unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


9. Roses

Niall's POV

As Siobhan ran away tears ran from my eyes. I quickly regained my head and turned on Ellie!

"WHAT THE HELL? I WAS FREAKIN BREAKING UP WITH YOU! You're such a bitch, ya know that!?" I screamed at the top of my lungs at her! I was so angry, does she really think that I'm in love with her or something? Or that I'm doing this for the boys and only the boys? I didn't know how someone could be so blind! I sat down in the sand and pressed my fist on my forehead,

"Did you really think that I was your boyfiend?" I asked loudly, looking up at her dumbfounded face, "WELL, DIDYOU!?"

"well, of corse i did... i mean youre so nice to me and you kissed me and all so we were obviously an item!" she said. I just glared at her,

"ME? I? I KISSED YOU? NO! NO, NO, NO!" i said just about at boiling point. I could feel my blood heating up and my face starting to gain redness. "I NEVER KISSED YOU, YOU KISSED ME! I NEVER ASKED YOU OUT, YOU ASKED ME OUT! YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE EVER CALLING US AN "ITEM"!" I screamed at her. 

"Fine then!" Ellie said, "I'll just go back to Calvin! I was with you and he didn't even know! I was with him at the same time, and you didn't even know!" She said sassing me as she slammed her fist on her hip and spat on me!

I laughed loudly, "wow..." I said and she just looked at me questioningly, " Ellie, you just gave me one more damn reason to break up with you and leave your sorry ass on the ground!" 

I smiled at her and her jaw dropped. That's when I looked up to see Zayn standing at the top of the walk with his mouth open and his eyebrows raised. I started to jump up and speak, "OH GOD? ZAYN, is Siobhan alright? I CAN EXPLAIN! No, really I really can! I didn't kiss her and I didn't even know Siobhan was on the beach! I was gonna tell her that I broke up with Ellie and when I tried-" That's when Zayn cut me off, "NIALL!"He yelled. I looked back up from my feet to see him smiling, "Niall I get it alright! AND ELLIE, YOU NEED TO JUST LEAVE!" he looked boiled when he saw Ellie. She was flipping us off and wasn't doing a very good job af it because tears were forming in her eyes. she quickly cover her face full of running makeup and and started beating the ground rapidly with her feet before running away and tripping on air every other step. I walked up to Zayn and he smiled at me. "Bro, we just have to make it clear to the others! And anyway, I was an eye witness that we all know wouldn't lie for you to everyone, NO OFFENCE!" He said smiling and holding up his hands in deffence. I smiled and high fived him as we ran back up the street.

Harry's POV

I hope that Niall was able to break up with Ellie. Zayn just ran out looking angry and i was guessing that it had to do with Siobhan. There was a creek from the front door and Siobhan walked into the room. "Hey," she said closing the door, "Zayn told me to come over." Her cheeks were tear stained and her face was red. I patted the seat beside me and hugged her as she sat down. I rubbed her back and she gave me a weak smile. I knew Niall did something wrong but I wasn't gonna ask what. Suddenly the door opend back up and Zayn and Niall burst throught panting. "SIOBHAN!" Niall yelled. She looked up and Zayn ran to her, "Siobhan, it was all a mix up! TRUST ME!" Zayn said, out of breath from obviously having sprinted here. She nodded and Zayn sat down across from her and led Niall in behind him. Niall was flinching at the sight of Siobhan's tear stained face and she was just staring back at his boodshot eyes and red face. You could see goosebumps rise on Niall's skin as she waited for an explanation.Zayn spoke first:

Z: "So after Siobhan texted me that she went for a walk on the beach when she was waiting for lunch where Niall was gonna explain something to her and she saw Niall and Ellie kissing and Ellie yelled at her, I told her to come over and I went to the beach to set Niall straight!"

N: "I'm sorry about that Siobhan, I can explain really!"

S: "yeah, i'm sure it'll be a heck of an explanaition!"

Z: "hell yeah it is! Sorry I mean, It's a perfect explanaition... really it is! Anyway, when I got to the beach Niall got up and started yelling at Ellie about how he was breaking up with her not asking for her hand, that he didn't want to hug her or kiss her or ever even date her! How she was the one kissing him, hugging him, that she was the one that asked him out and he wanted nothing to do with her but he didn't want to reject her! And then the best part came where Ellie accidentally revealed that she had been cheeting on him with Calvin Harris and neither of them knew about it! Guys you should have seen the look on her face when Niall started laughing and she was all like WHAT? WHAT? and he said right into her face, you just gave me an even better reason to break up with you!, and he just left her hanging. Oh and did I mention she decided to flip us off? Yeah, so Niall just left her hanging and he saw me and was trying to explain everything in a single breath!"

