True love <3(:

For Kelsie that night was the worst night!A few years past and she fount the love of her life.With no intrest her mother brings up the past,causing a argument with her love<3


2. Going home

I finally reached home,what I went through I wanted sleep.Knowing that my mother and little sister is worried sick,I won get much of it.I walk up the stairs and the door swung open,"Honey!"My mom hugged me."Hello."I hug her back.I normally don't get along good with my mother,but I needed a hug."Where were you Kelsie?Madaline and I were worried sick!"Mother lets go of me."Can I make it through the door first?"I sorta yell.Mother nods and lets me through the door.Sitting down,"Okay well,I was walking home from Regan's when I hear someone call my name.Long story short it was dad,he planned on killing me!"A tear falls down my cheek."How'd you get away?"Mother  grabs my hand."I got lucky and slipped away."I reply." Well you better get some rest,you have a shoot tomorrow."Mother pushes me upstairs.I get in my room,and Madaline was in my bed."Madaline!"I wake her up."Kelsie!"Madaline hugs me."Go to your room."I pull the covers off."Can I sleep with you?"She hopes.I roll my eyes,"No!I have to wake up early."I pull her off my bed.Without responding she sucks her teeth and walks out the room.I crawl in my bed and text Regan.

Kelsie:Hey,I made it home...Xx

Regan:This late?!Xx

Kelsie:Long story.-_-Xx



I turn my volume down.

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