unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


15. Picnics and Apparel

Jules' POV

"You looked better as a girl!" Peter commented playfully at Niall. We all laughed.

"Yeah? Well I'm a natural!" Niall responded.

"Is that a good thing?" Peter asked. Well, Peter has a point. Niall should not be a natural at acting like a girl.

"Well..." Niall thought for a second, "No, but it just means I'm such a hottie I can pull it off! We all laughed again, but I specifically was laughing at the fact that Niall was categorizing himself as hot, attractive maybe or cute, but not quite hot. My arm was linked in Lou's as we sat down. He smiled at me and I couldn't help but think about what had happened between us a few days ago. I was the first one to be told that El and Lou had broken up and I couldn't help but think that by now the magazines were published, El had seen them, and that I was at fault. Lou had assured me that I was not at all to blame for their breakup, but I had a felling that that was not entirely true.

It all happened 3 days ago when Lou and I left the diner with Liam. We went to the arcade and found one of those sill photo booths. We had left granny Payne back at Ski Ball and went to enter the booth. We had one more pic and we were set up with our foreheads against each other's and we were glaring at each other as well but at the last minute Louis leaned in and kissed me! So the picture was taken and accidentally put up on the wall with the pictures of cute tourist couples and sadly, Louis was absolutely recognizable. On our way through the arcade he got spotted by a few fans and we also had a few cameras on our trail. 

When I checked my new magazines this morning, it wasn't me that had been brought down like Fia had. In fact, they really only talked about Lou and El, and that's where they hurt. They said how something really bad must have happened between the two to tear them apart or that El must have gotten sick of Louis or snapped on him! Suddenly, Louis snapped me out of my faze.

"Would you like some toast love?" he asked kindly.

"Um, no thanks," I said.

"Are you sure?" He asked, kindly wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I smiled up at him and pecked his cheek.

"Yeah, I'm sure," I said with a smile. He leaned his head down and kissed my forehead.

"Suit yourself," He whispered. He looked up and quickly refocused on his toast. He was tearing it slowly apart and working it as if he were trying to avoid the others' gaze. I looked up and grabbed some toast, quickly doing the same. When I had looked up Siobhan's eyes shot into me like daggers and with one eye brow raised she was giving me an unintentional look of disgust. 

"I thought you didn't care for toast?" Peter asked confusedly. 

" Umm... I don't. I'm just sort of bored," I said looking up. I set the toast down next to Niall who had been eyeing it and was given a look of utter disgust put on with a thick layer of confusion from Von, Zayn, Liam, and even Niall whom I had just given my toast. Peter and Josh just looked straight out confused and Bri was trying to get the attention of Josh who was focused, awkwardly staring at me. Bri let out a loud sigh and bit her lip. I saw a tear drip from her eye but she was in no hurry to wipe it away. She just sat on her knees staring at him staring at me until she finally broke the silence.

"Josh... I'm braking up with you." She spoke softly but the mere though passing through his mind awoke him from his trance. 

"W-w-what? Bri, oh...," he said looking at her stern yet sorrowful eyes,"You're serious?" She nodded at him and his eyes filled with tears and broke the surface, pouring down over his now red cheeks. Peter passed him a napkin and he wiped his face hastily. When he finally lifted his head Bri nodded at him slowly and sadly before looking down at her lap and adding,

"I'm sorry Josh, it's for the best! Just trust me alright? We may or may not have a serious future but that doesn't mean we cant be friends. It's simple Josh, we were friends before you asked me out, we were really good friends and it seemed to have stayed that way whether we were going out or not!"

Who knew this was coming? I certainly didn't after they had been going on strong for about a year... but I guess there was never any romance to the relationship that had been started the summer after their 5th grade year!

Josh's POV 

Bri caught me completely by surprise when we split. After that she explained to me that Lou's brake with El made her notice that we needed a brake cause we were never really more than close friends! I had only kissed her once but it was nothing special really, just for Valentine's day. I understood but with Peter's description, I hadn't held up well. It's been 6 days since the break up and Bri and I are still talking as if nothing had ever happened. The picnic didn't go so well because the paparazzi didn't show up and the boys kept having to get up to sign autographs and take pictures with screaming fans but everyone got a good meal out of it! Today is the 18th so there are only about 13 days until school starts again. Peter and I are going with One Direction to help the girls shop for school supplies but mostly we will be in the beach shops along 96th street shopping for new apparel.  The boys aren't disguised this time which made Peter and me a little more comfortable. Liam and Niall were the only bad ones but it's still better when they aren't dressed up as girls or in Liam's case, old women! We parked our bikes at the bike racks and Bri, Jules, and Fia dragged us into a clothing shop. As the three of them freaked over dresses and skirts and all that crap, Siobhan sat on a bench with her elbow propped up on Niall's shoulder and her chin on Peter's shoulder as she sulked.

