unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


6. Confused

Siobhan's POV

Harry walked away with Fia and I smiled. I was happy for Fia but I was scared Harry might pull something! I tried to let it go and just listen to the conversation between Momom and the boys. Bri and Jules sat drinking TWININGS OF LONDON raspberry tea with me. They were both staring at the boys as if this weren't real. My mom left to shower so Momom took out the cookie filled ice cream cake from the freezer. I looked up at Niall who was practically drooling over the sight of this creamy chocolate and cookie delight. I smiled at his reaction. He was rediculously hilarious! Niall was always my favorite but for some reason I felt like I liked him more than just the cute, funny favorite band member. I let go of it deciding that that's what all fans feel like and ate my piece of cake. By the end of the night Niall had eaten five pieces of cake and a bar of Toblerone chocolate that was supposed to be mine. "Oh, sorry I um..." He said handing me the last piece and giving me a big cheesy smile. I smiled back and smacked him lightly on the back of the head. 

Niall's POV

I smiled at Siobhan. She was so sweet and forgiving and I was really sorry that I ate her entire chocolate bar. While Siobhan had been in the bathroom earlier we decided to give her money for her birthday. We really didnt care if we'd just met her, she was the most amazing girl we've ever met! We each got out a $100 bill that we had exchanged for pounds recently at a bank down the street as Bridget fetched an envelope from her secretary (not a person) on the third floor. Siobhan smiled as she ripped the wrapping off of what she thought was the last present. So far she had received a lava lamp, coincidentally a One Direction book, a sketch book, a $50 iTunes gift card, a Conair mini crimper, gum, tic tacs, and some money in cards.

"Well, I guess that's it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, all of you!" She said smiling widely

"NOT YET!" Louis screamed

"what do you mean not yet?"

"He means, YOU HAVE ON MORE PRESENT!" Zayn said loudly

"I do?"

"yep, you do! Here it is..." He said sealing an envelope and handing it to her 

"oh, thank you so much!... But you REALLY didnt have to!"  

"yes we did Siobhan, your an amazing girl and we wanted you to have an amazing birthday to

 go along!" Liam said

She smiled broadly,"thank you so much but meeting you guys made this the best birthday I could possibly have!"

We all smiled as she retrieved the envelope. ART BUDDY was written large and creatively on the front by Zayn and she pulled out a piece of printer paper folded into a neat card. There was a loosely drawn Batman in blue and black on the front and drawings of spray paint cans, spilled paint tubes, and lots of other art supplies scattered along the bottom of the page! 

"WOW! This is so amazing!" She yelled. 

"But you havnt seen the best part!" Zayn said leaning towards her

"What could be better than this?" She asked

He smiled and she leans over the table and opened the card. Five bills fall onto the table but she was so focused on Zayn's artwork that she didnt seem to notice. 

"You're not the only batman lover" she read out loud smiling, "Happy birthday art buddy we all hope that you have the best 12th birthday possible to have and that your day is filled with wishes and dreams Love, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Lou, and Liam! OH MY GOD! Thank you guys so much this is the best birthday ever and a dream come true!" She yelled jumping up and wrapping us all into a hug. 

"But you didn't get your present!" I said 

"What do mean?" she responded looking confused 

"we'll it dropped onto the table!"  

She looked over toward Bri and Jules staring at the amount.  

"Siobhan you better keep this safe and away from your brothers!" Bri said laughing 

" WOAH! $500?" She asked looking up from the money 

"well, sure! Why not?" Lou asked 

"I've never held more than $80 in my hand at once before! And that was after saving up for like, six months!" She looked so surprised and we all just laughed at her expression. She jumpedup and hugged the four of us and then ran to look for Harry. 

Siobhan's POV 

The boys had to leave and I hugged them all. I was so sad that they had to leave but they said that I can just go right over and visit when ever I want! When I went to sleep I couldn't stop

thinking about Niall. His hair was so soft, smile so warm and welcoming, and he was so cute and hilarious! I can't believe that I'm falling for Niall like an 18 year old or something and the hole thing just felt weird but on the way out Zayn told me, "Ya know Niall is really fond of you! Twelve or not I think he ya know, LIKES you!" He laughed and I made a wierd face and blushed. Zayn smiled laughing and walked out the door. I like you to Niall I said to myself. That night when I went to bed I couldnt get my mind off of Niall and how perfect he was...


I texted Zayn through my I pod ant about 11:00 the next morning,

S: Sup? you guys free today?

Z: yepers Art Buddy, thats you in my contacts btw

S: okie dokie so are you! Well wanna um play more foot ball or something?

Z:sure I'll ask the boys

Z:you might just have to come over though and see the place!

S: WOW! ok that would be great!

Z: the boys said just come here... the big house down the street

S: gotcha on my way

I asked my mom and went to find Fia too. I went to her room and she wasn't there.

"Bri? Where's Fia?" I asked bri who was currently hacking into Fia's instagram on her phone.

"She went to see Harry 2 hours ago! Where were you when she happily pranced out the door like some kind of mythical creature?"- well I was acctually eating breakfast but...

"WHAT? Fia's never up before 11:00! I WOKE UP AT 6:30!" I looked at her with a weird expression.

"oh well, shes love struck and Im messing up her gram! ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION!" I rolled my eyes at her and ran up the street. Zayn was on the front porch eating a cinnomin bun. when he saw me he jumped up and ran to give me a hug while shoving the bun in his mouth.

"WOAH! excited much?" i asked

He smiled and shook his head, "Oh yeah I forgot to tellyou that Ellie is over!"

"oh, who's Ellie?"

"oh god, Ellie Goulding is in town from her tour and decided to stay the whole day! I HAVE NO ONE TO PLAY WITH!" He pouted, "Harry is with your cousin, Lou is out with Eleanor, and Liam went out for a swim!" he added

We walked inside. This place was amazing!"Where's N..." as we entered the living room I saw Niall shirtless making out with some girl that I'm guessing was Ellie goulding. I quikly back against the wall to the entry hall where I couldn't see them anymore. Zayn grabbed my hand shocked and we ran out the backdoor!


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