unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


18. Time to Spend

Jules POV

The boys finished up signing autographs for some girls that spotted them on the street and thankfully they didn't trash talk us this time! As the girls walked away, crying tears of joy and stroking whatever it was that had been signed, we walked up the fenced red clay path that led to the beach. I was skeptical about what it was that Louis needed to tell me, he'd never taken this tone before, but by the look on his face it wasn't good. The others started to set up an umbrella and chairs a safe distance away from the icy water as Louis pulled me towards the shoreline. The freezing water brushed my toes and I jumped. He laughed at me and I smiled but he was soon serious again.

"Jules, over the brief time that I've known you, it has been wonderful spending time with you," he said with a sigh. It sounded like a break up but I thought it better not to interrupt. " The only problem is, no matter how much I like you I still love Eleanor and well, my life just isn't the same with out her. I pushed her out and pulled you in but when she left, you didn't quite fill the whole left by her. I loved her so much and don't get me wrong, I liked you greatly too! The problem is that I'm missing her and I know this can't possibly be something that you wished for and it's hard to say myself, but I want to try to get back together with El."

After a bit of awkward silence he let out a sorry, awkward, forced smilish mouth lift that I honestly can't describe. I looked down at my bare feet on the wet sand and after a few minutes, looked back up at his sorrowful face.

"Okay," I stated plainly. A look of shock consumed his face as my expressionless words hit him. He stared at me for a minute as if he were mulling over whether or not our conversation was over.

"oh, ok..." he stuttered, walking slowly back to the umbrella. A tear dripped down my face and I lowered myself to the sand and tucked my knees in, letting the icy water wash up over my feet and freeze my bum. I didn't care how cold it was, I just sat there. I didn't know what just happened, I didn't know what to think. All I could manage to do was rock back and forth silently crying as everyone on the beach avoided me.

Bri's POV

Jules was curled up by the water getting over the break up and Louis sat in a Tommy Bahama beach chair, sorrowfully staring at her. Liam sat in the chair next to me with a tub of grapes and offered me some. 

" Mate, it will only make it worse to stare," he said with concern.

" What do you know about it?" Louis shot him a glare.

"just trust me, alright?" Liam urged. Louis sighed and nodded giving one last glance at Jules and closing his eyes as he slowly drifted to sleep. 

"Would you like to go in the water love?" Liam asked, turning towards me with a smile. I smiled back at him out of instinct.

"Sure!" I let out uncontrollably. It was like I couldn't control my self around Liam today, like some sort of attraction. I leaped up and followed him past a sleeping Louis and around an oblivious Jules to the edge of the numbing water. I stuck my toe in and quickly jumped back and fell into Liam accidentally. I knocked him over and fell on top of him and he burst out laughing. I was smiling in that awkward, embarrassed sort of way and I quickly removed myself from his chest and stood up. He pulled himself up and smiled at me.

"Klutz," he whispered in my ear as he passed me and walked into the water. I ran after him and kicked cold water up onto him. He yelped and shivered and within no time his arms were wrapped around my stomach and I was pulled into the air. He threw me over his shoulder and walked in so that he was about knee deep. The next thing I know, my whole body is in the water and a loud whistle is being blown. Liam pulled me out of the water and a life guard approached us.

"Sir, please don't do that again. She could have drown," the life guard stated with authority.

"I'm sorry ma'am, we were just having a little fun," Liam responded. The life guard nodded and turned towards me.

"Are you alright?" she asked me. I nodded and she turned back to Liam, "Don't let me see you do it again."

"We won't," he said seriously. The life guard turned around and strutted back to her tower where the other dude was perched, lazily eating a hot dog and lounging under his red umbrella. Liam turned towards me with his serious face and I began to get worried. Suddenly he burst out laughing and I giggled and stumbled over. 

"Well, Jules seems to be holding it together pretty well," he said to me.

"Yeah," I said, turning to look at her, "I thought it'd be worse."

"Well thank god it's not," he said smiling.

"Listen, I dunno if anyone told you but in a few days we're leaving," he said. I turned mt attention to him.

"What do you mean you're leaving?"

