Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


4. Chapter 6 – First Day without Niall

Back to Jessie’s POV

Two days later, I was alone, Niall left. Now I have to figure out London by myself. Well no, I still have El and Perrie, especially Dani, but they all had something to do.

I think Niall actually left me a map of London, which is definitely helpful. I might use it today, I think I’ll get a job, just so Niall doesn’t think I’m using him for money. He’s too kind for that, just like Liam, but it’s Niall I’m living with.


I’m strolling through London, when I reach a café, I’ve always wanted to work at one. I walk in; good thing there’s actually a ‘help wanted’ sign.


I walked into the Café; it was beautiful yes plain and simple. “Simple, but effective.” I chuckled to myself inside my own head.


I saw a cute boy; he actually looked familiar… I couldn’t but my hand on it though…


He turned around and saw me.


He said, “Jess?”

I said, “Who are you?”

He laughed, “It’s Mark…”

I laughed, Mark was my old crush, that’s why he looked familiar, “Hey Mark.”

He smiled, “At least you remember me now.”

I smiled, “Yeah, I mean…I did have a crush on you last year…”

He chuckled, “Yeah, I remember that, sorry for not liking you back…”

I chuckled, “It is fine! I found out that I wasn’t really in love with you, nor did I like you as much as I thought. It’s just perfectly fine Mark.”

He smiled, “Good, I thought it’d be awkward.”

I smiled, “It’s perfectly fine… I actually just moved here a few days ago…”

He nodded, “With who?”

Crap, he’s asking who I’m living with…”I uh…I’m living with a close friend… They’re away right now, important stuff…”

He smiled, “Cool, so why are you here?”

I said, “Oh, I was looking for a job, so you’re hiring?”

He nodded, “Yes we are, want to join the team?”

I nodded, “If I can?”

He nodded, “I’m okay with it, I’ll ask my boss first.”

I nodded, “Sure, sounds good to me.”


He smiled and walked to go find his boss.

I sat there for about five minutes until he showed up again.


Mark said, “Jess, met Ray, my boss.”

I shook Ray’s hand, “Nice to meet you Ray.”

Ray smiled, “Nice to meet you too, Mark’s told me nice things about you.”

I smiled, “I hope they were ALL nice.” I winked playfully at Mark.

Marked gasped, “You think I’d say something mean about you? I would not; I mean you are almost like me, almost…”

I chuckled, “I know Mark, I am totally kidding.”

He chuckled, “See we are so much alike.”

Ray said, “Well Jess, let’s get this interview started.”

I smiled, “Okay, let’s start.”

Ray asked, “Any previous work experience?”

I said, “Unless posting YouTube videos count, no.”

Ray said, “Nope. Okay, any talents.”

I said, “I can sing, dance, play guitar, and some piano.”

Ray said, “Sweet, triple threat, almost, needs acting. Anyways, can you serve?”

I asked, “Behind the counter? Or as a waitress?”

Ray said, “Either.”

I said, “I could do both.”

Ray smiled, “I like you kid, you’re hired.”


I was shocked; I thought he would have asked me to show him my skills.


I asked, “Really?”

Ray nodded, “I’m serious.”

I smiled, “Great!”

Ray said, “You’ll be waiting tables, and be a musical act too?”

I smiled, “Of course, I’ve wanted to play in front of a crowd!”

Ray smiled, “Good, you’ll start next week, this week, Mark will help you out.”

I nodded, “Okay boss, we’ll work on it.”

Ray whispered, “If I’m not mistaking, he likes you…”

I whispered, “No, actually, I liked him last year…”

Ray whispered, “I know that silly, I mean, I think he likes you. I mean, like likes you.”

I was confused, “He what?”

Ray said, “I said I think…”

I sighed, “Whatever you say…”


Mark was walking over and he waved to me, aww, cute.

I waved back he just smiled.

Okay, maybe he did like me, but I cannot handle a relationship right now.


I spent a few hours at the Café, training, Mark would innocently flirt with me.

I feel bad, I don’t like him like that anymore.


Right now, I was at the flat, it’s so lonely. Maybe I could invite Mark over. Yeah, he gave me his number earlier.


I decided to check Facebook and Twitter right now.

I was on Facebook reading friends posts…

One caught my eye…


Cane Farrell went from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’

I see comments like, ‘What happened Cane? You two looked happy.’ also ‘good, you’re single.’


I have to admit, they were a cute couple, but it’s their business on why they did…

I’m also doing a happy dance, but he’s all the way back home in Nanaimo.

I miss him, my friends, my family, but I want to enjoy Europe.


I decided to sign off of Facebook.


I logged onto to Twitter, and search Niall’s name.


I read all the tweets from Directioners until I got bored.

Then I went to his profile.


His latest tweet read, ‘Sup USA, glad to be here!’


I smiled, he’s having fun, that’s good.

Maybe I’ll tweet him back.


I replied to him, ‘@NiallOfficial Must be fun in America? Miss you Nialler!”


It was a little early there, but he should wake up soon


After a few hours, Niall replied, before that, hundreds of Directioners did.


Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial I miss you too love! How’s your life?

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial I got a job today!

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial Great! So enjoying London?

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial I got lost almost, until I found the café I’m working at now

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial Which Café love.

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial It’s called Maison Berteaux

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial Harry loves that place!

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial Well tell @Harry_Styles I work there now ;)

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial I’ll tell him, and he’ll love you ;)

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial I’ve got to go now though, might invite a friend over.

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial No boys right?

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial Maybe…he’s an old friend…

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial Not an ex?

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial Nope, unless ex-crush counts…

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial Okay that works. Have fun, not too much fun though!

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial !

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial What?!

Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial You’re an idiot…I’ve got to go now though…

Niall Horan: @JessieOfficial Okay, bye love. xx


I signed off, he’s too cute… Adorable Irishman.


I texted Mark, and invited him over, he accepted…


My first day alone, not too bad actually…

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