew my heart was feeling the truth of it too.


“Of course, until you see her normally, smiling, laughing, happiness, then you’ll want her. You know it, you know that your career is over, that you’ll have time for your precious Danielle.” Marcie suddenly yelled.


“Whoa, precious, she’s not my precious, I don’t even think I ever called her precious.” I chuckled.


“This is no time for chuckling Liam. I’m angered, you can’t just be normal. You’ll always compare your girlfriends to her.” Marcie sighed angrily.


“Not my fault she was the first girl who truly loved me.” I sighed.


“That doesn’t mean you have to act like she’s the only one who does.” Marcie sighed even more.


“Why are we arguing about this here? She could walk in any minute – with my best friend, whom she went on a date with last week.” I said.


“They went on a date last week?” Marcie asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Because Niall only told me this morning. I was angered because he kept it from me.” I laughed.


“Wait, you were okay with it?” Marcie asked.


“Yeah, I mean, they wouldn’t actually date. I know that.” I shrugged


“What do you mean ‘they wouldn’t actually date’ Liam?” Marcie asked.


“Niall doesn’t date girls, he brings them on dates, yeah, but he never officially calls them girlfriend or anything. Which is why we set him on that internet dating site, obviously it thought him and Danielle would be perfect.” I shrugged.


“Oh my god, really? Them, together?” Marcie laughed. “That’s hilarious. It’s like setting up Eleanor and Harry, it just wouldn’t work.”


“Yeah. Niall and Dani would only be friends, because neither of them are ready for that commitment. Dani’s a wedding planner, and Niall doesn’t even have a job at the moment.” I sighed.


“Neither do you, but you’re getting married.” Marcie stated.


“But that’s because I can handle a commitment without a job.” I said simply.


“Well, don’t hurt Niall’s feelings, what if they really like each other?” Marcie asked. “What would you do after that?”


“If they liked each other, they would be going on another date.” I stated.


“Hey mates.” Niall said happily.


“Hey.” Dani simply said.


“Why are you so happy Niall?” I asked.


“I got food.” Niall shrugged. “Oh, and Dani and I are going on another date tonight.” Niall said nonchalantly.


“Oh really?” Marcie asked. “Are you two going out for food?”


“Yeah,” Dani said, “I don’t know where, it’s Niall’s choice, but obviously he’ll eat half the menu wherever we go.”


“He would eat the menu.” I laughed.


“That was only once.” Niall joked. “It was tasty.” He winked


“Niall, stop joking around. We all know you really ate the table.” Danielle joked.


“Oh, you caught me.” Niall surrendered. “It was quite delicious.” Niall winked.


“Niall!” Danielle slapped his arm, “Stop joking around now.”


Fine,” Niall stressed, “it’s funny though.”


“Are you sure you aren’t dating?” I asked. Even though it hurt to ask that, I had to ask it.


“Nope,” Niall said, but a ‘but’ was coming, “But… We’re going to try having an actual date.” And there comes that ‘but’.


“Oh,” I paused, to try not show jealousy, “well are you going out for a dinner date?”


“Yeah, we are.” Dani smiled, “Niall said he knew where to go.” I do too, I thought.


“Yeah, we’re doing it tonight.” Niall said. If I had a drink, I would be spitting it across the hall right now, tonight, I thought.


“Oh, really?” I asked. My mate asking my ex out, or my ex asking my mate out – this is not how the future is supposed to be.


“Yeah, we decided that maybe trying an actual date would be fun – we seem to talk well with each other.” Dani said with a simple shrug.


“Yeah, we do.” Niall laughed, and added a quick wink for Dani.


“So, Liam, are you planning on taking your future Mrs. out for dinner sometime soon?” Dani asked. But I’m not marrying you, I mentally scolded myself for thinking that.


“I was thinking this weekend, are you okay with that?” I said, and looked at Marcie with pleading eyes. I’m sorry I forgot my ex and my fiancée were in there same room.


“I’d love that.” Marcie smiled and pecked my cheek.


“Okay love.” I smiled. “Maybe we should go, how about we schedule a meeting in two days?” I asked Dani.


“Yeah, I have my cell phone all the time, so you can contact me at any point.” Dani said.


“Or you can get the message through me mate.” Niall winked.


“Yeah, yeah.” I said, while waving a hand. Of course, I sighed.


“Whoa, sassy Liam is my favourite Liam.” Niall chuckled.


“I have been talking to Louis more often.” I shrugged. It’s true, Louis has been around more often, telling me how much he wants a kid, but El has been spending too much time with Dani – now she won’t be.


“Ah,” Niall said, “now that makes more sense.” Niall chuckled.


“Okay Li, we better get going.” Marcie pulled on my arm lightly. I only liked Dani when she called me Li, oops stop thinking about that Liam.


“Okay Marcie, we can go now.” I said. “See you Dani, and see you Nialler.”


“Bye Liam.” Dani and Niall chorused together.


I waved to them, and Marcie did as well.


Well that was a pleasant afternoon.

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