unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


21. Events

Liam's POV

*Bri's and Liam's *date*

I met up with Bri at a street sign past both of our houses. I don't know what it was about this 12 year old but she always caught me somewhere between nervous and turned on. I smiled as she approached me. She was wearing that amazing blue sundress that matched her eyes and her blonde hair in a beautiful French braid. She smiled at me.

"You look great," I said. That was probably about the most plain and boring thing to say but to my surprise her cheeks got rosy and she smiled cheekily at me.

"Thank you Liam, you don't look to shabby yourself," she blushed, making a reference to my cargo shorts and royal blue polo shirt.

"You don't have to lie to me love," I blushed.

"No, I wasn't kidding," she smirked. We walked a few blocks and talked about some of the things we saw along the way. When we walked up to the entrance I held the door open for her and we walked in. Bri ordered the Asiago Cheese Bagel and I ordered the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel Breakfast Sandwich and we sat down at a concealed booth in one corner of the eatery. 

"So," I asked, "do you like your meal?"

"It's great!" she answered. "I was dairy free until today but I don't regret eating this. I haven't had cheese since about a year and a half ago."

"Really?" I asked. "Why?"

"Because Jules, Fia, and Von played some prank on me during the summer after 5th grade. They made me think that dairy made you look bloated and that I had chub because of it. It was pretty mean but I don't regret going off of dairy because basically none of the middle schoolers drink milk anyway. It helped me fit in," she answered.

"Well love, I'm sure you would have fit in perfectly fine even if you did eat cheese and yogurt and drink milk," I assured her.

"Thanks Liam, you always do know how to make me feel prized," she smiled. "Truthfully though, I disagree, I think that I would have ended up like Von." This really surprised me. I always thought that Von was really popular and always had people hanging all over her.

"What's that supposed to mean? I thought that Von and Peter were really popular at their school. You two do go to different schools, right?" I questioned.

"Yeah, apparently I have not talent other than charm," she said playfully. "Anyway, Peter is just about the most popular kid because everyone at the arts school knows him and everyone at the public school knows him. Von, on the other hand, is not popular at all. She only knows half of the people in her own grade and, other than Peter, only people in her classes know who she is. She's completely invisible except for a group of lame 8th graders that hang around Matt because they practically worship him! Von also chooses to hang with a ton of losers because she's too nice to sit with anyone more popular."

"Well, maybe that's where she feels comfortable," I insisted. Truthfully, I was pretty surprised at Bri's perspective of her cousin. They're practically sisters yet right now Bri sounds like a high schooler talking about her lame younger sister in a movie.

"She's sort of bullied into saying certain things and pushing away populars by this girl, Veronica. Roni and Von were best friends in first, second, and third grade. Then, in fourth grade, Roni was in a different class and in fifth grade, when they were back in a class together, Roni was sort of jerky. Last year, Von was always forced to push away her friend Mackenzie because of Roni and the only reason Von put up with it is because she's so unpopular that she doesn't think she can afford to lose and old friend for a new one. So then, Von would have to go explain the truth to Mackenzie every time something happened," Bri spoke and I listened intently. 

"If you guys went to different schools then how do you know so much about this?" I asked curiously. 

"I dunno, I guess I just pick up on a few things. These are the only types of thing that I can use to put 2 and 2 together with. It's pretty hard with Von though because she's so secure and unemotional and practically masks all feelings." she answered.

"Oh, ok," I said, "so I guess over all, Von drinks milk." She raised her eyebrows.

"What? No actually, she hates milk," she said.

"Oh, well that's new," I said cheekily.

"Yeah, Von hasn't tasted milk in 5 years," she answered.

"Really?" I asked. "What does she put in her cereal?" 

"She doesn't eat cereal. Most of the time she just drinks tea and eats meat and junk food," she said.

"Really?" I asked surprisedly.

"Yep, she actually eats a lot of veggies though and runs a lot but she's always been the largest of the 4 of us if you know what I mean," she said cautiously. 

"Oh..." I said, trying to compute what she had just said.

"Enough about my family. What about your family?" she urged. 

"Well, I actually haven't seen them in quite a while. I'm hoping to visit them when we're back in England." I asnswered.

"Oh, well, ok..." she said. We both finished our breakfasts and I bought us both bear claws. I sat back down and handed her the pastry. "This is really generous of you Liam," she thanked.

"Na, this is nothing," I waved it away. "I'm just happy to be able to spend some time with such a wonderful girl."

"So cheeky," she joked. I smirked. "So modest too," she smiled. I looked up into her eyes and blushed.

"Listen, I dunno what it is but something about you always makes me feel nervous. Always like I'll say something wrong," I confessed.

"I've noticed," she sighed. "Liam, you don't have to psych yourself out. It's my place to be nervous, not yours. You'r the international superstar here and I'm a 12 year old that was lucky enough to even see you in person. Then I was totally blown away when you actually talked to me and I was completely psyched when we kissed and I never thought that you would ever really like me Liam. This a complete dream come true and I know I sounded sort of bitchy when I was talking about Siobhan earlier but it sort of comes out like that when you talk about a family member. Truthfully, we wouldn't be here without her."

"Your right. I was just nervous because when we kissed there was this sort of spark and... well, I've never really fallen in love and this is definitely the first time I've been out with a 12 year old so it's all just new to me and I don't exactly know how to act around someone as young as you. I mean, I'm always nervous that this is a one sided love and that I'm completely insane when I do this stuff but also that this is a huge critics problem because Niall and I are afraid of you and Von getting bombed with paps if we go anywhere near you," I further confessed.

