unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


20. Bush

Bri's POV

My eyes fluttered open and darted to the clock on my nightstand, 8:00 am. I lazily dragged my iPhone's rubber case along the wooden surface of my nightstand and tilted it so that I could see the screen. It's florescent screen lit up my room. My room full of tightly drawn curtains and shades across nearly everything that gave off light. I blinked my eyes repeatedly as they adjusted to the light and I could clearly see the contents of the image. 1 missed call at 6:52 am and 1 voicemail from Liam. I unlocked my phone and listened to the voicemail.

"Um, hey Bri. Liam here... well, I was just calling to ask, and I know it's a bit early but later's fine too, any time is fine really. But anyway, I was wondering if you might fancy a date? NO! That came out wrong! Sorry, I meant to ask if you would like to... meet me at Panera Bread by the Starbucks in the town square? It's not much, just breakfast and some... bread. Well, call me back if you get this and it's perfectly fine if you can't come... bye."

I let out a soft chuckle at his nervousness and took a deep breath before dialing his number.

L: "Hello?"

B: "Hey Liam, it's Bri!"

L: "Bri? Oh yeah, right! You must be calling about that voicemail... ya know what? just, just forget about that I was tired and... "

I heard something smash in the background and I giggled.

B: "Liam, I would love to go to Panera Bread with you but-"

He cut me off hurriedly with worry in his voice.

L: "No, I understand if you can't come! I get it, I'm a lot older than you and you just broke up with your boyfriend... I get it love, you don't have to come. I guess I was moving a bit fast, getting ahead of myself, ya know?"

I giggled a bit more. I heard a thump and all I could imagine was that he was sprawled on the floor, made uneasy from nerves.

B: "Liam, you've got to listen! Don't psych yourself out! I would love to go with but I was saying that I literally JUST woke up and I'll need at least an hour to get ready!"

L: "Oh... um, sorry about that... I'll meet you there at 9:15, sound good?"

B: "Great! I'll see you there!"

I hung up and smiled to myself as I got into the shower and scrubbed myself thoroughly. When I got out I French braided my dirty-blonde hair and put on that sundress that Liam had liked on me before. I strapped on some light leather braided sandals and applied mascara to my lashes before bounding up the stairwell. The second floor was deserted except for Von who was asleep out on the upper deck. I slid open the door and sat in the chair next to her as her eyes shot open. 

"Where are you going?" she asked, eyeing me suspiciously.

"To Panera Bread," I answered back proudly.

"Oh, let me guess, you're meeting Liam there?" she asked a bit snootily as a smirk spread across her lips.

"As a matter of fact I am," I stated. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, not really," she said in a bored tone. I sighed.

"Good, because I need you to tell Momom that I'm leaving," I breathed with relief. She nodded and drifted back off as she buried her face in the cushion. I walked down the stairwell and out the door, turning the corner to walk in the direction of Panera Bread.

Siobhan's POV

My eyes shot open instinctively as something knocked against my window. I threw the covers off of myself letting my body cool down as I stretched. I heard another tapping that appeared a bit louder this time. I put on my glasses and walked to my window. I slipped through my curtains to my window seat, propped open my window, and looked down to find Louis.

"Louis?" I blurted with bewilderment. I stared at him with wide eyes as he shushed me.

"Shhhh! I need your help, come out here!" he hissed at me seriously.

I saw that mature look in his grey-blue eyes and knew that whatever this was was either BIG or very serious. My best guess was that it related to Eleanor. I lifted my legs over the low sill and hopped out of my window, landing in the black mulch next to him. He put his hand on my shoulder and bit his lip as he tried to force the words out of himself. His face was reddening rapidly as he forcefully blinked. Finally, the tears he had been holding back slipped uncontrollably and he sunk down, silently weeping as he shed tears over the black mulch. I pulled him back to his feet and led him clumsily to the front of the house. We maneuvered around bushes and through flowers until we finally met our destination: an over sized shrub in the nook in the porch, hidden by large Hydrangea and manicured evergreens. It was the bush where I had come to think that Fia and Harry discovered. I lifted the woven leaves that I curtained it's opening with and pushed him inside and onto my bench. It was almost like a closet in here. I reached into the side of the thick wall of plant and pulled out a short wooden fold up table. Louis sat curiously watching me between sobs as I pulled a rather large wooden crate from beneath the bench. Opening the crate, I collected an electric tea kettle and tea leaves and set them on the table. Then, I pulled the long cord to a caged, outdoor electric outlet where I plugged it in and filled it with hose water. I brought it back in and turned it on, putting the tea leaves in and bringing it to a boil because of the water being from the hose and the tea leaves being fresh. when it was done I reached back in the crate and retrieved large mugs. Louis sat in silence as I prepared the tea and when it finished brewing and I had handed him his mug and I went to unplug the cord and put away the equipment away. When I came back in, I sat next to him and waited for him to finish observing my secret room. 

