Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


3. Chapter 5 – Welcome to London

Niall’s POV

Jessie and I arrived into London late at night; I was getting tired. I loved Jessie she is an amazing friend, but I think I am starting to like her, but she will not date me, because she is so in love with that Cane kid. I wish she could see me as more than a friend. I could see her as my princess, I mean she has the qualities for it, but I do not know if she is my princess. She could be my princess, but that does not mean she is the one I am meant for, she could just be like a friend princess, that sounds weird. 


We arrived to my flat late, and when we walked in both of us yawned.


She said, “Niall, I think we should go to sleep soon.”

I nodded and before I could think properly I said, “Yes princess we should.”

She looked shocked, and asked, “Niall, did you just call me princess?”

Maybe I could hide it, “I did not- oh shit I did call you princess. I am so sorry Jessie! I guess I must be really tired.” I guess I could not hide it well enough…

She sighed, “Me too Nialler, me too.”

i chuckled a little, “Well you can sleep with me in my room until we get your stuff tomorrow, alright pri-Jessie?” I almost did it again, what is wrong with me today?

She smiled, “Okay Nialler.”

I smiled, “Alright let’s go now!”

She smiled and said, “Okiedokie!”


Jessie is too cute, I never knew people said Okiedokie, I guess she does.

We walked up to my room, and fell onto my bed; yeh, we both were tired.

She was slowly drifting asleep, we were in my bed, my bed was big enough for the both of us, and she cuddled closer to me. I was smiling; I know she cannot see, so it was perfect.


Before she fell asleep, she said, “Good night Nialler.”

I chuckled, “Good night princess Jessie.”

It felt good to call her princess, even if she was not mine, she was my princess. Maybe not like a fairy tale princess but a friendly one.

After that thought, I fell asleep.


I woke up in the morning to the smell of waffles; wait waffles, Jessie must be awake. I walked to

the kitchen; sure enough, Jessie was making waffles. I slowly walked up behind her and put my hands around her waist, it felt right, but wrong.


She turned around and smacked me, hard, well that hurt. “Ouch!” I shrieked.

She sighed, “Oh my god Niall, do not do that!”

I chuckled, “I can see why…”

She smiled, “I am sorry, I just get scared when people do that I do not notice…”

I chuckled, “It is alright love.”

She smiled, “Good, now ‘I’m sorry’ waffles?”

I nodded, “Yes please, not just because they are ‘I’m sorry’ waffles, but because they are waffles in general.

She chuckled, “Of course Niall.”

I smiled, “Yay!”

She looked at me as if I were a little kid, “You are so childish Niall.”

I smiled, “Good.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Okay…”

I laughed, “Yeh!”

She sighed, “You are on weird Irishman.”

I smiled, “Good.”

She smiled, “Err, Niall, what is up with you are ‘good’?”

I chuckled, “I do not know, what is up with you and sounding like Harry?”

She smacked my arm, “Shush, I do not sound like Harry!”

I chuckled, “Sure love where are my waffles.”

She smiled evilly, “Who said you are still getting waffles?”

I sighed, “I am sorry love, you do not sound like Harry.”

She smiled, “Good boy, here are you waffles.”


She handed me the waffles, and I started eating them. They tasted so good.


When I finished eating she had just gotten out of the shower, and I was going to go shower too before we headed out to see London, well for her to see London.


When I got out of the shower, I changed quickly; I was just getting ready to put on my pants when I heard my bedroom door open.


Jessie looked shocked, “Oh shit Niall, I am so-so-so-so sorry!”

I chuckled, “It is okay love, at least I had my boxers on, or else that would be awkward.”

She smiled, “Yeah that would be awkward…”

I laughed, “Well love, I will change, then we will head off to see London, yeh?”

She nodded, “I will just go wait in the living room, maybe watch some TV?”

I nodded, “Okay love.”


She smiled and walked into the living room. I finished putting the rest of my clothes on. When I walked downstairs I saw her watching TV, wait, she was watching some Football. I love girls who watch sports, I can tell she does not really understand it much, but she understands it enough. I think I do like this girl, she is perfect, I just do not know if that means for me, or just to me.


Jessie turned around and saw me, “Hey Niall, doesn’t Derby County play soon?”

I nodded, “At least I think they do.”

She chuckled, “Are they not your favourite team, or are they, because shouldn’t you know these?”

I nodded, “I should, but I have been so busy with the tour.”

She sighed, “Poor Nialler, maybe I will record all the games, and you can watch them whenever you are in London?”

I nodded, “I would love that, love.”

She smiled, “Well that gives me one thing to do while you are away for about a month.”

I smiled, “You will have El and Dani over once in a while, maybe you girls could a girls sleepover. If you do, Skype us, because that way we could see you guys together, if you can, maybe see if Perrie is free, Zayn would like that.”

She nodded, “That sounds like fun, I think we might do that.”


She got up and dragged me out of the house; I guess she wanted to go now.


We walked around London for a long time, and got some new furniture, they will send it back to out flat when they can, so she will most likely be staying in  my bed for a bit, which I will not mind.


I took her sightseeing when we finished shopping; she looked like she was having fun.


We reached the Big Ben, it was our last stop, and when we were there, I said, “Welcome to London.”

She just smiled so brightly, I love her smile…


That is how she was welcomed to London.

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