Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


20. Chapter 22: Tabloids Suck [2/3 of 2nd Part]

Third Person’s POV

Niall was in his room after he arrived back to the hotel. He kept sighing. Liam was currently worried about Niall.


Liam asked, “What’s wrong Niall?”

Niall sighed once again, “I’ve got feelings for Jess, and I know you know that. Today, when she was talking to me, like, when you were not here. We were talking about tabloids thinking we were dating. I was half-asleep when she said that and I suddenly jumped up and forgot she was on top of me. So, when I jumped up and accidentally kissed her.”

Liam laughed, “That’s what has you worried?”

Niall nodded, “Yes.”

Liam laughed, “Mate, it was an accident.”

Niall sighed, “But she didn’t pull away right away…”

Liam laughed, “Mate, she could have been shocked.”

Niall nodded, “Yeah, I guess, also she didn’t kiss back. She was just probably shocked.”

Liam nodded, “So, what else has you bothered?”

Niall sighed, “Simon wants Jess and I to fake date.”

Liam gulped, “So, that’s the problem?”

Niall nodded, “I’m worrying about if I’ll ruin her relationship with Mark.”

Liam said, “She agreed to it?”

Niall nodded, “Yeah, she’s supposed to warn him.”

Liam nodded, “What if she doesn’t?”

Niall shrugged, “She tells him it’s fake.”

Liam nodded, “So why are you two fake dating?”

Niall laughed, “Apparently the fans want me non-single. After the whole Haylor thing, they said they would prefer me non-single. Apparently, the directioners love Jessie. It’s like a win-win.”

Liam nodded, “So, basically you’ll be lying to our fans?”

Niall nodded, “Yeah, but she’s getting paid – I think that’s why she agreed.”

Liam sighed, “Is she a gold digger?”

Niall laughed, “No Li, her and Mark want to travel around Europe, that’s why she was working so much.”

Liam sighed, “Oh god, I was hoping that wasn’t the thing.”

Niall laughed, “She isn’t like that – she told me she would never do that… She also said she had someone in her life like that.”


Liam nodded and they stopped talking. Niall was still feeling guilty.


Meanwhile, back where Mark was he was on the computer.


Mark decided to check up on Jess, so he texted her,


Mark: Hey, hun how is Vancouver?

Mark had no reply. So he decided to text Grace,

Mark: Where is Jess?


10 minutes later,

Grace: She is taking a nap, been a long day.

Mark: Okay, tell her I miss her.

Grace: Sure.

Mark: Is there something you are hiding?

Grace: Search Jess up, and see if there is articles.

Mark: Why?

Jess: Because…

Mark: Alright, bye.


Mark sighed and went on Google. He searched, “Jessie Brooks.” Sure enough, he saw articles.


The headlines read,

“Niall Horan’s mystery girl, happens to be a new famous YouTuber?”

“Niall Horan, is he no longer single?”

“Niall Horan caught leaving and holding hands with Jessie Brooks.”


Mark filled with anger when he read the last one. Mark instantly started reading it. When he finished reading it, he filled with more anger. Mark went on Twitter and found Niall’s Twitter.



He tweeted, “Hey Niall, remember me, I need to talk to you.”



Meanwhile, Niall was still feeling guilty. He decided to look on Twitter. He did something he rarely does – check his mentions.


He found one that caught his eye, it was Mark’s tweet. Niall followed him and replied,

“Yeah man, I remember you.”


Mark replied,

“Good, because we need to talk.”


Niall internally gulped. Mark found the articles, didn’t he.


Niall replied, “Sure, just DM me.”


Mark DM, “Hey so I heard you held hands with my girl.”


Niall gulped and Liam looked at Niall. Liam asked, “What’s wrong mate?”

Niall sighed, “Mark asked why I was holding Jessie’s hand…”

Liam gulped, “Oh shit mate, go talk to Jess.”

Niall sighed, “Fine, if I’m not back in half an hour, it’s probably because I’m getting yelled at by Jess.”


Liam chuckled and Niall walked out of the room.

Niall walked towards Jess’ room. Niall reached her room and knocked. Soon Grace opened the door.


Grace said, “Jess is-“

Niall cut her off, “I need to talk to Jess.”

