unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


14. What's Happening Is Happening

Bri's POV

I curiously watched Peter leave. What was he leaving for? He looked quite down, what did they do out there? As Von turned back around I looked away and towards the television. We heard the door close and we all turned toward her, she looked nervous, sad, confused, angry... who would even know what she was felling? But I knew Siobhan, she isn't one to let go of things easily or let out her feelings or emotions and she doesn't keep a diary to snoop in. We would be lucky to even get a hint at what just happened out there. Niall looked at her worriedly and patted the seat next to him and Josh took my hand in his and gave me a 'look' like, 'I hope Peter didn't just do something he will regret'. Someone turned the sound down on the telly and Von looked at us angrily.

"well, what are you all staring at me for? White Collar is coming on next and I won't miss it for the world, TURN IT UP ALREADY!" I let out a short giggle and Zayn, Niall, Louis, Josh, and Liam smiled at her. Jules walked in with a bowl of popcorn and yelled, 

"WHITE COLLAR! QUICK TURN IT UP!" She grabbed the remote for Lou's hands and turned it up to 35 as the sound boomed out of the TV increasingly. Then, she flopped down next to Lou and he put his arm around her. What is going on with those two? As the show started, Fia and Harry (who had been asleep) lifted their heads excitedly and we all began to watch intensely.

Niall's POV

Everyone sat with their eye's glued to the screen, but instead I was looking down at Siobhan. I twirled the ends of her brilliant dark hair around my finger, looking from an inconvenient angle at her dark hazel eyes that were lit up with excitement. She was leaning forward excitedly as the tension in the show began to grow until suddenly, a loud, vivid commercial consumed the screen and she slumped back. I let out a low snort as she loudly moaned at the television set. She must have heard me because her cheeks reddened and she sunk down a little more into the sofa. We sat there for the 3-5 min. commercial break and then the show came back on. I was still looking at how interested Siobhan was in the telly when a loud boom caught my attention. I turned toward the screen to see that something had just been blown to smitherines! I leaned a little farther forward and watched as sirens consumed my ear drums and paramedics approached the bomb scene. An injured man appeared on the screen and Fia gasped and help her chest. I figured this must have been the main character and suddenly I was interested.

Siobhan's POV


I lifted my head with great force from my bed. I was sweating and panting and my heart was pounding like a stereo! It had been 3 days now since Peter and I kissed but my mind was still racing, wondering if that meant anything to either of us, hoping that Peter and I had nothing... or did I? I don't know what to think anymore. I have't kiked, snapchatted, iMessaged, or face timed him since he left, with the fear that I would break down or say something that I shouldn't! I had just woken up from a nightmare or a dream or in other words the replay of the kiss that I feel a little too greatly toward. I sat in bead and looked toward the window. My curtains were blowing around and the cabinet style window pane was softly banging against the wall behind it. I sat for a few seconds just letting the breeze off the bay cool me down and then the thought hit me, I didn't open the window last night! A chill ran up my spine as I sunk deeper under the covers and tried to calm my shaking body. When my nerves had settled I slipped out of bed and walked slowly and carefully over to the window. I saw a heaping pile of something on the window seat and quickly I pushed the window closed, latched it, and pulled the curtains tightly behind me. I picked up whatever that 'something' was without looking at it and I sat on the window seat. I looked out the window, almost afraid to look down with the thought that it could be bad or discomforting, or give me back that feeling that I got from Peter. I cautiously lowered my eyes as they fell upon a heaping mass of all different sorts of items. There were many, many magazines in the sorts of Tiger Beat, Teen Vogue, Bop, Life Story, and multiple other gossip issues. They were strung together with twine and attached to a hole punch that had been sent through an envelope addressed to me. Twine was Peter's signature material so I decided to avoid opening the envelope at all costs. I untied the twine and there was a miniature box of assorted milk chocolates labeled, "NOT CHOCOLATE" and a straw that I had only seen once before. The straw was bent and discolored and deep on the inside it appeared to have mold spores growing in it. I took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh, letting a tear drip down my face as I held the sickening straw towards my chest. It was my straw, our straw, THE straw. This was the very straw that was given to us a year ago at the Lux Diner when they only had one straw left so Peter and I were forced to share a smoothie. Why? Why would he keep this dingy, molding straw? I wiped my face and held in more tears. I opened the chocolate box to find a bent, ripped sheet of paper that was hardly longer than my middle finger or wider than my thumb. It read my snapchat info and suddenly another tear escaped my eye. I could feel heat rising in my cheeks and my lip quivered. There was also a paper grocery bag from Bud's that held a large box of sugar cookies that I ate hastily. I had ripped through just about every item accept the envelope and it was calling my name, eagerly pulling at my brain to open it, read it, scratching at my soul in such a sense that it was pulling me towards it. I slowly opened the window once more, picked up the envelope, chucked it into a bush, and that was the end of that. I quickly locked my window and attempted to forget about those memories that Peter kept by shoving everything in a drawer on my night stand and reading the magazines. The magazines were no special memory, but now I knew why he had given them to me. As I flipped through the pages picture after picture of Jules, Fia, and me with 1D appeared among the pages with headlines of "Young Love?", "Age Appropriate?", "Youngsters", and "Underage". I stopped on a page headed with, " What is going through their heads?" and a subtitle caught my eye. It read: HAS NIALL FOUND HIS 'PRINCESS'? My eyes settled here as I examined the paragraph.

