unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


4. Conflicted

Siobhan's POV

When we started to play Niall was forward, Zayn was defense, and I was keeper. For the other team Louis was forward, Liam was defense, and Harry was keeper. I always thought that the boys were super cool with each other and always got along but today Niall and Harry were sort of mind fighting i guess you could say! Also, as far as I was concerned Harry and Louis were best mates, BUT TODAY!, today they seemed to be glaring at each other ever so often! After about half an hour of playing we all sat down and I started to talk to Zayn.

Zayn's POV

When I started to talk to Siobhan it was sort of like talking to a best friend or my sister! After talking a bit I was surprised to hear something awesome for me! "So what kind of school do you go to?" I asked. "I go to an art magnet school! It provides five different types of art; visual art, instrumental, vocals, theater, and visual art! We have different core areas and I got in for visual art!" Sibohan answered. "REALLY? Cool!" I practically yelled! She started laughing and lay down the grass still giggling madly. "What?" I asked, "we can be drawing buddies!" Still laughing she said," yeah I guess that would be... PRETTY AWESOME!" She yelled. We both started laughing and I looked at my phone,"We'll Siobhan its 4:10, WOW we've been here like two hours now!" "Well, time flys by when you're having fun!" She smiled. "So did you notice Harry, Louis, and Niall?" She asked me looking over a little worried and confused looking. I sighed," Well, yeah I did and i think Liam did too! They aren't normally like this." I was quite conflicted over the subject myself but then Liam sat down next to us. We both sat up,"You two are quite interesting listen to, ya know that?" Liam said smiling. We both smiled at him, "Since you were listening Liam, what do you think of those three and where did they go?" I asked. "Well, Harry and Louis went to the grocery store and Niall went back to the house in search for food! But, I honestly don't know what's wrong with those three today!

Liam's POV

Siobhan and Zayn sat cross legged in front of me looking down. I must say that I was just as worried as they were, "I don't think that it's anything to fuss over just yet love!" I smiled at her and she looked up at me. I suddenly went cross eyed and she burst out giggling which made me laugh which made Zayn laugh and the whole sequence was just hilarious! Just from meeting her today she already reminds me of Niall in so many ways, the Irish heritage, the contagious  laugh, the crooked smile, even the way she kicked a football! I found this to be quite funny and started laughing even harder. We all collapsed on the grass smiling. "Waz 'o funny?" Some one said with a mouthful of food above us. It was Niall and he was holding an extra large bag of potato chips, a bottle of tea, a cinnamon bun, and a bag of cookies! Siobhan jumped up when she saw him, grabbed the bag of chips from him, and ran off hiding in an enclosed twisty slide! Zayn and I started laughing as we watched Niall run after her shoving a cookie in his mouth. I'm starting to think that this whole thing really won't be a problem.

Niall's POV

Siobhan ran up a swirly slide with my chips and I ran after her. She was seriously adorable the way she ran without looking back shoving chips into her mouth and laughing almost choking! I ran up the swirly slide and caught her at the top, hugging her from behind she screamed  and Liam and Zayn laughed from below! "Alright, let her go Niall!" Zayn shouted while lying on the ground laughing! I let go of her and she was laughing her head off.

" YEAH NIALL! Let me go!" She yelled out of breath from laughing. 

"Hey you're just lucky I didn't kill you for taking my wife!"

"Your wife? Well you seemed to kiss the cookie pretty well so I think I'll keep your chips!" She shoved some in her mouth and I glared at her. I walked away and she followed. As I entered the jungle gym i spun around and she jumped back as I stole the chips, walking away quite satisfied with myself. 

** This chapter is a little longer (hope ur happy) but they will get a lot longer than this! There is gonna be more tension later, so hold ur horses and keep reading!**




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