unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


19. The 23rd

Siobhan's POV

Yesterday, Niall came over and spent the entire day with me. It was great! We had ice cream and we went to the cinema and at the end of the day, we watched the sun set over the bay and I got my calf stuck in tar that was on the side of the dock. Today, we were going to hang out again today, alone I don't know, I just know we'll hang out. After taking a shower, I got dressed in a cartoon Avengers T- shirt, a pair of short jean shorts and my Batman Converse high tops. I straightened my hair and side parted it then I went into the living room. Everything looked a little off but I ignored it and slumped down on the sofa, changing the television channel to TVland. The Cosby Show was on and I don't know why but it's one of my favorite shows. I have tons of my grandpa's old Bill Cosby sweaters that I had to remember him when he died a year or so ago. He was from Spain so I bet he would have liked to be here when my John started to learn Spanish and he and Niall probably would enjoy conversing in Spanish. I sighed to myself as I watched the men of the show competing on who was most romantic. I watched episode after episode going through their family's tap dance lessons and study halls and friendly competition after friendly competition until it was 12:00 pm. I switched off the TV and slid open the sliding glass door onto the screened in porch. I walked down our long driveway and up the street to their large mansion. I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell but no one was home. I noticed that their bikes were gone so I decided to get some exercise as well. I jogged about ten blocks up the street to Bud's and walked inside. Taking out my wallet, I purchased a small bag of potato chips and a lemon Vitamin Water  ZERO. I walked a few more blocks up to 96th street where I recognized their bikes perched on a rack by the ice cream shop. I walked into Kohr Bros and asked the lady at the counter if a few Brits had been by here and maybe an Irish guy. She just shook her head and I walked out a bit disappointed. I searched through a couple of T-shirt shops that offered 1D prints and I asked around sun glass shops and toy stores. I even walked into the book shop and the Hippie store but they all had the same response. "No" or "We had some come in a few days ago". I noticed that their bikes were gone and I walked back home disappointed. Right as I passed their house a hand landed on my shoulder and I spun myself around. It was Peter. 

"Hey, where have you been?" he asked worried.

"Oh, I ran to Bud's and 96th street looking for the boys but I've had no luck so far. Any ideas where they could be?" I asked, holding up my chips and vitamin water. He looked me up and down.

"I saw them when I was looking for you. They were at the park and they were looking for you too," He answered.

"Really?" I asked. "I was home until 12:00." His eyes grew large. 

"How?" he asked. "I came over looking for you at 10:00!" I looked at him strangely. 

"How?" I questioned him.

"Well, Momom was walking out when I went on the porch and she said you weren't home. The boys said the same but I'm wondering one thing, how long have you been gone?"

"An hour or so," I answered.

"Von, it's only like, 11:30," he said, looking at me strangely. I pulled out my I pod and looked at the clock. It was blurry. I shook it and looked at it again. It was still blurry so I turned up the brightness and moved it closer to my face. He was right, it's 11:26 am. My eyes grew wide. Maybe those weren't even the boy's bikes at 96th street.

"Peter, my sight's all blurry," I said worried. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my messed up eyes. 

"It's all right Von, I might have something to help you," he said. We walked all the way to his house on 39th street and I collapsed on his sofa as he ran upstairs to get something. 

"Von? Remember how I used to go to stores and buy cool glasses that I found?" he asked. I nodded curiously as he pulled a shoe box out from behind his back and smiled. "Well, you are going to try these on to see if any of them fit your vision." I smiled at him graciously.

"Thank you so much Peter! Your amazing!" I yelled, giving him a big bear hug. He smiled, hugging me back and I began to try on oddly shaped spectacles. I had tried on about 10 pairs when I picked up a large pair that resembled 3D glasses.

"Oh my gosh! I love these!" I yelled as I quickly tried them on. Peter's beautiful face came into focus and i smiled widely. His eyes brightened with excitement and a huge smile crept onto his face. He raised his eyebrows questioningly and I nodded at him. I could see perfectly again. He hugged me and pulled out his iPhone 4s. He dialed a number and spoke loudly.

