The Wedding Planner: Payzer

Based off the movie 'The Wedding Planner'.

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer, also known as 'Payzer', had broken up back in 2013. What happens after that?

Liam gets a new girlfriend, proposes to her, and starts planning a wedding.

Danielle stops dancing, and decides to become a wedding planner - out of the lost of love, A.K.A losing Liam.

What happens when One Direction isn't formed - but Eleanor decides to set up Danielle on a blind date.

Who's that blind date?

And does she choose Liam over him?


3. Chapter 2

Dani’s POV

“Hello, my name’s Danielle, call me Dani, and I’ll be your new wedding planner.” I said to the couple.


“Dani?” A voice asked.


“Yes?” I said.


“You’re our wedding planner?” The voice said again.


“Yes I am- Liam?” I asked, shocked.


“Yeah, meet Marcie, my fiancée.” Liam said.


“Oh, why hello Marcie, Marcie Steel right?” I asked.


“Yes, and who are you?” She asked. I feel offended. How does she not know who I am, I dated Liam for 3 years, I thought – almost in a cocky matter.


“Danielle Peazer, I’m Liam’s ex.” I stated.


“Oh, well, this won’t be awkward, right Liam?” She asked Liam. “I mean, she’s the best wedding planner in London, at least what I’ve heard from people.” Marcie stated.


“Oh no, it’ll be fine, we can work together.” Liam smiled.


“Great, now, I’ve got a, well, a shadow – I guess that’s what he is… So, come in!” I yelled at Niall, hoping this won’t get any more awkward.


“Hey Dani, I was just getting some- Liam?” Niall asked.


“Hey mate, what are you doing here?” Liam asked.


“I don’t know why I’m here, except for the reason Dani and I bumped into each other, and she was fine with me coming to work with her.” Niall stated. “I see Dani is your wedding planner.”


“Yes, she is.” Liam stated.


“Oh well, I’m just here, since you ditched me.” Niall chuckled.


“Well, I’ve got a fiancée, and a wedding to plan, so I’ll be busy more often.” Liam said.


“Well, since you’re busy, I’ve got Dani – and we’ll be hanging out more. If that’s not awkward, I mean, we aren’t dating.” Niall stated.


“It’s fine, really, just, fine.” Liam said.


“Okay…” I trailed off. “Back on topic – what is your ideal wedding?” I asked Marcie and Liam.


“Beach.” Marcie said.


“Church.” Liam said.


“Park.” Niall joined in.


“Niall, that wasn’t meant for you, but thanks for the input.” I giggled.


“Niall mate, what are you doing?” Liam asked.


“I’m joining in on your planning, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in.” Niall shrugged innocently.


“But, a park, really? No privacy?” Liam asked.


“Hey, it’s better than a beach and a church combined.” Niall defended.


“Hey, I like church weddings. They’re traditional.” I stated.


“See, Dani agrees with me.” Liam said.


“But,” I started, “Park weddings are more fun.” I stated.


“Yeah buddy!” Niall hi-fived me.


“Great, now which wedding would be the best for us?” Marcie asked.


“How many people do you plan of having?” I asked.


“300.” Marcie stated.


“Hun, I thought we agreed on family and friends, that sounds like a little too much, love.” Liam said.


“Yeah, but, I’ve got a lot of friends.” Marcie stated.


“Well, so do I, but I’m inviting every single one of them.” Liam stated.


“Well.” Marcie started, before I cut them off.


“Well, you two need to figure this out… So, Niall and I will head downstairs for some food.” I quickly said and dragged Niall out of the room.


“Are we really getting food?” Niall asked excitedly.


“Of course, I’m hungry. I missed breakfast this morning, because I woke up late and had to come here.” I stated.


“Oh, well, food.” Niall chuckled.


“Your love for food outstands me sometimes, I missed that.” I giggled.


“Well, your love for Liam still survives, and I love that.” Niall smiled.


“Well, your love for being single outstands me more. How could you survive that long without an actual girlfriend? Like, you have had ‘girlfriends’ who were really just girl friends.” I giggled.


“I don’t know, but the lads have been wondering the same thing. That’ why they made that account, and I guess they didn’t pay attention to whom they were setting me up with.” Niall smiled. “I’m glad they did, it’s nice being close to you, like, we weren’t as close back when you and Liam were dating.”


“I know, I love it. It’s nice having a guy friend. Like, Lou and I talk, but El is usually there too, so I’m more of a third wheel.” I laughed. “Then all my dance friends stopped talking to me.”


“Oh, well Lou never talks about you, he actually doesn’t talk to any of us much – even Harry. You know those two, they were like glue.” Niall laughed.


“I swear, after you guys broke up, Lou matured, and decided to help Eleanor raise their son, and did you know, they’re expecting again?” I asked.


“Really? That’s news to me.” Niall stated.


“Oh, well, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, uh, El is going to hate that I just told you that. I should have stayed quiet…” I sighed.


“It’s okay Dani, we would have found eventually, she can’t stay skinny forever.” Niall said.


“True, but she isn’t so skinny anymore, she’s healthy, she doesn’t look like skin and bones, well, I guess baby fat does that to you.” I giggled.


“I never noticed how much you giggled.” Niall randomly stated.


“I never noticed how much your laugh was contagious.” I stated.


“I thought you knew.” Niall jokingly faked hurt.


“Well, I guess we all don’t notice things well.” I winked.


“Why are you winking?” Niall raised his eyebrow.


“Why are you raising your eyebrow?” I asked.


“Touché.” Niall joked.


“Hey Niall?” I said.


“Mmm, yeah Dani?” Niall asked.


“Do you think Liam’s really ready to marry her?” I asked, trying not to show any signs of jealousy.


“Well, personally, I think he isn’t.” Niall said. “Because, he’s rushing himself to marry her.”


“How is he rushing? They’ve been dating since 2015? It’s 5 years, isn’t it?” I asked, in a cross of confused and happiness.


“Because, he thinks he truly loves her, but deep down, he doesn’t.” Niall said. “But come on, we have to go back before they think we’re actually dating.” Niall laughed.


“Yeah, yeah.” I said. “Hey Niall?”


“Yes Dani?” Niall asked.


“Would it really be bad if we tried dating?” I asked, mostly of curiosity. “Or would it just be awkward?”


“Eh… It would be really awkward, why?” Niall asked.


“Just wondering…” I said.


“Wait, wait, hold up, you don’t actually like me do you?” Niall asked. “Not to sound rude, but I don’t like you – like that.”


“No, no, no, I don’t. It’s just; I always wondered why it was just so easy for us to go from blind date, to friendly date.” I said.


“Well, that’s easy, you spent more time with us than El or Perrie ever did, because of how long you and Liam were together – then you guys broke up. But I always missed you, because you were there before we were ‘worldwide famous boy band, One Direction’.” Niall said.


“Oh, well, that makes sense.” I giggled.


“Hey Dani?” Niall said.


“Yes?” I said.


“How about, we try, like, try an actual date?” Niall suggested.


“I mean, we could try, unless, well, unless it’s awkward?” I said.


“Just one date, then we’ll see what happens.” Niall suggested.


“Okay.” I smiled. “When will this date be?”


“Tonight?” Niall asked. “Instead of the movie, we can go out, and eat.”


“Fine.” I smiled. “It’s a date.”


“Yes, it’s a date.” Niall said. “But we should get back to Marcie and Liam.”


“Yeah, we should.” I said.

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