              *  Many times in the past our sweet, gentle boy band member, Niall Horan, has spoken about how when he finally has a girlfriend, it will be because he knows 'SHE IS THE ONE'. Lately there have been rumors of Niall having been secretly dating Ellie Goulding, but then again, he had lately been seen in public, fingers locked with a young girl looking about 13 years of age. Is Niall moving in the direction of Harry's habit of going for younger girls? *

I sighed. At least they didn't go at Lou and Jules... I can't quite say the same about Fia and Harry, or might I just say Fia. The next page had been completely consumed by pictures of Fia. Fia pulling up her top, Fia looking down her boobs, Fia kissing Harry, Fia batting her eyes, Fia hugging Harry, and a picture that had been outlined for emphasis: a picture of her making out with Harry in disguise. The headline of the page read: " DOUBLE CROSSER?", followed by an article.

             *  A girl seen multiple times sucking face with Harry Styles, they hugged, kissed, Eskimoed, and who knows what else? This was too recent for something to have happened to the two, is Harry's girl a two timer? After seen kissing Harry she was spotted in the shops sucking face with a vacationer. The girl known around town as 'Fia', was later seen walking home with the man along with another girl that had recently been hanging with the group and another man was was a tag along for the three as well. How will Harry react to this and more importantly, how will the fans react to this shocking news! Lets hope Harry gets her bad vibe soon or he'll be heartbroken to find that she was a low life, double crossing cheater. So girls grab your makeup and look purty cause Harry will be searching soon enough! *

I took in air slowly trying to calm my growing anger towards the paparazzi. Sadly though, this was not something that they had twisted around, we got Fia and Harry into this mess. We all should have known that Fia and Harry couldn't resist kissing and holding hands in public and Fia didn't need the paps help to make herself look like a cheater. I put the magazine in the stack and picked them up to put them away, but as I lifted them right side up a folded paper fell out. I put the stack down and picked up the paper. It read:

        Listen Von, I know you better than you think. You've probably ripped that letter apart by now and thrown it away so I just want to tell you to forget that anything that happened ever happened. You're still my best friend in the whole entire world  and I'm gonna let you know that I know you like Niall and that I don't love you that way, I love you... but like a twin sister. Please don't take that straw and snapchat thing the wrong way, I kept them because you are the most amazing best friend in the world and I kept them to help mend times like this because we all go through hard patches. We are hanging out at the park today with Fia, Jules, Bri, and One Direction and I won't take no for an answer. If paparazzi come than you can try and fix the stuff they said in those magazines I gave you! Btw the envelope was empty. 

p.s. Josh is coming too

When I read this I couldn't help but smile the biggest smile I have ever smiled in my life. I was a little let when the thought that he he didn't like me that way pulled at my risen cheeks, but I was to happy to care. Still smiling, I opened snapchat and took a picture of myself and sent it to Peter with the caption: I'VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER! I looked at the picture I took, I looked like a retard but I didn't care because Peter wouldn't judge me and now I know that for a fact! I quickly sent it before prancing upstairs to find an irritated Fia moaning on the sofa. 

"WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY?!" She snapped at me! I stepped back a little surprised and then saw a magazine in front of her open to the same article that I had just read. 

"Sorry Fia, but we're gonna fix that today! And anyway, did you see the article about Niall?" I answered, but I guess I was a little too perky for her. She nodded and then started to sulk again,

"When I went to get my magazine from the delivery woman she practically scolded me! She glared at me and shook her head and called me 'double crosser'!" She yelled and burst in to tears. I pulled my iPod out of the waistband of my pants and opened up an iMessage to Harry. I quickly typed:

S: You need to come over here quick

H: What for?

S: Fia. She's crying and yelling and freaking out

H: Why?  :O

S: The paps got to her BIG TIME

H: I'm on my way

Within a minute or so Harry burst through the door and lunged up the stairs quickly encasing Fia in a bear hug. She cried into his shoulder as he rubbed her back and spoke to her with calm, kind words. I sat down at the counter with a blueberry muffin and started playing around with some of my apps as I listened to Fia sob. I opened up iMessage: nothing, I opened kik: I had a message from Cleo! I opened up the message. It was a picture of Cleo with crutches and a hip brace. the message below it was fractured my hip at dance with a sad face. I felt bad to her but I laughed to myself because I already knew that it had happened. I closed out of kik and opened Text Now. I had a text from my dad. He had lately been away on a business trip, his architectural business was hired to build a church in Africa! I read the text: I'll be home in a month Von tell your brothers I said hi. Finally, I opened snapchat. I had 3 snaps, one from Peter, one from Bri, and one from Cole. I opened up the one from Peter first, It was a pic of him smiling idiotically just as I had been and was capped with, 'gald you can make it'. I smiled at this and then opened Bri's. Surprisingly I opened it to find a pic of Jules. She looked really sad and the caption on the pic read: she thinks it's her fault Lou broke up with El! My eyes grew wide at this and I closed snapchat without opening Cole's snap and quickly opened iMessage again. I typed:

S: OMG LOU! El broke up with u?!

L: umm... where'd u hear that luv?

S: Bri and Jules!

L: Well... that's not entirely accurate

S: what do u mean? Jules blames herself for the breakup!

L: What?! She shouldn't, it's not her fault! El and I were fighting for a while before that!

S: oh... well im really sorry, i feel bad for u 2... what did u and Jules do?

L: umm ... you might wanna ask Jules that


I closed out of iMessage and took the elevator downstairs... yes, we have an elevator. I walked into Jules' room and saw her reading a magazine on her bed. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy but for the most part she seemed to be holding up  pretty well. She was still in a tank top and pajama shorts and her hair was falling out of her messy, bed-head bun. I heard a knock on the door and walked out just as she saw that I was there.

As I opened the door Louis slipped past me and yelled, "Wazzup Von?" I stepped back with bewilderment as he poked his head in every door until he found Jules. I burst out laughing because when he opened Bri's door I heard her scream and yell at him and Lou closed the door fast and apologized.

Bri poked her head out after a bit and asked, "Is he gone?" I nodded at her and she walked out in her bra and underwear.

"Bri? What are you doing?" I asked her, a little confused at why she was clothesless.

"Trying a new look," She said confidently

"what look is that, birthday suit?" I asked. She stumbled backwards and grabbed her chest as if my comment was mean.

"Hurtful!" She yelled in a whiny voice. I laughed at her.