"Hey! I've got a surprise for you, come to 913 East 39th Street." he said. There was brief mumbling from the other line and Peter hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Niall," he answered. I got up to look at myself in a mirror.

"You have Niall's phone number?" I asked questioningly.

"Yeah, he gave it to me a few days ago," he said. I examined myself in the mirror. I didn't look bad in these glasses. I adjusted my hair in the mirror and Peter appeared behind me.

"You look great in those," he commented. I blushed madly and managed to mumble a little 'thanks' and then I noticed that he was blushing too. The doorbell rang and he ran to get it. Niall stepped in and Peter led him to me. His eyes widened and he smiled. I blushed madly and hid my face in my hands. He removed my hands and smiled.

"You look great," he said comforting me. I smiled and hugged him but out of the corner of my eye I could see Peter bite his lip and cross his arms as he stared at Niall. 

"Who stole your toy?" I asked him playfully. He looked at me surprised and mumbled something that I didn't quite catch. I laughed and rolled my eyes knowing that he hadn't chosen to forget that kiss that "never happened". I sat down with Peter and Niall and we talked for about half an hour. Niall's phone beeped and we turned toward him. he apologized and read the message.

"Do you two want to go get FroYos?" he asked. We both nodded and he added," The boys, Bri, and Fia are already there. I dunno about Jules, I think shes out somewhere trying to avoid Louis." 

"Great! We better get going then," Peter said, "it's a long walk."

"I drove," Niall said, "we can just take my rental car." We walked outside to Niall's rental Porsche 918.

"I call shotgun!" I yelled and jumped into the front seat. Peter rolled his eyes.

"Where did you find a place that would rent a Porsche?" Peter asked.

"Oh, I know people...," Niall said with a smile.

"Or your producer knows people!" I said.

"Whatever, same thing," he said. I shook my head at him and he stared the car. Peter jumped into the back seat and I turned the radio on. I was singing to 'Change Your Life' by Little Mix when i noticed that Peter was staring at me smiling and Niall was smiling widely. I blushed and stopped singing. I started to look out the window instead. I had forgotten that not even Peter had ever heard me sing. 

Peter's POV

Von turned on the radio and started to sing. I'd never actually heard her sing and I was surprised that she was doing it openly. She caught me staring and stopped to look out the window.

"Oh come on Von, You have a great voice!" I said. She blushed and bit her lip. I should have known that this would embarrass her, she is too modest and gets embarrassed too easily. 

"I'm not singing with you guys in the car," she stated stubbornly. I rolled my eyes and Niall let out a laugh which just made her blush more. A few minutes later we approached the new Frozen Yogurt place that Josh and Bri had gone to before. It was called Yohut. The boys were sitting on a bench outside with Fia and Bri. I hopped out of the back seat as Von opened her door and Niall turned off his 'rental' Porsche 918. As Von stepped out of the car everyone turned to her.

"Glasses?" Zayn asked. "Are they real?" He smiled at her.

"Yeah, I got up and everything was blurry!" She said. "It only got worse and Peter had these glasses that he used to collect and these fit my sight. Anyway, I love these!" 

"Well, they look fantastic on you!" Louis said. Zayn and Liam nodded and Bri and Fia just shrugged it off.

"Harry's inside getting them to fit some tables together for us," Fia said. We nodded and walked inside. The place had glass pained walls around the eatery and a self serve. Von and Niall both picked up cups that were more like large bowls and the rest of us got smalls. I joined Von at the Orange Cream yogurt and we covered ours in sour worms and gummy bears. We sat down at a table joined by the others and Niall and I sat on either side of Von. 

"I wish I had those glasses," Zayn said. Von smiled and thanked him and we each started our own conversations. We lost track of time and it ended up being around 3:00 when we left. The boys went to their house and I went with Von, Fia, and Bri to their house. 

"We're home Momom!" Bri yelled upstairs as we came through the door.