"Did you make this all yourself?" he finally spoke. 

"Yes, I have to come in pretty often with clippers to keep it hollow but it's worth it! During the school year this is where I spend most of my free time," I explained. He took a gulp of his tea.

"This is good, what is it?" he asked, looking at his tea.

"It's from some really sweet weed that grows in construction sites. I go and pick it and store it in here. Don't worry, I've had it a million times, it's safe," I smiled. He let out a weak smile as I pulled the table out as far as it could go and pushed the crate back under the bench. He cleared his throat.

"This is really nice Von, I understand why Niall likes you so much." Lou said with another weak smile. I blushed and shook my head in embarrassment.

"What was it that you were trying to tell me?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"El...," he said, drifting off.

"Lou, what about El?" I asked encouragingly. He looked longingly towards the wall then turned towards me sadly. I he sighed and looked down into his lap. I grasped his hand and stroked it until he finally lifted his head.

"I went to tell El that it was all a mistake, I went to ask for her forgiveness, but I just can't do it!" He whimpered. I looked at him, sadly tilting my head in the sense that dogs do in longing because the thing I was longing for was fot Louis to have faith in himself and Eleanor and for her to take him back with welcoming arms. "You see Von, I cheated on her, I'm not innocent! It was a mistake but it wasn't an accident kissing Jules that day. She was so nice and shy and funny, just like El was when we first started dating and I just couldn't hold back..." he drifted off, squeezing his eyes together as tears dripped out, a look of pain upon his face. I squeezed his hand for him to go on, "Jules reminded me of the El that I knew and loved!" He broke down, almost spilling his tea. 

"Lou, you just told me exactly what you should have told El when you went to see her! You know what to say, you just need to pluck up the courage to tell her! You're famous for heaven's sake! Just go out there and I'm sure you can speak as smoothly as you normally do, because you're a great talker when you want to be," I said, giving him a weak smile.

He took a deep breath and nodded, leaning back on the bench. He seemed to have started to relax. When we were both finished our tea he pulled out his phone to check the time. 

"I have to go. It's around 7:00 and El can't wait much longer for an explanation I don't think!" he said confidently.

"Go get El back Lou, it's something you won't regret, I'm sure of it!" I urged encouragingly. 

He nodded and put his phone in his pocket as he lifted the leaf curtain and walked out. I began to clean up the mugs at the hose and fold up the table, leaving the to look just like it's original shrub. I walked to my window and pulled myself up, squirming over the sill and landing face first on my window seat. I groaned and, still in my PJ's, climbed the stairwell to the deserted kitchen. Bored, I walked outside onto the porch and sat down in a cushioned chair and slowly drifted to sleep.


My eyes opened just as Bri sat in a chair next to me. She was wearing a blue dress that she must have bought the day they went shopping and she had her hair in a neat French braid. 

"Where are you going?" I asked, a bit confused at why she was dressed when she normally would still be lounging in her pj's.

"To Panera Bread," she answered a bit snootily.

"Oh, let me guess, you're meeting Liam there?" I asked jokingly, smirking at the memory of their awkward kiss.

"As a matter of fact I am! Do you have a problem with that?" she asked with annoyance. My eues widened. 'I was just joking' I thought to myself.

"No, not really," I said, trying to act natural.

"Good," she sighed, "because I need you to tell Momom that I'm leaving." I just nodded, my mind racing to fast with thoughts of heartbreak to answer. I slowly drifted back to sleep as she strutted away.

Niall's POV

I sat thinking in bed. Siobhan took the 'leaving early' news a lot better that I thought she would. I imagined that she would be upset but she's strong and a good sport so I guess she wouldn't have cried or lashed out at me for not telling her myself. I'm just a bit suspicious, it seemed like she would have made plans for us to spend more time with each other before we left. I brushed off the idea, she probably just didn't want to bring it up. I hopped out of bed and walked into the kitchen. Fia was eating breakfast at the counter with Harry and Zayn. 

