unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


8. Beach

Harry's POV

I woke up in the morning thinking about how badly I must have hurt Niall and Siobhan too! We all thought that Niall liked her and told her that for clarification just for her to find out that Niall was already in a six month relationship that seemed to be going strong until the discovery of it yesterday.I got up and my phone beeped. it was Niall.

N: hey Haz I know I usually go to Zayn for help but i don't know what he'll say. Can we talk?

H: sure I just got up

N:tnx haz it means a lot

H:no prob

Niall cracked the door open and peeked in before opening it. "come in" i said quietly, "what's wrong Niall?" He shifted from one foot to the other and scanned the room before closing the door behind him. 

"well, I sort of like... um, Siobhan" he answered nervously. I just looked at him not seeing the problem there. I gave him a confused look and he went on,

"well, I'm 8 years older than her Harry! and I'm already dating Ellie!" he said concerned

"oh," I responded, "well, I don't really know what to tell you! Um, Why do you like Ellie?"

He was deep in thought, "well, she likes me, she's pretty, she has a good voice-"

"WOAH! Niall, a good voice? She sounds like an alien when she sings!" 

" Yeah, I know... I guess she just makes me feel good, she also has a good reputation."

"okay?" I said, "Then what is it that you like about Siobhan?"

"well, Siobhan is nice and modest, she's strong, she has an appetite, she plays football, she's pleasent, she has a cute laugh, she just makes me feel at home! AND I LOVE HER FAMILY!" He added.

I smiled the biggest smile at him and he looked at me like I was crazy, "WHAT?" he said. I just laughed and shook my head, "Don't you see Niall? You like Siobhan so much more than Ellie!"

"I KNOW!"He said, "but how am I supposed to break up with Ellie after six months? How am I supposed to explain that I dumped her for a 12 year old?"

"You don't! Why does she need to know? You just have to say this isn't working out!" He nodded and hugged me, thanking me for my "therapy session" and went back to bed.

Siobhan's POV

I woke up to a text from Niall... should I be excited? Or worried? I couldn't control my excitment either way! I grabbed my iPod and opened up imessage. The message read:

Hey Irish girl! How about you meet me at the beach on the end of the block at 12:00 for a swim and straighten things out over lunch? Sorry for the short notice!

I quickly responded:

Sure! I mean that sounds great I'll meet you there! alone?

N:   Yeah! Just ask your mum and tell me if you can come or not!

S:    KK 

I quickly jumped up the stars two or three steps at a time until I saw my mom. I jetted over to her and blurted out, "CAN I GO TO THE BEACH WITH NIALL?", practically screaming. My mom looked at me for a second and I told her I would have lunch there at 12:00 and we were just going for a swim. She stared at me for a bit pondering the thought of me going to the beach alone with a 19 year old that will turn 20 in a couple of months. I pleaded silently until momom asked why I shouldn't go and she finally gave in. A played on my iPod and layed out my bathing suit.

Niall's POV

Right when Siobhan told me that she was coming to the beach with me my heart skipped a beat! Now I have two hours to break up with Ellie so that I can explain to Siobhan that we're done and that she wasn't the right girl, boy input too. I called Ellie to tell her that we needed to talk:


E: Hello? Niall hey do you wanna hang out today?

N: No, I'm really sorry, El, but I think we need to talk!

E: okie dokie how 'bout your place?

N: No, Ellie! How about we take a walk on the beach and I'll tell you what I mean.

E: OOH! Romantic...

I rolled my eyes at how clueless she was and hung up quickly! Oh, the irony! When she finds out that I'm dumping her she'll be crushed! I feel bad for doing this, but I have to!

I waited on the beach until Ellie turned up. "Hey Ni Ni!"

"Ellie please don't!" She gave me an odd look and tried to kiss me but I pulled away.

"Ni Ni? What's wrong with you today?" She gave me a real nasty look,

"Nothing, I'm still a guy! A guy who has the same thoughts that he's had since the beginning!"

"what do you mean Niall?!" she gave me a real hard glare that poured into my soul!

"I mean, I don't think that going out is such a good idea!!"I yelled!

she looked torn so I went on feeling harsh and guilty, "Listen Ellie," I paused for a long sigh, "You asked me out! I didn't want to let you down by saying no so..."

"SO YOU PLAYED ME?????" She screached!

"NO ELLIE!" I calmed down taking a deep breath, "Ellie, after a bit I liked you, but when the boys found out yesterday they were shocked and, and unhappy! I just don't really want to do that to them because it hurt our friendship and my friendship with my mates is more important than a relationship right now! I'm sorry but these are friends and my band and practically my family! I just can't take that risk again, I'm sorry..."

I gave her a stern look and she pounced at me! She threw her arms around me so quickly, pulling me against her and smashing her lips against mine! She must of held there for 2 minuites until I saw a figure standing near us. Ellie let go and yelled, "GIVE ME AND MY BF SOME PRIVACEY HERE!" Thats when I turned to see Siobhan's long, brown hair flowing behind her as she ran rapidly in the other direction. nearly five minuites later I got a message reading:

"alone? REALLY?"

and my conversation suddenly disappeared at the same time that a pop up read:

this conversation has been deleted by the other contact!, and my heart dropped!

Zayn's POV

I was sitting on the sofa when I got an imessage from Art Buddy! I qickly opened it hoping she was coming over but was so angry instead!

S: Niall invited me to the beach for a swim and a picknick to explain what had happened and when I started walking on the beach and found him and Ellie making out! AND ELLIE SCREAMED AT ME!


S: I'm sorry Zayn, just don't bother!


*So plz tell me what you guys think sofar! I really want your input!*





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