unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


12. Dani

*Sorry guys, this chapter will be a little shorter*

Siobhan's POV

l sat down next to Bri where I had been positioned before and watched Brandi stomp away looking miserable.

"Should we leave?" Peter said glancing over at Brandi's red face.

"I wish," I said irritably also looking at Brandi's blown up red cheeks and makeup covered eyes as she twitched, "but we can't! I told Manning that I would meet this new employee that she is thinking of hiring instead of Brandi that she said reminds her of me! Her name is Dani and she'll be here in a few minutes!" 

Peter's face grew red and he bit his lip, "Dani?" he said, blushing madly.

"Yes, Dani. Why?"

"Um-" he hadn't finished his sentence before I heard the jingle of bells and jumped up to run towards the doors. A tall, light haired girl walked in. Her hair was perfectly straight and her chest was sort of large, she was wearing a leather tank-top, jean shorts, and leather boots that stopped just above the ankle.

"Hi, are you by any chance Dani?" I asked her shyly.

"Yeah! Are you Shivie?" She asked.

"Siobhan," I corrected her, "but you can just call me Von if you want. But yeah I guess so!"

"Great! Manning-" we both said at the same time.

"You call her Manning too?" I asked curiously.

"Um, yeah. Well, she told me we were alike!" She answered.

"Well, I'd like you to meet some of my friends! My cousin Bri, her boyfriend-" She cut me off with a loud squeal!

"PETER!" She screamed right in my ear and ran over to suffocate him in a hug.

"Oh," I said walking over sadly, "you know each other..."


****Hi guys if you don't know about this person I based Dani off of a YouTuber: Dani Noe

She has 3 channels and shes awesome! Dani Noe, DaniOfficiallTV, and DaniSingzz!

Check out her channels like, NOW!*************




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