N: Well, it was nothing really, she deserved it if she's a cheater! I broke up with her because I liked... nevermind.

Siobhan just sat there smiling and Niall finally looked up. He seemed so surprised at her reaction, "Thanks, thats good to know" she said, "and i'm sorry too she said." She got up and said goodbye to all of us and was about to leave when Niall's phone beeped. She looked back and left. "Well, that sure was something!" I said loudly. "HARRY!" Louis yelled giving me a look like, seriously? I smiled at all of them and nudged Nialls shoulder, he was looking down at his phone.

Niall's POV

When Siobhan left my phone started beeping and I looked down to see that she had started another imessage conversation with me and the first message was:

well its good 2 no some1 likes me! tnx niall im sry for overreacting, 4giv me?

I just sat there smiling until I snapped back into reality and responded:

how could i not? i meen after all it was all my falt and im sry luv :-) :-) :-) :-)

after that i slipped of my clothing until I was just in my boxers and drifted off into a deep sleep, well earned from a long day.


Siobhan's POV

I woke up at 6:58am. I quickly grabbed a hairbrush and tamed the rat nest atop my head and snuck upstairs. The hardwood floor was cold against my feet even though it was midsummer and it was scorching hot outside! I walked over to the toaster oven and I pulled out a Costco cheese bagel from the bread drawr beneeth it. I took out a large glass and some orange juice and poured myself some. I heard the stairs creak and I looked up, my oldest brother John walked up with my older brother Matt and younger brother Cullen trailing behind. They all took out cereal and poured milk into bowls. "Hey," I said to them as they walked past me. "what's with you guys?" I asked them. They didn't speak. John didn't usually do anything but moan in the morning because he was a sleepy 16 year old that needs "beauty rest" even though there was no beauty coming from his face full of acne. Matt is a morning person but he just doesn't talk to me because he's 14 so he'll just ignore me. Cullen was 8 years old and a total bratt. I rolled my eyes at them and looked for Fia. I walked out onto the balcony and found her lounging in a chair and biting her lip. "Hey Fia, what's up with you?" I asked staring right into her bloodshot eyes and hoping that it wasn't anything to do with Harry. She whiped her eyes and answered, "Harry... he, he doesn't like me. Well, at least I don't think so! He was flirting with some girls at the swim shop on 96th street." Her eyes teared up and I drooped down. I was so upset that this didn't work out and really angry at Harry too, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Fia! I can't believe him! I thought he was better than that..." Someone was yelling outside and Fia's eyes teared up even more. Jules and Bri walked out and looked at her sadly. I ran downstairs to deal with the yelling Harry outside our door. "HARRY! HOW COULD YOU?" I yelled as I opened the door. He looked at me confused so I took a deep breath and went on, "Do you like Fia?" "FIA IS THE MOST AMAZING GIRL I'VE EVER MET! Did something happen to her?" he said with a worried look on his face. I looked up to see her weary face peeking out from the balcony above. "Sort of... Harry she really likes you okay, and not like fangirl love! Haz she saw you flirting with girls in a swim wear shop! She was heart broken, HOW COULD YOU?" I said, my voice cracking. He looked at me blankly and I shook my head and started to walk back inside when he grabbed my arm and blurted out, "I'm sorry! I just have to get used to having a girlfriend! I haven't had one since Taylor Swift and she said I didn't take relationships seriously! Don't you get it? I'm a hopeless romantic Siobhan, I'll never be able to get a girl to trust me enough!" I nodded and was about to open the door when it burst open and the next thing I knew Fia had locked lips with Harry. I quickly slipped away and went back into my bedroom. As I entered my room I noticed that the window was open and I went to close it hoping that it was just the wind that was blowing my curtains around that opened the window. As I ripped open my curtains I saw a large bouqet of roses with a beautifully written cursive note attatched. I opened the note, expecting that it was from Niall, and I was right. It read:

     Dear Siobhan, 

I hope that you trust me and I'm sorry that I couldn't give these to you in person but I had to run some erronds. I'm sorry for intruding in your personal space too. I hope that you will take these roses as a sighn of gratitude from me and to show that I'm truly sorry that I caused you so much grief! Please forgive me...



I looked down to find a bag of cookies sitting on the window sill and one had a bite out of it.

Niall is amazing, no dout in my mind about it!






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