unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


7. getting through

Niall's POV

I let go of Ellie to see Zayn and Siobhan running out the door. Ellie looked at me hurt and questioningly, a sort of did I do something wrong?/ who was that? look. "It's nothing El, shes just a friend of Zayns that does art with him and stuff!" I said brushing it off. She nodded and smiled weakly. On the inside I thought that I had just lost a new friend, and maybe an old friend too. Zayn had become extremely close with Siobhan over the hours we spent with her on her birthday yesterday, I was afraid of what he'd think of me not apologizing or anything and also because I hadn't told them that I started dating Ellie six months ago! I was also a little worried about what the rest of the boys would think of me. Ellie rubbed my abs and said, "Maybe you should go talk to them..." with an odd expression on her face. I nodded and started to get up as my thoughts traced straight to Siobhan and how confused she looked and vulnerable. i walked out the back door to her and Zayn laughing both with sketch books in their hands. As the door slammed behind me it got a little quieter and Siobhan looked up. "Oh hey Niall! What are you doing out here, I didn't think you'd have enough time to... take in air." she said smiling. I didn't understand why she wasn't mad, "what do you meen? Of corse I have time!" 

"Oh I just thought you were a little busy with your girlfriend, Zayn?"

"Yeah Niall, It's sort of something that you don't do in our living room when..." Zayn trailed off and quickly cleared his throat, "when you haven't even told us how long this has been going on, much less that it was even happening!" he added

A tear trailed down my face but they were both looking down at their sketchbooks, "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you mate, I... i don't know why I didn't!" I said trying to hide the soft whimper.

"Well we don't know either!" Harry, Liam, and Louis stepped out from behind the grill and porch umberella. I just srared at them and their broken looking eyes. they weren't angry, they were upset. I could see it in the way that they looked at me sorrowfully an sort of stepped back as if they couldn't quite trust me.

"Tell Ellie to leave, we're having, um... air problems..." a soaking wet Liam said switching of the air conditioning next to him. I nodded and sank down as I walked towards the door.

"c'mon guys, you didn't have to be so mean to him!" Siobhan said from somewhere behind me.

Siobhan's POV

I was so confused, I guess the boys lives didn't work as perfectly as they made it out to be. I was also surprised that the press didn't catch this story! Niall had semmed so carefree and honest when I met him, I couldn't believe this! he's still my friend, they all are, but now I only like them as friends. Zayn came over and hugged me tight.

"I guess we didn't have tio be so harsh but," 

I cut zayn off in the middle of his sentence, "He's never done this before... I get it. It's fine I'm just a little confused about it all!"

"WELL YEAH!" Zayn said loudly, "So are we, I mean! I guess we should go apologize."

The boys all nodded except for Harry who had his head down. "Haz?" Louis asked

"Well, I actually knew... Niall told me to tell you guys and I... I forgot! I only just remembered and I feel so bad because all of this is my fault!" Harry said tears dripping down his cheeks.

Louis sank downwards, "it's not your fault Haz, Niall should have told us face to face, but we also shouldn't have been so hard on him..." Louis trailed off and pulled Harry into a hug. We all went inside to see Niall tearing up and shoving food into his mouth. I stole a chip from him and crunched it loudly in his ear. I punched himlightly on the shoulder and he looked up. i smiled at him, "Niall! It's okay, Harry told us how he remembers you telling him to tell the rest of the boys about you and Ellie! And the boys shouldn't have been so hard on you anyway!"

"US? What about you little lady?" Zayn asked

"ME? How dare you accuse me! I was practically silent!" I yelled

Niall pulled me into a shoulder hug and kissed my cheek, I could feel myself heating up. I looked up to see the boys laughing, even Niall! I smiled and blushed even more and started laughing with them.






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