"Well, I think you just have to be yourself around me no matter what that is. No acts, no filter, no holding back on what you need to say. I also think that you and Niall just have to let Von and me handle ourselves," she said with an encouraging smile. 

"Well, you certainly can persuade me," I said. She smiled and pulled out her phone.

"It's nearly noon, ya wanna go home?" Bri asked.

"Sure," I answered. We threw away our trash and went to leave but the jingle of the bells on the door kept us here....

El's POV

*Lou and El's talk*

I sat alone on the sofa of the hotel room I had rented out to see Louis. I flipped through the pages of my scrapbook filled with pictures of me with Lou. I loved him so much and I pushed him away but that was no excuse to be cheated on. A tear escaped my eye, hit the plastic protector on a page, and dripped off. I looked down at the picture it had fallen on top of. It was a picture of Lou and me on our first date. We were at his house which he had decorated to be a movie theater because we couldn't go to a real one without being mobbed by fans. I had fallen asleep on his shoulder during The Notebook and Lou had taken a picture. The picture next to it was when we had gone to a comedy show and above that was one of us on a roller coaster in Disney World when he bought us tickets last year. I flipped the page to a picture of us with our faces smashed against the glass of a cubicle on the London Eye. I whimpered softly and let tears soak my face. After a few minutes of tears there was a soft, nervous knock at my door. I opened it to find Louis looking at a piece of paper.

"Hello, is this the room of Eleanor Calder?" he asked without looking up.

"Lou?" I asked weakly. He looked up at my tear stained face and I tried to wipe my eyes but he beat me to it.

"El!" he exclaimed as he gently wiped away my tears. I pushed his hands away and shut my eyes hard hoping that when I opened them none of this will have happened. I opened my eyes to find that he was still standing there. I let go of him and walked back to the sofa. I expected him to follow me in but he stood at the door watching me sorrowfully. "El," he began.

"Just leave Louis, I don't need you!" I lied.

"El, I know that you don't need me but the thing is that I," he hesitated, "I need you and I love you. It was a mistake to cheat on you, it really was and we both know that but feeling the pain of being without you made me notice that the only reason I ever kissed her was because she reminded me of you. She reminded me of the Eleanor I knew and loved, the Eleanor from before we started fighting. I didn't actually date her more than we just sat around by the way, I just had that one kiss with her that the paps caught and after you broke up with me I saw that she didn't even fill half the whole you left in my heart. El, I'm not asking for us to be all fine and dandy and get back together, I just ask that we don't fight or hate each other because I don't think I could ever hate you," he explained from the doorway. I looked up to see that he was looking away. He looked sad and ashamed and broken. I crept over and tapped him with my foot so that he would look up. His cheeks and eyes were red and puffy as he silently cried. I couldn't help myself and I hugged him long and hard with my face resting on his shoulder as I wept. 

"Louis, I never want to fight again! I caused this and it was so horrible not having you here!" I whimpered. He hugged me tighter and let a tear drip from his eye onto me.

"I don't want to fight either, I love you El. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and being apart was torture," He sniffled. I lifted my head and gave him a long, loving kiss as we stood in my doorway. I pulled him inside and onto the sofa, shutting the door behind me. I sat with him as he explained everything that happened without me over the coarse of 3-4 hours and I listened intently wishing that I could have been there for every minute of it.

Jules' POV

*Lunch with Von, Niall, Zayn, and Jules*

Von, Niall, Zayn and I decided that we would get some lunch at Panera Bread and then go to the Ice Skating rink up the street. We arrived there around noon and locked our bikes on the rack next to the door. I walked behind the others as we enter the shop.

"Bri?" I heard Niall and Zayn ask in sync and I pushed through them to find Bri and Liam together.

"Bri? What the hell are you doing here with Liam?" I asked, dumbfounded. "Wait, are you guys on a date?" The shear thought of my little 12 year old sister going out on a date with a 19 year old international superstar from a boy band made my blood boil. 

"Sort of?" she stretched her answer slowly and unsurely. I could feel my face heat up and my fists clench but someone put a hand on my shoulder.

"Well, we just came for some lunch so if you guys were leaving then we wouldn't want to interrupt," Von said, pushing us out of the doorway.

"Sure, we'll just get going then," Liam said, urging a shocked Bri towards the door. When they left Von grabbed my arm and pulled me to a 4 seat table. She left me there and went to order, walking back with mine and her meals. Zayn and Niall trailed behind with soup, drinks, and some sort of pastry. Von handed me my meal and they sat down immediately.

"Oh, stop scowling! You have the same age difference between you and Louis as Bri and Liam!" Von scolded me.

"But she's my little sister," I argued. 

"And I'm you 'little cousin' too, I suppose, but you don't fuss over me!" she engaged.

"Just eat your lunch!" Zayn yelled. 

"Sorry," Von and I both said. 

"It's fine. I don't exactly agree with all of the dating either but I keep it to myself and that's what you guys have to do too!" Zayn said.

"Of coarse," Von agreed.

"Just forget about it," Niall said. "So what were you guys doing all morning?" 

"I was sleeping on the porch," Von answered. We all looked at her weird and they turned towards me instead.

"I was just sitting around," I answered.

The next hour or so of talking and eating went by pretty quickly. As usual, Niall and Von both finished eating first and were waiting on Zayn and me to finish so that we could go and skate. We skated until about 4 O'clock and ran into some paparazzi and a ton of fans throughout the day. When we got home, the boys departed and Von and I collapsed on the sofa next to Bri and Fia who was asleep next to Harry. I decided it was better not to bring anything up with Bri for the rest of the day.

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