"Why do we have to shop for clothing? It's so boring and there is nothing good!" Siobhan whined. After a while Zayn snapped on her.

"WELL THEN DO YOU WANT ME TO BRING YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE?" Zayn said loudly. Siobhan's ears perked up and she jumped to her feet.

"Will you really?" she yelled excitedly.

"Of coarse I will! And if it'll get you to stop whining!" Zayn said with a smirk. With that they left to who knows where. Bri picked up a beautiful dress that was not very dress and suited her. She walked in my direction and I stood up ready to tell her how great she would look in it but to my surprise she stopped in front of Liam. I could feel my face heating up with anger and embarrassment that I actually thought Bri would ask me her opinion after she broke up with me. Still I watched Liam intensely. To tell the truth, I was jealous.

Liam's POV

Bri walked up to me holding a dress. It was pale turquoise and complimented her eyes beautifully. The dress looked as if it would be perfectly fitted on her small waist and then would become flowy as if to mimic the effect of waves at the skirt of it. The turquoise of the skirt became a few different shades and sort of looked tie-dye which is why it appeared water-like, at some areas it even became a green color... in fact, each and every shade seemed to blend with the color of her beautiful eyes.

"Um, hey Liam," she said a bit shyly, "I know I wouldn't normally ask you this but... what do you think of this dress?" I couldn't help but smile.

"It's an absolutely beautiful dress and I think it matches your eyes amazingly!" I said smiling. "Lets have a look at it on you how about?"

She grinned widely and hurried herself to the dressing rooms. I felt awkward as I stared at one spot on a rack of clothes but I couldn't bare to turn my head because all I could feel was Josh's cold, hard glare digging into me. He looked away just as Bri shyly stepped out of the dressing room. She looked stunning, not in a sophisticated way, but she was gorgeous! I just stared at her blankly not able to get a word out of my mouth.

"So it's good?" she asked wide eyed and curious to know my thoughts. All I could do was blink and nod repeatedly as she giggled her way back into the dressing room to change. 

I looked over at Peter and Niall who were blocking Josh from my view, thank goodness! They were both staring intensely out the open door as if their brains had connected and they were trying to figure out just what Zayn and Siobhan were doing, what they were talking about, what they were thinking. I rolled my eyes at those two, Peter obviously liked Siobhan and I'm actually surprised that he and Niall haven't fought over her yet... but Niall wasn't the violent type and I'm guessing neither is Peter.

Zayn's POV

I walked Von across the street, curious of why she disliked clothing so much. It seems that out of the 4 girls, she wears the most clothing... if you know what I mean! 

"So, what is it that you want to shop for?" I asked. She bit her lip.

"Umm..." she said nervously, "clothing!" she said it awfully shyly and quietly. 

"Well, why didn't you just shop with them?" I asked angrily, letting out a sigh.

"Because they're such girls!"

"so what, your not a girl?" i asked playfully and she let out a giggle.

"I am! I'm just not like them ya know? They are all over the skirts and the dresses and high heels and flip flops and sandals and they aren't on the verge of tears when someone mentions a bra because they don't get embarrassed by it!" I let out a laugh at how easily she gets embarrassed! Even now she was blushing madly and chewing her lip like Niall when hes stuffing himself with chicken. 

"You don't have to worry about it love, I had to do this with my sister too!" I couldn't help but smile at her reaction.

"You don't have to worry about it love, I had to do this with my sister!" She mocked my accent to a T and I couldn't help but laugh. "Well I don't give a crap! I'm not your darn sister!"

"You may not be my sister and you may not be Niall either but you are like the two of them in so many ways so all I can hope is that I can deal with you like I deal with them." I tried to be stern.

"What does Niall have to do with this?" 

"When we first became a band Niall would only wear one brand of clothing and that's it! Well ya know, that's what you're acting like!" she let out a sigh and said,

"Fine! There is an store up the street that sells Under Armour, we can go there so that I can get some comfortable sports clothes!"

I gave her a nod and she grabbed my arm to pull me towards the store. As we entered, the store clerk at the front desk greeted Siobhan. She must come in here a ton because it seemed like every employee knew her name. She picked up compression shorts to go under a pair of blue jogging shorts, she also picked up quite a few black shorts that would be uniform for the soccer season I'm guessing! She ended up with a handful of shorts and t-shirts that were all different shades of blue with big Under Armour symbols on the front! After she payed with the birthday money we had given her, she dragged me into the store next to it. She grabbed two or three pairs of dark blue skinnies that were all adult smalls and grabbed a few sweaters without trying on any of it!

"What are those for in the middle of summer?" I asked referring to the jeans and sweaters. She just laughed.

