unexpected meet

Sibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a boy band that blew her mind...


17. Beach Again

Fia's POV

I walked up the stairs, holding Harry's hand. He pulled me into his room and onto his bed and began to kiss me intensely. We kissed for minutes at a time only breaking apart to catch our breath. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and placed his hands on my stomach, beginning to pull my shirt upward. I pulled away quickly, falling off the bed clumsily. 

"Is something wrong?" Harry asked sadly. I rubbed my neck uncomfortably.

"Umm... yeah. Harry, my last boyfriend, Jody, he... he wanted to well, ya know," I whimpered a bit, "And well, I wasn't ready and I broke up with him..." He looked down.

"Oh, umm... I'm really sorry, I moved in on you too quickly. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, please forgive me?" He cried, a tear dripping down his face. I stood up and rubbed his reddening cheek and he looked up at me with big, glossy, tear filled eyes. I sat next to him and pulled him into a long gentile kiss. "You aren't mad at me?"

"Of coarse not! We all make mistakes and I love you! The difference between you and Jody is that you apologized, you understood, and you care more about me than getting what you want out of me. You just have to keep in mind that I am only 15."

He smiled at me, gently pecked my lips and pulled me into a bear hug. After a few minutes of lying in each other's arms, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down stairs and outside. We walked onto the porch where the others were talking to Von about something.

"So you wanna try again?" Niall said to Von.

"Sure, I'll tell the others!" Von answered. "Hey, Fia, we're going to try to go to the beach again. Wanna come?"

"Of coarse I want to come! I need to get a tan before school, I haven't been to the beach in weeks and I'm getting pale!" I yelled concerned and excited. Harry smiled and leaned down to peck my cheek.

"It's settled then!" Niall said smiling. "Now we just have to tell Bri and Jules!"

"They already know," Liam and Louis said in sync.

"How?" Zayn asked.

"I texted Jules," Lou said.

"But how does Bri know?" Zayn asked.

"I texted her...," said Liam quietly. We all nodded and looked at him suspiciously. Since when did he and Bri text? More importantly, how did he get her number?

Von and I ran back to the house to change into our bathing suits. I put on a black Roxy bikini and Von put on the same lacey teal top with black boy-shorts bikini. We both put our hair in high buns and then walked into Jules room where she and Bri were changing.

"How did Liam get your number?" Von shouted at Bri. She shrugged and continued to tie the back of Jules' tribal pattern strapless. "Ok, well... just try not to mess things up like Jules did."Her comment made us all turn towards her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jules shouted angrily at her.

"Oops, he hasn't told you yet..." she said sinking into the bed matress.

"Who hasn't told her what?" Bri asked.

"Just forget about it the three of you, you'll find out eventually! I was just helping someone with something that may effect Jules. It's no big deal, just forget about it!" She said in a semi hushed voice, mainly speaking to Bri and me. We all nodded but Jules was glaring at her while she and Bri finished getting ready. The doorbell rang and a smile spread across Jules face as she ran to get it.

"Spit it out!" I hissed at Von.

"Okay, okay! Louis is breaking up with Jules, he totally broke down earlier. He misses El so freaking much and he was crying a ton and practically pulling out hair so I convinced him with a way to get back together with her!" She said adding a small sarcastically fake smile. Bri's jaw dropped.

"Oh my god! She'll be heart broken!" Bri gasped.

"I know and I want her to be happy but I just couldn't stand to see Lou in that state! It was positively devastating! He was such a mess, I just couldn't leave him unhappy!" She whimpered. Bri and I both sighed. She had a good point, you can't have a member of a famous boy band crying at the mention of his Ex's name! 

"I guess so...," I sighed, "I just hope that Jules isn't too upset!"

"Well, she's MY sister. If she is heart broken I'll talk to her and try to calm her down. I bet seeing Josh's friend Payton again will make her happy. Maybe they can hook up. They DID date before, maybe it can still work." Bri added hopefully. We both smiled at Bri and nodded. Jules called over for us from in the front hall and we all walked out to find five sexy shirtless guys standing in our doorway.

Jules' POV

The doorbell rang and I jumped up to get it. I ran to the door and opened it quickly. 5 shirtless boys turned toward me but only 4 were smiling. I frowned as a frowning Louis looked into my eyes. 

"Later," he mouthed to me and I nodded and regained my smile.

"Hey guys!" I piped up. They all responded with a loud 'hey'.

"I'll call the others over," I added. "Von? Bri? Fia? COME ON!" I yelled. They all came running into the hall in their suits.

"Hey babe!" Fia said to Harry, giving him a long kiss.

"Hia!" Von piped happily as Niall gave her a responsive fist bump followed by Zayn. She snailed both of them and they laughed uncontrollably.

*****A/N:*((Snailing is something that my art teacher made up! It made it on a TV show! lolz))*


Bri and Liam exchanged awkward smiles as they looked to see if anyone was watching them and Louis hugged me. 

"We need to talk alone at the beach. Come in the water with me." he whispered as we pulled away. I nodded at him and we smiled awkwardly at each other just as Liam and Bri had.

*********A/N: Hello Potatoes! Sorry about the authors note in the middle of the chapter! It's just that I know that not all of you read this one and I really wanted yous to know that! Some of you might have thought that I got that off of 'Dog With a Blog' but... NO! I do not watch that stupid show, my art teacher and his friends made up snailing for fist bumps where you stick your hand under their fist and do a peace sign and guess what, it looks like a snail! Anyway, my teacher and his friends spread that around to basically everyone they met and eventually it made it on a TV show!...

Anyway... 30 favs! keep up the good work guys!********





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