"Go put some clothes, on would ya?" I said, "that look's not working and anyway, Harry is upstairs and Momom will beat your but with a wooden spoon if she sees you!" Bri looked up thoughtfully but her head quickly dropped and she walked back into her room. I remembered that I still had an unopened snapchat from Cole and I whipped out my iPod again. I opened up the snap to see a picture of Cole as expected. His strawberry blonde hair was messed up as usual but his permanent smile seemed to have been somehow scared away. The caption read: We had too many snow days last year, school starts 2 months early. I was surprised and angry and sad all at once right now. I responded with the same confused face that I had been making for the past couple minutes and quickly got a response from him saying: starts Aug 1st. Oh no, it was all ready July 12th! I sent a message to all of the boys telling them that we had to spend all the time there was together on July 31st. I got responses from all of them saying: of coarse we will! I went into my room and started up the Take Me Home album on my iPod. I was sad because the boys wouldn't give me any hints about the new album. All I know is it's called Midnight Memories and it will be out on November 23rd 2013. I was hoping that I could have a dedication song but they said I'll have to see and that if they did make one for me, my name would not be in it. I put on They Don't Know About Us and started digging through my drawers for clothing. I picked out a pair of jean shorts that were ripped at the edge, a grey YMCA t-shirt, and my Bat Man All Star high-tops. Then I put my dark hair up in a tight bun at the back/ top of my head, straightened the natural curls near my ears and neck, and put on some of Fia's mascara.

I ran towards the front door and screamed, "I'm going to the boy's house," on my way out. I hopped down the steps and ran towards the mansion. As I approached the house I saw Liam boredly twirling a soccer ball on his finger while Niall sat eating chips with Zayn.

They all jumped up when they saw me and screamed, "She's here!" in playful, majestic voices... almost as if they had rehearsed it. 

"So how are the girls holding up with the press?" Liam asked. He was always so caring.

"Oh, umm... they're doing... well, what is your definition of good?" I asked, a little unsure.

"He means have they stopped crying?" Zayn said and Niall nodded in agreement.

"Oh, well in that case, Fia is a wreck and Jules is perfectly fine she just thinks that she is the reason that El and Lou broke up!" I answered.

"WHAT?" They all yelled at the same time.

"El and Lou broke up?" Liam said concernedly. I looked up into his eyes, I saw the flicker of sharp anger and the soft and loving side and his sorrow. I slowly nodded and Zayn smashed his face into his palms as Niall ran his fingers through his own hair with frustration. Zayn slowly retracted his face from his palms and began to explain.

"You see, Von," he said with a sigh, "for the past week or so El and Lou have been fighting."

"I know." I said calmly and reassuringly.

"Yeah? Well it wasn't a usual type of fighting," he resumed. " They have sort have had a screaming fest through the phone then the next day El will come over all happy, Lou will offer her tea, and she'll throw her shoe at him."

"We don't think it's well... ya know, girly stuff," Niall said. I flinched when he said 'girly stuff'. I haven't gone through that yet and never want to because it sickens me! Niall went on, because Lou has been quite moody lately too! He has randomly lashed out on us every so often and then be his silly, happy self in a few minutes tops!"

"Yeah, we didn't know what was wrong with those two," Liam said. "This morning he woke up and left somewhere looking worried! At least Harry left a note to say that he went to comfort Fia!"

I nodded at them and said, "Lou is at my house with Jules." Zayn's eyes grew wide.

"What?" I asked

"Well, If Lou is seen with Jules the paps will make it into some stupid 'underage' story like they did with you and Niall!" Niall blushed and I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as well.

"OH STOP BLUSHING! It's a little odd if you ask me, I mean she IS 7 years younger than you and in exactly 2 months and a day it'll be 8 years difference!" Zayn said to Niall. Niall made and odd face and looked over at me so I nodded my head and shook my finger at him playfully.

"Anyway, we have to be at the park today so are you guys ready?" I asked, speaking of our picnic with Peter later.

"Ahh yes, the Picnic with Peter! He told us he'll be waiting at around 9:00," Liam said smilingand looking down at his watch. "It's 8:51, we better get going, he said to bring food."

Niall perked up at the sound of the word 'food'. With that he grabbed the picnic basket and we were on our way! as we approached my house I told the three boys to wait outside as I went to fetch the others. When we all arrived at the park as our usual selves, we sat down next to Peter and Josh on a large beach towel. 

******A/N:   HELLO POTATOES!I'm not sure if that actually happened in a White Collar episode, I just made it up! Anyway, sorry I haven't updated in a while! I just got my own computer today for Christmas so you can count on more updates! Luv u guys!*******

ps. U.N already has 378 views! Spread the news and plz plz plz love it! we only have 21 loves!





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