"You didn't really think that I was going to go out clothes shopping again when it gets cold, did you?" She questioned me, but I knew from that annoyed glint in her eye that she wasn't kidding! I just shrugged and she payed for the rest of the clothing. Soon, she was dragging me to a new store. 

"I thought you didn't like to shop!" I said loudly.

"Not for clothing! We're going to the fudge shop!" she yelled excitedly. I hurried to catch up with her as we walked up to a man in front of a shop with a large baby blue sign on it that had something written in fancy gold cursive, largely across it! 

"Hey Von, samples today are walnut chocolate and butterscotch!" the man said, he must be giving out free samples!

"Hey John," she said, casually taking a handful of fudge off of the tray. There were two boy sitting on the bench next to the shop that started yelling at Von.

"You can't take that many!" the younger one said. He looked about 8 or 9.

"Shut up Cullen, I can take as many as I want!" she yelled back.

"Who cares, give me one!" said the older of the two that looked about 13.

"No, Matt! Just get some from John, they ARE free samples!" She said back.

" John won't let us take anymore..." Matt said back glumly.

"Not my problem." she said splitting the fudge with me and pulling me inside.

"Who were they?" I asked, very confused at what had just happened. She laughed a little more.

"They're my brothers," she said,"all three of them. John, Matt, and Cullen."

"You didn't mention you had brothers!" I said

"Why did I need to? They just embarrass me more than I embarrass my self!" 

"Well, you do do a good job of that!" I said laughing. She did an angry face and pushed me playfully. 

I looked about the entire store. They had boxes and boxes of salt water taffies and glass cases full of many varieties of fudge and chocolate! My mouth watered at the sight and I wonder how much Niall would pay in here. There were large jars of candy on top of the glass cases. They were filled with gummy watermelons and orange slices, red licorice rolls, and various sour treats. Again practically everyone greeted Siobhan, but it's more expected because her brother works here. She ordered watermelon sours, salt water taffies, and a pound of cookie dough fudge and I ordered a big ole' box of salt water taffies. Soon we were off again and up the street. She pulled me into KHOR BROS custard shop and she ordered a medium waffle cone with an orange creme and vanilla custard twist. I just ordered a small cone with chocolate. 

"What do you need ice cream for anyway?" I asked.

"Well, first of all, this is my favorite place to come in the entire world! And second of all, we will end up having to share candy and fudge, but they can't take ice creme if we eat it!" I laughed at her greedy reasoning as we were given our custards.

"Woah! That's huge!" I said to Siobhan as she was handed a cone of custard the size of her head! "That's like... Niall size!"

"I know right? I love it!" she said loudly and we laughed on as she messily ate her custard, spilling it all over herself in the process. As we were just about to leave the bench we were sitting at to find the others, a both angry Niall and Peter ran up to us!

"YOU GOT CUSTARD WITHOUT ME!" They both yelled.

"Yes, yes we did." Von said calmly staring at them as their jaws dropped. The two of them stomped into the shop and emerged later with cones even bigger than Siobhan's!

Harry, Liam, Louis, Fia, Jules, and Bri walked up to us and sat on the benches around us. Suddenly, girls started to notice who we were once we were together and they started to accumulate around us asking for autographs. I could here them saying rude things to the girls and I was about to react but Harry was already on it. Some girl called Fia a slut and as the girl turned around, Harry stood up and pulled her back by her hair. Fia pushed him aside.

"What did you just call me, Sophie?" she said, glaring intensely at the girl. Sophie seemed to have to think about it for a second before answering sassily. 

"I called you a slut! I mean really Fia, you must have seen this coming. Your shirt looks like a sports bra and ass is gonna pop out of those shorts any second!" That was when Fia became the strong one and Harry snapped!

"Don't you ever call her that! So what if her boobs are too big for her body and her ass is the size of a bowling ball! She is the most caring, beautiful, loving, good-weird, and well mannered girl I have ever met and manners are something you obviously don't have, bitch!" 

"I didn't say anything about her boobs..." the girl said. Harry stood there awkwardly blushing.

"Well... YOU WERE THINKING IT!" he accused. The girl walked away annoyed and Fia turned on Harry.

"What about my boobs Haz?" she asked slowly.

"Nothing darling, they're just lovely!" he said. She rolled her eyes and punched his gut and we all burst out laughing (though the punch didn't seem to have hurt him).


*********sorry that it took so long to write the chapter! In the blurb I put that she was gonna get left behind and then go on the reality show and blah blah blah... well, that is not going to happen because after a few more chapters I am ending it and making a sequel! **YAY** FYI: the reality TV show thing is gonna be in the sequel so in other words I'm splitting what was gonna be the whole book... IN HALF!****

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