unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


5. Story Telling

Siobhan's POV

"I should probably go home now..." I said sad that I would have to leave my new *fame* friends. 

"Well... Lets all go and drop you off then!" Niall said smiling!

"that would be awesome!THANKS!"

"No prob we'll just follow behind you and we can meet your family!" Zayn said.

"Yeah well my Momom (grandma) will probably sit you down for some tea, ask Niall how much Ireland's changed, have a three hour chat!" I laughed to myself at the thought! I can tell you the address and Lou and Harry can come too if they want, it's *************!" I added.

Harry and Lou received the text and drove over as we were walking. They jumped out of the car and entered our little posse. I opened the door and my grandma was walking down the steps. "Who are these boys your with Siobhan? She asked smiling at me. "Momom, these are the members of my favorite band! They live down the street, this is Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn!" I answered. "Nice to meet you!" Niall said sticking his hand out. "Oh love, your Irish now are you? Where are you from, near Dublin?"  

"Ah, yes I'm from Mullingar!"

"Oh I hope it hasn't changed, it was such a beautiful place!"

"It's been the same as far as I can remember!"

"WOW! Come come love all of you! Who wants tea?" 

"oh me please!" YES PLEASE!" "THAT WOULD BE AMAZING THANKS!" "Would thank you!" Sure!" "Thanks Momom!" We all responded. She laughed at their reactions. And I smiled. 

"And where in England do you all live?" She asked. 





My grandmother smiled widely! "All such beautiful places!" She responded. "Amazing tea Mrs... Um? What should we call you?" Louis asked loudly. "Oh just call me Bridget!" She said.

Harry's POV

Bridget was just about the kindest old lady I've ever met! She was so small and sweet! "SIOBHAN? SIOBHAN?" Siobhan excused herself and ran downstairs. She walked up with a slightly overweight woman behind her. "Siobhan who is upstairs with Momom?"

"I TOLD YOU! ONE DIRECTION!" She answered. "Woah! Nice to meet you all!" The lady responded! 

"Fia, Bri, Jules! Get up here I want you to meet some... People and fia, please dont freak OK?" Siobhan yelled. Siobhan ran up to me and said, "my cousin Fia is 15 Harry and well, she is obsessed with you so I hope she won't freak and I hope you like her!"

A gorgeous medium sized girl walked up the steps. Her hair was elbow length and almost black, she was the most tan girl I've ever seen, and she was just plain beautiful! "WOW! What's your name?" I blurted out stumbling up to her. Her mouth dropped and she smiled the biggest most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Siobhan walked over, "Harry this is Fia, my cousin!" Then two other pretty girls ran up, they were defiantly a lot younger! One was Siobhan's age and the other looked a year or so older. "Woah! They echoed!" Suddenly the four boys were all sitting at the counter as I sat down with Fia.


*LONG CHAPTER! Please tell me if u wanna encourage relationships like this or if you want tragedy! P.S. I already have the most tragic thing happening for the story and after a few more chapters (**SNEEK PEEK**) Siobhan will have her first kiss! YAY!               

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