unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


10. Peter

Siobhan's POV

After I ate all of the delicious cookies that Niall had given me and (go figure) taken a bite out of, I removed the dry Hydrangea from the crystal vase on my dresser and replaced them with the fresh roses Niall had left for me, hoping to earn trust and forgiveness that he already had. I hid the note so that my brothers couldn't come snooping around and make something up, especially Matt who would do anything to annoy me or get into trouble and trains Cullen to do the same. Jules walked in and I jumped when she put her hand on my arm. She was smiling like she had just gotten kissed or something, "The boys are here!" she said biting her lip. "Kay! Jules, what's up with you? You look like the boy of your dreams just asked you out!" I said, raising my eyebrows and widening my eyes at her. She kept on biting her lip until she answered, "Well, I know that when I didn't actually know the One Direction I liked there music but I wasn't like the biggest fan and Harry was my favorite..." "GET TO THE POINT!" I yelled. "Well, I know that Louis is dating Eleanor and all but I think I sort of like him, I don't know why though! Do you think I could tag along with you and Fia today, Bri's gonna be hanging out with her boyfriend, James." I smiled and nodded at her and she blushed. I ran to my room to throw on something nice to wear. I grabbed a black cami and threw on my "kiss my cleats" crop top. Then I grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts and my Brazilion Flag olimpyc chuck high-tops. I threw my hair up in a semi-high ponytale and put on a thin, leather braided headband overtop. I ran into my mom's room and searched for her makeup (since I wasn't allowed to have my own makeup, or use my mom's...). I grabbed the mascara and threw on some white/peach eye shadow too, that was barely noticable. I ran back into my own room and put on some of my Victoria's Secret lipgloss. I ran to the door and outside to find Julia in a sundress and braided sandals. She also had on mascara, eyeliner, and pink eye shadow and her hair was curled. I smiled at her and she smiled back, she was talking to Louis. Niall had been leaning on the railing and somehow lost his balance and flipped over into a Holly bush. We all burst out laughing and thats when the bush leaves moved to reveal the hidden bench that I sat under when I wanted alone time. On the bench was Fia in a short-shorts and super short, tight crop top (unlike my looser, flowy one) with her hair done into a messy bun right next to Harry who's hair was messed up from Fia running her hands through it. Fia gasped as Niall rolled into the bush and I leaped over the railing, sixfeet down into the garden. "How did you know about my secret spot?" I eagerly asked Fia and Harry. "Well, I've seen you come out here when it's raining and you would come back in perfectly dry, and you always disappear somewhere when you do your homework, and I saw you bring Bri under a bush once so I just was curious and I came for some privacy with Hazz." Fia said smiling at Harry and holding his and as he stroked hers. They looked like a newly wed couple and it was freaking me out so I pulled over the leaf filled curtain that I had made for it and yelled, "well find somewhere else!" Then I went to help Niall up who was still lying on the ground, groaning like an idiot.

Niall's POV

When Siobhan jumped over that railing it blew my mind for some reason. She looked like some amazing skater girl yet more girly. I couldn't believe it when she jumped over me and went straight over to Fia and Harry. I groaned a bit to get her attention, then when I noticed I wasn't getting it, let's just say I groaned alot. She finally turned around looking irritated and helped me up. "Quite the fall" she said to me smiling. I rubbed the back of my neck and smiled, "Quite the jump!" I responded still blown away by how high it was. She smiled and grabbed the bottom of the railing and started climbing up, she turned around to me looking at her dumbfounded, "You comming?" I nodded and she smiled at me. I must have seemed like such a dope to her! When we were up, over the railing and back onto the porch, Zayn smacked me on the back of the head when Siobhan's head was turned but I saw her smile when he did it. "What do you say about a day at the beach?" Zayn asked. We all nodded and the girls went to put on their bathing suits as the boys and I walked back to the house. I looked over at Louis who seemed happier than usual. He's been really sad and a downer lately, not going anywhere that had to do to much with Eleanor. I really hope that those two are ok.

