True love <3(:

For Kelsie that night was the worst night!A few years past and she fount the love of her life.With no intrest her mother brings up the past,causing a argument with her love<3


5. Harry's place

I pull up to the address Harry had given me,which its a manchine so I am guessing I am right.I turn off the car and step out,and Harry pops out the door."Hello love!"Harry comes down and greets me."Hey Harry."I say hugging him."How was the shoot?"Harry asks."Rather good,so what are we gonna do?"I ask Harry.Normaly I don't talk,but I cant shut up."Well,the fair is around.Wanna go?"Harry asks leading me into his place,but slowly."I don't have the proper shoes on though.Id have to run back home."I say stopping at the door."No, I can take you.But first we outta do something here.I didn't make you drive here for nothing."Harry says pulling me into the house."Like what?"I ask."Well,maybe something to eat?"Harry asks."Not before the fair,besides I've eatin already."I say sitting at the kitchen table."Okay,well lets head to your place.Its right around the corner right?"Harry asks grabbing his keys."You don't have a limo?"I ask jokeing around."No,wait I have the jet."Harry asks.I nod,i've always wanted to take a jet to places.What if I go to the fair,and my riends are there?Theyll be jelous. Next thing I knew was a loud noise,"Ready?"Harry asks handing out his hand?"Yeah."I bite my lip and grab his warm soft hand."Ready Mr. Harry?"The pilot asks .Harry doesn't respond he just get in,and then the pilot assists me in.I don't understand why Harry didn't let me in first.Oh well,if we crash ill fall out first."Where to sir Harry?"The pilot says in the same type of british accent Harry uses.I am assuming they're both from England,Harry looks at me and I tell him my address and we take off.I notice I clench onto Harry,its my first time.We soon arrive at my house,and we land into my yard."Ill wait here my love,hurry."Harry says as the pilot opens the door.I notice my mother comes rushing out the door,"Kelsie!What on gravy biscuit is going on out here.?"Mother comes towards the airplane."Harry and I are going to the fair."I say pushing mother into the house."In a jet!?Harry nor you probably don't know how to fly a airplane.That's dangerous and bizzard.You're not going anywhere!"Mother says pulling me in.

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