"Hey Fia," I yawned. I tripped and got back up, sleepily boosting myself onto a chair.

"Hi Niall," she said, taking a bite of her scrambled eggs. Harry pushed a plate full of eggs, toast, and bacon to me. 

"Thanks Hazza," I managed to say at took a bite of my toast, "Where are Liam and Lou?"

"Liam went to Panera Bread, meeting someone there I guess, and Lou left a note but we aren't quite sure where he is," Zayn said, tossing me crumpled up paper. It read:

             Sorry I left, I just had some unfinished business to tend to. 


Harry passed me some orange juice as I examined the paper. I noticed there were drip marks on it.

"He's probably talking to El," I said, taking a large gulp of juice. "You don't suppose he's been crying, do you?" 

"No, he hasn't cried in days, not since he broke down and Von told him to talk with El," Harry responded. "Why do you ask?"

"There were just some water marks on the paper, he might have spilled something," I said.

"Well, my best guess is that he went to talk to El, too," Zayn said.

"But he went to talk with El yesterday," Harry contradicted.

"Well yeah, but he came back looking pretty down," I said. Fia was looking between us confusedly as we fought back and forth.

"What do you think, Fia?" Harry asked and we all turned to look at her. She put her hands up in defense.

"Don't bring me into this!" she yelled as she tried to hold back a laugh.

"Well we're gonna bring you into this because you look like you know something," Zayn said, urging her to tell.

"Fine," Fia said, "You said Von gave him advice, right?" she asked.

"Yeah," I eyed her suspiciously, not quite sure where she was going with this.

"And you said he came back and her look pretty let down, right?" she asked. We all nodded vigorously. She smirked and took a sip of her drink.

"Would you just tell us already?" I yelled irritably. 

"Okay, okay," she smirked, "Louis probably never talked to El."

"What do you mean?" Zayn asked confusedly.

"Well, I can't know for sure but if Louis broke down in front of Von then you just have to put two and two together. If Lou had been rejected then he would have broken down and she had taken him back then he probably would have stayed or he'd have come back immensely happy!" Fia said.

"You're brilliant Fia!" Harry yelled.

"Not really," she said calmly, "Von taught me stuff like that. She used to go on about wanting to be an NCIS agent because she was obsessed with the TV show. I don't think she's quite given that up yet."

I smiled. So Von was really the brilliant one. Zayn smirked and winked at me and my smile grew a bit wider. I began to shove food in my mouth as Harry looked pityingly at Fia and shook his head.

"But you were smart enough to pick up on it and figure it out before any of us could and that's what makes you so brilliant," He said. He walked behind her chair and wrapped his arms around her from behind, leaning down to then peck her cheek. Zayn and I groaned and they glared at us. 

"So there's one thing you haven't explained to us," Zayn said. "Where did Lou get the sudden courage to talk to her if he chickened out the first time?" She thought for a moment.

"I dunno, ask Von," she stated quite plainly as Harry pulled her into a back room. Zayn and I sat eating our breakfast with disturbed expressions as strange suction-like noises emitted from the room. We both finished our food and stood up.

"Maybe we should talk to Von...," I said shyly, "just throwing that out there." Zayn smirked and checked his watch.

"Sure, it's 11:00 and we had a late breakfast. We can bring her to lunch somewhere and Bri and Jules can tag along," he said, still smirking.

I shook my head at his immaturity. I pushed him out the door and up the street. We walked to the door that had music expelling from each opening. 'Siobhan...,' I thought to myself, 'she must be in the shower again.' We knocked on the door and Jules opened up.

"Hey!" she said, looking a bit surprised.

"Hello," Zayn said, "You wouldn't happen to know where Siobhan is, do you?"

She rolled her eyes and answered, "She's in the shower. You can come in if you'd like."

"Sure," I said, "that wouldn't happen to be her singing too, would it?" She raised one eyebrow at me.

"As usual," she said a bit obnoxiously. I could see Zayn's eyes widen he shook his head and looked at me.

"So, how have you been?" I asked in the attempt to start a not so awkward conversation and so that it didn't seem like we were only here for Von.