Jules' POV

I walked inside with Siobhan and Fia and we all went to fetch our bathing suits. I walked into my room and picked out a not too showy bikini. It was white and brought together like a bow in the middle. Over it's regular swim suit material it was covered in white crochet pattern. It could go strapless and strapped, but I attached the strap anyway. The bottoms had the same crochet over white and they bunched up on the sides. I did my hair in a tight high pony tale, put on waterproof mascara, slipped on a crop top and shorts, and was satisfied. I walked out of my room and into Siobhan's room where Fia and Siobhan were getting ready. "Copier!" Siobhan yelled at me as I walked in the door. She was wearing a similar bikini top, but without the bow shape, a different color, and her's had ruffles. She also had on swim shorts that were black with the same aqua colored strip as on her top. Fia was wearing black bottoms and a neon pink strapless with chandelier style strips hanging down. They both pulled on the clothing they had on earlier over top but Siobhan left her cami behind. I laughed at her comment, "Yeah, well I had it on first so... ya." She shook her head at me and I complimented Fia's bathing suit. The door bell rang and we all ran to it and hopped outside. Fia's bikini just about fell off and she kept having to pull it up over her HUGE boobs. The boys greeted us and even though Fia had a shirt on you could see her top fall as she walked and Harry seemed to notice too because he laughed every time she had to pull it up. I saw some cameras start to move toward us and the guys faces grew pale."The paps." Louis mumbled under his breath. I pulled a towel over Louis' head and Zayn pulled up the hood of his shirt. Niall pretended to rummage in a bag too and Harry just sat there looking paralyzed as Liam tugged on his arm and looked in the other direction and cursed under his breath. The paparazzi started snapping shots as they ran toward us. Louis grabbed my hand and we all sprinted back towards the house. The paparazzi followed us yelling out questions like, "What is 1D doing with such young girls?" "Are you dating?" "Louis where is Eleanor?" "Niall what's the rumor about you and Ellie Goulding?" "So where is your underage date Zayn?" and "Who are these girls?"! We decided to run all the way up the street to the boy's house so that the paparazzi wouldn't bother our family! As we sprinted forward through the door Liam slammed the door behind us and locked it. "What, no questions for me?" Liam asked sarcastically. We all laughed and ran to lock the rest of the doors in the house. We also closed all of the blinds accept a few that were just cracked open so that it didn't look too suspicious. Then I sneaked out the door with Fia and Siobhan to go grab some disguises from home. We picked up Fia's giant unfold able box of make up and some Halloween wigs from our costume box. One was a mullet, one was a girl's wig, and one was a greased back Dracula wig, but it'll have to do. Siobhan grabbed a few clothes from her Mom's room, Fia took some clothing from the bin, and I ran to get a leather jacket, some hair gel, and some more girl clothes. Then we all met up again and sneaked back into the boy's house. They were there waiting for the disguises and we started right away. "I wanna be a biker!" Louis yelled and ran over to him with the supplies. I grabbed some eye liner and hair gel and got to work. I got some grease off of the dirty pans from breakfast that hadn't been washed and I rubbed it on Louis' face. Then I took a comb and hair gel to start on his biker hair. I took some Halloween face paint and painted black streaks in his light hair. Then I took darker brown and colored the outside that wasn't black, then I went a little farther in to that it look slightly more natural. There wasn't to muck of a color difference between the brown and the black so it looked as natural as face paint in hair can get! Then I took some extra grease and rubbed it on a comb. I used a hair dryer to give his hair a winded look as I stroked the greasy and gel covered comb through his hair. I pulled up some ripped black jeans that were faded and gave him Harry's leather ankle boots that I found lying around. Then I took out a shirt that showed his chest a little, it was a white v-neck with a large black tar stain on it. Then I put the dark eyeliner on him and handed him the leather jacket to top it all off. He looked in a full length mirror and I handed him a a pair of sunglasses. He smiled at his new "look", "This is a good look for me! I think I'll go to the bar down the street" he said in a thick jersey accent. I laughed at him and he hugged me and thanked me. Meanwhile, Fia was making Harry look like a hippie, feel good vacationer that made him look unbelievable. "I cannot take you seriously!" Siobhan said to Harry giggling. I smiled and he was laughing his ass off while Fia yelled at him to stay still. She had taken blonde color and light brown and streaked his hair. Then she took out a flat iron and straightened it. He looked quite bizarre but being Harry he managed to pull it off. He was wearing a flowery vacation shirt with swim trunks and leather sandals. Niall on the other hand I accidentally mistook for Siobhan. Siobhan had made him into her twin sister. He had on mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and lip gloss applied perfectly on his face. She had drawn on freckles much like her own yet in different places and even waxed his calves. Since Siobhan was tall, Niall was only about 3 inches taller than her. She had taken out a brown wig and a pick and brushed through the wig until it was silky smooth. Then she applied the wig and brushed it into a pony tale like her own. Niall had to squeeze into her shorts which was only a small and give himself fake breasts too. He wore her bra which she thought was weird and awkward, yet we thought it was hilarious, ant put on one of her crop tops. she waxed the hair off of the edge of his stomach and back too. They stood next to each other as Louis took a picture and sent it to Eleanor as a joke saying that one of those women was Niall and we all cracked up because we kept mistaking them for each other. Then Fia and I attacked Zayn with makeup and Siobhan moved on to Liam. She transformed Liam into an older woman with short hair because he didn't want a wig. He had gray and silver streaks where Siobhan had colored his hair and then she straightened his hair and gave him one of her Momom's old glasses. She gave him one of Momom's turtle necks too and an old lady bra with some baggy trousers from our grandpa's old closet because Momom's were too small. She gave his face a drooping effect and put on too much blush and gave him wrinkly eye lids. We all called him Barbra for the rest of the day. Fia and I made Zayn look like a teenager. We washed his face, removed his ear piercing, shaved his face, flattened his hair, and gave him cargo shorts and a striped blue t-shirt with hi-tops. He looked hot! It was a lot of a change from his normal style but his still looked similar to his normal self. We thought that he would fit in as a Mexican kid or something though since there were a lot of tan people here. We walked out of the house with them and up the street to a diner. 

