True love <3(:

For Kelsie that night was the worst night!A few years past and she fount the love of her life.With no intrest her mother brings up the past,causing a argument with her love<3


4. Best day ever !

Im drivning myself to the shoot,my mother doesn't want me walking ever again.I wonder who is gonna be there today.Sometimes we have guest celberties come and join us."Good morning Ms.Kelsie!"My assistant greets me at the door."Hello."I say.Not paying attention that's when it happens."Ooops pardon me."I accidently bump into someone."It okay,love."Harry from one dierection catches me from falling."Uhh.Uh,hello Mr.Harry."I say."Nooo,call me Harry mate."Harry says."Okay,Harry."I smile and look down at the ground.''Dinner at my place,tonight.?"Harry asks."No,I-""Come on,my treat.And yanno really I wouldn't be doing anything really."Harry interrupts me."Yeah,okay.I guess.Here's my number."I say handing Harry a piece of paper."Thanks."Harry smiles.

*Two hours later*

Harry:Hello love.Xx

Kelsie:Hey Harry!(:Xx

Harry:What are you doing?Xx

Kelsie:Picking my little sister up from CheerleadingXx

Harry:Oh,you have a little sister eh?Xx


Harry:Fan of one dierection you think?Xx

Kelsie:Nahh.Her room is only filled of posters.85% of her outfits is1d stuff.Xx


Kelsie: don't blush,she is 13.

Harry:You are right she is to young .But you arnt Xx

Kelsie:What does this mean?Xx

Harry:Girlfriend mate?Xx

Kelsie:Sure.But I have to take a showerXx

Harry:Kay my love love youXx

Kelsie:Ily 2Xx

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