"We need to leave for London on the 30th love. I'm sorry I couldn't spend more time with you," Liam said. "I mean, w-we're sorry that we couldn't spend time with all of you, y-you and the girls and I'm sure Niall regrets not spending more time with Siobhan, he really likes her and I'm sorry for Harry and Fia having to leave each other and I hope Lou ans Jules will still stay in touch and-" 

I cut him off by putting a finger to his lips and lifting his chin. He glanced to the side where Louis was asleep and towards the water where Niall, Von, and Zayn were splashing and then our eyes met and we gazed at each other for a minute or so. Slowly, Liam leaned in and we pressed our lips together. He had soft, warm lips and a gentile touch and we just leaned in and kissed until we finally noticed that the splashing had stopped. I leaned to the left quickly so that it might look like we were just whispering, but what need was there to whisper when you're already alone? 

"Are they looking at us?" Liam whispered, his warm breath brushing against my ear. I glanced to the side and noticed that even Jules had stopped crying a moment to look at us. i gulped loudly.

"Yes," I whispered back. He moved his head away and to my surprise, i found that Louis was awake and staring at us with wide eyes. 

"Grape?" he asked with an awkward, urgent smile on his face as his pupils darted to the sides on a search for prying eyes. 

"I think I'd like one, thank you," I said with a fake smile plastered across my face. The thought finally hit me. What am I thinking? I'm 12 and I just got kissed by Liam Payne, THE Liam Payne! I can't date someone that's easily 7 to 8 years older than I am! I can't fall in love with someone that may forget about about me in his travels! I can't break my own heart by walking into the heart of one of five hopeless romantics! Jules came and sat down next to me. She glared at me and looked me up and down.

"What kind of sister are you? Just rubbing in that Louis broke up with me, aren't you? Well, I'll have fun watching your heart be broken," She whispered, a tear running down her stained face. My eyes widened.

"No, Jules! It's not like that," I said loudly.

"Don't worry, I see how it is," she said turning her head away and stomping away. 

I sighed loudly and a hand gentile hand landed on my shoulder, Liam. 

"I'm really sorry, I hope I didn't cause anything too big between the two of you. Maybe she'll forgive and forget, ya know?" he said hopefully. I nodded and slumped down in my seat. What a mess I've made of things.

Zayn's POV

Louis was walking back sorrowfully from breaking up with Jules and I decided to stay clear of him for a bit.

"Hey, do you two wanna go in the water?" I asked Von and Niall who were sitting next to me. They both agreed and we maneuvered past Jules and into the water, The water here in New Jersey was cold year round for some reason and can take some getting used to. Niall and I both stepped in slowly, quivering along the way, but Siobhan just ran right in. We got to about a foot or so deep when Von disappeared. I looked around for her and suddenly, Niall was pulled under. He popped his head up, panting.

"What was that are you all- AHHH!" I yelled as I was pushed back by a great force. It looked like the wave I was caught in pulled me under but I had a feeling that it was the same thing that had pulled Niall under. I popped out of the water drenched to find that Von still hadn't surfaced. Niall was looking around anxiously until he shot his hand forward and grabbed something from within the water. He had caught hold of Siobhan's arm and was pulling her out, red faced and trying to catch her breath. 

"I think that's the longest I've ever stayed under!" she exclaimed, panting. She settled on hand on Niall's shoulder to hold herself up and the other on her hip as she leaned backwards and cracked her back. Whatever started it I don't know but within the next couple minutes were in an all out splash war. Liam and Bri had come out at some point but went back up to the umbrella when the life guards flipped on them. 

"So where did Harry and Fia go?" I asked, kicking water up onto Von. 

"Oh, they went on a walk or something," Von responded, lightly splashing the water around her. Niall started looking around and his eyes settled on something and grew wide. Both Siobhan and I noticed and looked in the direction of his gaze to find a sight that no one would have thought to happen. Liam was kissing Bri. We stood silently watching, Jules had noticed too, and Louis had woken up and had a quite disgusted look on his face. They finally broke apart and whispered something to each other in an attempt to cover up. We started to walk in towards the umbrella and as the strong wind blew on our drenched bodies Siobhan shivered. Niall walked next to her and pulled her close and she smiled up at him gratefully. 

The rest of our time was filled with awkward silence until Harry and Fia got back. Fia went to tan and Louis, Liam, Bri, Von, Niall, and I berried Harry up to his upper chest in the sand. Jules ended up stretched out on a towel next to Fia as they listened to music, tanned, and ate pretzels that Niall would get up to eat every so often. We had a great day.

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