"Pretty good I guess," she sighed. 

"What? You should be happy!" Zayn said. "I heard you were out with a boy yesterday, eh?" He raised his brows in a funny little motion that made her smirk.

"Well, yeah," she sighed again. "His name is Payton, we actually used to date. He's a couple months younger than me so he ended up in Bri's grade but I still really like him. The only thing is, he doesn't really like me. You see, I went over his house yesterday and asked him if he wanted to hang out or something and he rejected me. I ended up sitting at the park for hours and didn't get home until dinner."

"Oh...," I drifted off. "I'm sorry Jules, tough luck. I hope you know that Lou didn't want to break up with you. Did anything good happen yesterday?" She bit her lip and tried to hold back a smirk. Zayn playfully punched her in the arm and she giggled. The singing stopped and Jules looked a bit relieved. I wasn't sure whether she wanted her to stop singing or she wanted her to relieve her of us. 

"Well, when I was the park I did see a really cute guy that talked to me. He was pretty nice and I think he's in my grade. The only problem is, I'm pretty sure he goes to Avalon School of the Arts with Von," she said with a small smile. Right then, Von walked in with her wet hair in a high bun and her body wrapped in a towel.

"Crap! When did you guys get here?" she yelled, pulling the towel tighter and hiding behind a wall. She peaked her head out and looked at us with one eyebrow raised. Zayn and I aboth laughed.

"While you were in the shower," I said. 

"Well, close your eyes, I need to go to the laundry room to get some clothing," she said cautiously. Jules rolled her eyes and Zayn and I both laughed again.

"Why do we need to close our eyes? You have a towel on," Zayn asked.

"Just do it!" She yelled. We all closed our eyes and heard her scurry into a different room. We opened our eyes and waited a few minutes until she emerged wearing knee length jean shorts and a tie-dye T-shirt. 

"Have you ever thought to try out for the X-factor?" Zayn blurted out. Von's eyes widened and she blushed madly.

"N-no, I... I haven't. I'll keep it in mind," she breathed. 

"You're already old enough, it's for 12+," I told her. She blushed even more.

"Von, you're a great singer! You could get a record deal and you could open for us!" Zayn said.

"Right...," she drifted.

"OH I'M GONNA TELL THEM!" Jules yelled impatiently and turned toward us. "Von is afraid to sing in front of people." 

"What?" I asked loudly.

"It's actually pretty obvious," Zayn stated and I looked up at him oddly, "I mean, if you look at how easily she gets embarrassed, she would break down in front of a crowd!" I looked at Von and she nodded. 

"Anyway, have you seen Louis?" I asked.

"Yeah, he came over to talk to me a few hours ago," she answered.

"Really? Well, where did he go?" Zayn asked.

"He went to talk to El cause he chickened out the first time," she said. I could see Jules scowling and decided to help her.

"Jules, what was the boy's name that you met at the park yesterday?" I asked.

"His name was...," she though for a moment before yelling, "Daniel!"

"Daniel? As in, Daniel Howard, the really hot 8th grader?" Von asked. My muscles tensed and Zayn put his hand on my shoulder. I relaxed and Jules responded.

"Well, does Daniel Howard have nice abs, blonde hair, a funny accent and really bright blue eyes?" Jules questioned.

"Yeah, did he talk to you?" Von asked.

"Yes, I met him at the park. Does he go to Avalon Arts?" asked Jules.

"Yeah, he's really popular but I'm pretty sure he's a douche. What'd he say to you?" 

"He said hi, asked me my name, asked me what grade I was in, left his friends to talk to me, and he seemed really polite," Jules responded.

"He sort of seems like you without the douche part," Zayn whispered my ear, "no wonder Von thinks he's hot." Zayn smirked and I smiled at him.

"What are you two smiling about?" Von asked.

"Oh, nothing," I said, looking down at my watch, "do you two want to go to lunch? It's 12:42."

"Sure," they both answered and smiled.


*Hello Potatoes! Hope you all enjoyed the knew chapter! I should be updating soon so you will be able to find out about Liam and Bri's *date* and maybe I can get some Daniel Howard action in with Jules in you guys want. In the next chapter you'll be there to experience Lou's conversation with El, Bri's *date* with Liam, Jules' and Von's lunch with Zayn and Niall, and Daniel will come in at some point.





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