Siobhan's POV

As we walked through the door of the diner I saw my best friend sitting at the bar eating a sandwich. "Peter!" I screamed and ran to hug him. When I let go he looked up and saw Niall. He jump back, "Wah?" he said loudly. "Oh right Peter, this is Niall! Niall, this is Peter, my best friend." I said. He still looked at me really weird. "You mean like that dude that you love- I'll shut up now..." he said seeing the expression on my face. Both Niall and I were blushing. "So is she... or he? what gender is it?" Peter asked with his eyebrows raised. "Niall is a boy but we dressed him up to be my twin, because well, we all got mobbed." I whispered. "Oh..." Peter said, "well, this isn't quite the normal summer I thought that that I'd be having. And Von, he can't be your twin, your jaw isn't as wide and you don't have a butt chin." Niall glared at him and Zayn looked at him blindly, "Von?" "Yeah short for Siobhan!" I said. They all nodded and said they would go to the stores and just have some take out. Niall pretended to be Zayn's girlfriend, Harry and Fia went off together, and Louis went with Liam and Jules to and arcade where Liam said that "granny Payne" was gonna get herself a Phillies jersey! I stayed with Peter at the diner and we had some lunch. I ordered some fries and hot wings that I eat all the time and Peter went on eating his sandwich. "So, " he said, "Niall? and, and One Direction?" "Well, it kinda happened quickly and all!" I answered. He frowned a little, "Listen Peter, on my birthday I saw them at the park and we played soccer and they came over for my birthday! Fia and Harry are a couple now and we're all just friends! Zayn is helping me with my art and he's really fun to sketch with and stuff!" I said a little louder than I thought. Peter smiled and pulled me into a hug. He was laughing and I didn't know why. I looked at him questioningly, "HA! Cole taught me some stuff that he learned last year in drama!" Peter said practically falling out of his chair. I glared at him and thought about Cole. He was my lab partner last year and he was only about half my size. Every time I sat down he had to stand up to be the same height as me. I laughed randomly and peter just looked at me, "you are so weird!" he said. I smiled at him. "So, what did you do during June?" he asked. "Well, Bri and I snuck into a party that was at a 9th grader's house. We expected it to be like some kind of 14 year old but it turns out that the guy was 19 and he failed a ton of times! Bri found her boyfriend knocked out in the corner with some super fat guy on top of him cause we were gonna meet him there. Oh my god, it was so messed up! Then, at the end of the month, I was caught trying to beat up an eighth grader that called me slow, and you know how that turns out! The bad part was that I was caught by Mr.Mann! So when school starts, I have in school suspension for the first week! Anyway, how was your June?" I asked. He looked up from his sandwich and wiped his mouth, "Well, you certainly had an interesting June! Um, I went to England with my parents and got to see an Britain soccer game..." "Fun!" I said punching his arm playfully, "Then I came home and went to Wildwood to run a 5-K," he added, "Then I had to go to the competition team for dance, we made it into Country: USA round until Cleo fractured her hip! So we got a big trophy, I had a ton of solos and I got to dance with the older girls, and we made it in 4th for country!" I smiled widely at him until I thought about how lucky he was to be so flexible and strong and to be a good dancer. I started to glare at him and thought about him being the only boy that does ballet in our school. He got in for dance so I didn't see the problem that other people had with him! He was extremely muscular, yet he was called gay- so not true! He looked at me weird, "What? What did I do now?" "You became a good dancer and I am a horrible dancer! But you already knew that..." We both started laughing and then we just looked at each other awkwardly and started laughing again. We used to get freakish stares from people but the usuals were used to us by now! We looked over, hearing the jingle from the bells on the opening door.

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