"Yeah, Von had to get glasses!" Fia yelled.

"Glasses?" we heard her yell back.

"Yeah, and Peter's here!" Von screamed.

"What do you mean Siobhan had to get glasses?" Momom yelled back at them.

"My sight was all blurry and Peter had collected glasses! We found a pair that matches my vision, I can see perfectly again, i have glasses, THE END!" Von yelled. Momom bound down the winding staircase. 

"You look ridiculous!" she said, her accent layed on thickly. 

"Oh god! Momom, they're just glasses! She can get contacts but she really doesn't look that bad," Bri said. I stood there awkwardly as they fought back and forth.

Finally, Momom gave in and walked away yelling,"You better talk to her mother about this!"

Von grabbed my phone out of the side pocket in my cargo shorts and dialed her moms number. Since her mom was a teacher, she was at Avalon High right now teaching summer school. Her mom didn't pick up at first so she dialed again. After a few rings on the second try, her mom picked up.

"Hey mom" she said. "No, it's not quite an emergen-" she was cut off. "No, I know you're teaching! Momom told me to call!" she said followed by a long pause. "Well when I woke up this morning everything was all blurry," she said calmly. There was a longer pause, "No it wasn't cause i was tired. I couldn't see anything right all day and remember how I told you that Peter used to collect glasses?" There was a shorter pause, "Well whether or not you remember it doesn't matter. Anyway, I tried some on and I found a pair that works and I like them." Another pause, "Yes, I have glasses now! They are sort of like 3D glasses." Her eyes squinted, "No, they're not ridiculous! I like them a lot!" She rolled her eyes, "Yes mom, that's all! Okay, I love you. Bye," she said and ended the call. She tossed me the phone and sat down on a step.

"It's alright Von, she'll warm up to the idea once you start walking into walls," Fia stated plainly. 

"Oh thanks, that makes me feel much better," she said. We walked into the living room and all took out our phones and, in Von's case, iPods. I slumped down in a big pillowy chair and opened snapchat. Von had already added getting glasses to her story. I smiled and noticed that Dani had texted me. I opened it and it read:
D: Hey! I'm so happy I got to c u again! r u ever gonna hook up with em again?

P: ya, it was gr8 cing u too! :) sry but i don't think I'll be hooking up with emily... i come to the diner a lot though

D: well, as long as ur not dating that von girl

P: what do u hav against von?

D: u were dating my sis first

P: so, i'm not dating von but shes my best friend and anyway, i thought u hated ur sister

D: well, shes cooler than I thought and we started to hang out over the summer

P: well sorry to disappoint but i usually always go to the diner with von

D: suit urself...

I closed out of my texts. I was pretty disgusted right now that Dani had warmed up to her sister. Emily was always flirting with dirtbags and she always hated everyone that was her competition. We ended up watching NCIS until 5:00 and I finally left to go home. I walked for about 20min to half an hour until I finally approached my large white house. I walked inside and was greeted by my mom cooking dinner.

"Where were you?" she asked.

"I was with Von and her cousins and a famous boy band," I said with a laugh. She smiled and kissed my forehead. 

"Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. Take your shoes off and set the table before your father gets home," She said. I agreed and started to set the table. "How was your day, Peter? Anything new?" she asked.

"Yeah, Von got glasses," I answered.

"Oooh!" she squealed, "I love Von! She's perfect, why haven't you asked her out yet?" My jaw dropped.

"MOM! She's my best friend!" I yelled surprised.

"Well, you seem to like her more than that," she stated, pursing her lips.

"Oh my gosh, you're ridiculous! I can't even look at you, " I said playfully. She smiled and I walked up to my room and flopped onto my bed. What a great day!


*Hey potatoes! There is a good news and bad news. The good news is... 617 reads! yay! On the contrary, out of 617 reads we only have 26 likes and 37 favorites! CAN WE STEP UP OUR GAME? Anyway, sorry about the title of the chapter. I'll probably count down like that with the days just cuz I can't think of chapter names! luv yas, MASH IT! lolz


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