unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


3. Keeper

Harry's POV

I saw Niall to my left smiling madly! He was such i moron i thought until I noticed that I was smiling too! The girl had a quite adorable, toothy smile and all her teeth were spacey and crooked. She sort of had that warm glow to her and her cheeks were covered in freckles! I noticed that her smile was directed towards Niall and felt my stomach flip. I wasn't jealous or anything i was just, well... concerned about the large age gap! I guess there is no point in trying to convince myself that I approve of this but I just don't know why I felt this way! "Um, could I be keeper?" I heard a quiet voice ask. I was back in reality now," WHAT? But that's my position!!!" I whined angrily. "Oh well ok I'll play any position then I guess, um.. Sorry Harry I didn't mean to like...sry" she responded sadly as her voice drifted off. "Harry! We'll have two teams, you can be keep on one and she'll be keep on the other! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!" Niall looked a little angry and so did Louis for some reason. Liam and Zayn just say there with stupid expressions on there faces like, what the heck let her be keeper, and why are you guys reacting this way? I noticed that I had gotten all tense and quickly relaxed my shoulders.

Niall's POV

Harry was being such a J.A. right now and I honestly don't know why. We hardly knew the girl and anyway she was a fan! Usually Harry is really polite and playful with the fans and usually he wasn't so defensive about a position in a football game and hardly ever yells at us! "What did you say your name was love?" I asked her trying to be as polite as possible. "Sibohan!" She answered with a shy smile. Sibohan? Wow that's a REALLY Irish name! "Pretty name," I smiled back, "are you Irish by chance?" "Um, yeah!" She said laughing. We set up some cones for  goals and started to play.

*I get it for all those fans out there that hate short chapters, I HATE THEM TOO! But you have to trust me the plot will get more interesting, the chapters will get longer, and new people will get introduced!*




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