unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


11. Employee

Peter's POV

I looked at Siobhan's flawless, freckled face, wishing that she new how much I love her. She was the best friend I've ever had and the most beautiful girl on the inside and out! I couldn't this famous Niall dude fore liking her but if he ever hurts her I'll hunt him down! There was a bell sound and we both turned toward the opening door. Bri and James walked in laughing. "Peter?" James yelled, "You're back!" I smiled and high fived him while Bri went over to sit by Siobhan. "Hey! What's up?" I said to him. He smiled, "Oh, Bri and In were just coming in to have some lunch." He said smirking as Bri spoke with Siobhan about something. I looked over at Siobhan longingly.When I looked back James was staring at me with his eyebrows raised,

"Dude, that's just sad! Every girl that sees you is practically drooling over you and you are afraid to ask out the one girl that you're drooling over! I mean come on man, have some pride!"

"It's not like that James! Von's my best friend and I don't want to ruin that!"

"Then I guess you're forgetting how you became friends! And I guess that's why you're so afraid to ask her out again!"

I thought about the first time that I had spoken to Siobhan. She had been racing this girl that she had had a rivalry against and she lost by only about a step! The first thing I had said to her was "And she lost!" and the first reaction she had back was to glare at me and yell, "Shut up before I shove my fist in your big mouth!" That had been quite a surprise to me because other that yelling at people to get out of the way and telling people that they're idiots, she was so quiet and bubbly! Soon after that I had asked her out to find that she would only say no, and I guess that was what I was truly afraid of! Because if she said no it would be really hard to be comfortable while talking to her, and that would ruin everything!

"Yeah James, I guess that is, but think about it, if I got rejected what would that do to us?"

"OOOOOH, girl talk?" Siobhan asked, eagerly bouncing up and down and raising her eyebrows at me, "Who is it now? Emily again?"She asked, making disgusted face at the sound of the name Emily. I frowned that she still mourned over my ex, Emily. Emily never really liked Von, even though Von would do everything in her power to be nice to the one girl that she would describe behind my back as an absolute bitch! She looked at me and rolled her eyes,

"I can't believe that you aren't over that douche yet? She was a total ass, you know I tried to be nice to her right?" she said slumping down in her seat. "I even complimented her artwork that looked like a 9 year old could have drawn it most of the time! I complimented her hair, I gave her paper when she ran out, lent her pencils, I was nice to her best friend that was really nice and I stayed away from her just cause she hogs everyone to herself!!!" She looked irritated.

"No Von, I'm not crushing on Emily, you don't have to make such a big deal over it either!" I answered.

"Okay," she said, her frown loosening, "Then what were you talking about?"

This time, I was the one frowning. I couldn't tell her that I liked her... now that would be awkward. James looked at me uneasily and I could tell that he had come up with no more than I did.

Siobhan's POV

I looked at Peter an sighed, I guess he wasn't gonna spill his secrets like I hoped. Bri sat beside me blushing. I looked over at James, surprised to see that he looked just as worried as Peter.

"So James, what have you and Bri been up to?" I say, attempting to brake the awkward silence.

"Um," I smiled because they were both blushing madly, "Well, we went to see a movie and we went for a fro-yo after."

"How were the fro-yo's? Where did you go, Mountain Yogurt?" I asked, referring to the crappy fro-yo place up the street.

'No, some new place that just opened up. In fact," Bri answered, "I think I saw Niall there with some really hot tan guy! He was dressed up like a girl and wearing you'r clothes, should I be weirded out?"

I laughed, "The 'Hot Guy' was Zayn and no, it's just a disguise to hide them from the paps! Go to the arcade an you'll find 'Granny Payne' who left claiming that she was gonna win herself a Phillies jersey!"

"Oh... oh my god," She said after thinking about it for a second or so, then all four of us burst out laughing!

A waitress approached us. I had never seen her before which was unusual because I came here nearly every day. "Excuse me," She said in a thick southern accent, "Can I help you? If not, I would appreciate it if you would be quieter, you're interrupting our customers meals here at the             Lux Diner!"

"I'm sorry of coarse," I stated plainly. Peter nudged me and as she walked away I hopped up and strode behind the bar, into the employee work room, and farther in until I reached the managers office.

I barged in and Hannah Manning, the manager looked up from her work and smiled, "Hey Von, haven't seen you in a while!" She stood up and hugged me, then she saw the unhappy look on my face and still holding me by my shoulders asked, "What's wrong girl? Oh god, is it the new employee?"

I let a small smirk slip and replied, "Hey Manning, why is there a new employee anyway? She told Peter and me to shut up, that we were being too loud!" 

"SHE TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP?" She asked stomping her foot a little. You could see the anger rising in her like a thermometer. I thought about what to say for a minute.

"Well, no," I said a little quieter, "She said, 'Can I help you? If not, I would appreciate it if you would be quieter, you're interrupting our customer's meals here at the Lux diner.'" I quoted in a thick accent much like her's. 

manning looked at me weird and sighed, "You always did know how to stretch the truth," She stroked her brow irritably, "I told Brandi not to both you guys but I guess she either forgot or she can't tell who's who! At least it sounds like she was trying to be polite."

"Brandi?" I ask, "What kind of name is Brandi?"

"A southern one apparently," She said letting out a small snort, "I need new workers but I just can't stand the sound of her voice and even if she's being nice it makes her sound obnoxious!"

"What happened to Leah and Charlie? What about Sam? Kelly, Haley, Izzy? Where are they?" I asked noticing that all the workers actually hadn't been there today. manning started to look worried, "Manning? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?" I asked, my voice growing louder.

She bit her lip, "The aaa qui..." she mumbled, at least that's what it sounded like. I replayed the words in my head, the a quit, they a quit, THEY ALL QUIT!

"THEY ALL QUIT!" I yelled!

"Yes, they thought that they were under payed! they were defiantly not though! $7 and hour, $8-$9 for night shifts. They usually worked 12 hours, so at least $84 at least every day is not under payed!"

"Whoa," I said marveled by why they would have quit, "I didn't imagine that you got enough business to pay them that much! How much money do you have left to pay for the mortgage or rent or whatever? And how much money is left for you?"

She sighs, "You see Von, that's just the problem! We didn't get enough business for them to get that much pay! They were teenagers so they didn't even need as much as they were payed! The other problem was that there was hardly any money left over to pay the bills and not a penny left over for my own pay. Those kids were so sweet though, when they found out that I wasn't getting any pay they quit! I guess they were trying to be generous but it was stupid because they left me with no employee to keep the business going! Of coarse I still have Izzy and Charlie, they didn't quit but they have off while I search for new employee!

          "They offered to help but I gave them the week off instead and they agreed to not getting that weeks pay! I'm just trying out people that are new to the town and all, maybe this will give the newbies a chance to meet some new people and get used to the usuals. Like Brandi over there just moved into a small cottage smack dad in between the bay and the ocean and she has no view of anything cause her windows got blocked by those two apartment complexes up the street. I'm thinking of hiring this girl named Dani, she's very nice and she reminds me of you! She should be here in about 20 minutes if she's on time and I'd really like you to meet her!" Manning finished pleading to me with that eager look in her eyes.

I nod and she smiles. I say my thanks and go back to the bar near the front of the diner. "WHAT WERE YOU DOING BACK THERE?" I hear a booming country accent screech at me!

I look up and sass back to her, "I'M A FRIEND OF THE MANAGER THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND I WAS JUST BACK THERE HAVING A CHAT! SO CHILL AND GO BACK TO TAKING ORDERS BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT I AM AND AREN'T DOING!" I yell at her hoping that that was the end of our conversation. She looks a little hurt and I noticed that I was all tense. I relax myself and nod at her, she didn't bother me again.


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