Grace nodded, “You have to wake her up.”

Niall sighed, “For fuck sakes.”

Grace laughed, “Whoa calm down on the Irish, Niall.”

Niall laughed, “Grace, no time for jokes right now. I really have to talk to Jess.”

Grace chuckled, “Fine I’ll leave you two alone, I’m going to go see Jason.”

Niall nodded, “Yeah, yeah, go, go.”

Grace chuckled, “Pushy one, aren’t you Horan?”

Niall laughed, “Right now I am, so go!”

Grace sighed, “Fine, tell Jess I’ll be out.”


Niall nodded and Grace left.


Niall walked over to Jess.


Niall said, “Jess, Jess, wake up!”

Jess groaned, “Gray, go away!”

Niall laughed, “It isn’t Grace.”

Jess groaned again, “Niall go away.”

Niall sighed, “At least you knew it was me.”

Jess groaned, “What do you want?”

Niall sighed, “Your boyfriend tweeted me.”


Jess jumped up and bumped into Niall. Let us say, it was a repeat of earlier.


Jess sighed, “Fuck, apparently, we should not wake each other up.”

Niall laughed, “Yeah, yeah, but your boyfriend is jealous right now.”


Jess nodded and grabbed her glasses.


Niall laughed, “So what are we telling him?”

Jess shrugged, “That it’s fake?”

Niall laughed, “Alright.”


Jess grabbed her phone. Jess saw a text from Mark, uh oh. It was not bad, but she knew that Grace must have said Jess was asleep.


Jess sighed, “Let’s DM him back.”

Niall nodded, “Alright.”


Niall DM’d,

“It’s fake…”


Mark DM’d,

“Sure, that’s why it took long to reply.”


Niall DM’d,

“Actually ask you girlfriend.”


Mark DM’d,

“She’s sleeping…I don’t like waking her.”


Niall DM’d,

“I woke her up…”


Mark DM’d,

“Let’s Skype.”


Niall showed Jess the DM, and Jess nodded.


Niall DM’d,

“Jess said okay.”


Mark DM’d,

“Skype me on hers.”


Niall showed Jess the DM. Jess grabbed her iPad. She clicked the Skype app. Then she clicked Mark’s username. Then she pressed ‘video call’. A few seconds later, it was accepted. Mark must have been by the computer the whole time.


Mark: Hey hun, hey Niall.

Jess: I miss you Mark.

Niall: Hi…

Mark: I miss you too hun.

Jess: So…what Niall was saying…

Mark: Yeah… Explain what he means by fake…

Jess: Basically, his fans love me, and they don’t want him single – so I’m getting paid to fake date him.

Niall: Whoa, way to come out and say it.

Mark: Phew, I thought you were cheating on me.

Jess: That reminds me – we need to talk, like in person about something.

Mark: You didn’t cheat on me, did you?

Jess: Err, well, not technically, but it would seem like it. It was an accident though.

Mark: What?

Jess: Err, so Niall and should never wake each other up anymore…

Mark: Okay?

Jess: Basically, I woke him up earlier, and he accidentally kissed me because he forgot I was there. Then before we Skyped you and he woke me up, I jumped up and kissed him. It was seriously all an accident.

Mark: Alright, I believe you.

Jess: Okay so that is off my back.

Mark: You don’t have feelings for each other, do you?

Jess: No, why?

Mark: Well I know Niall does, but you don’t, do you?

Jess: No, you’re the one I like.

Mark: Aww, I like you too… Actually-

Jess: -If you’re going to say I love you…well…don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not ready to say it.

Mark: I know, but it’s the truth.

Jess: It’s hard…we’ve been dating a month…

Mark: And we’ve known each other since grade 9.

Jess: Yeah, but we knew it each other, but not like best friends.

Mark: So what, if Niall said he loved you, would you say it back?

Jess: As a friend, yes.

Niall: Uh guys, still here.

Jess: I know. Sorry Ni.

Mark: See you have nicknames for him.

Jess: To be fair, his friends call him that.

Mark: Well, never mind.

Jess: Well what?

Mark: You have feelings for him, don’t you? You just don’t want to break my heart.

Jess: Erg, I don’t like Niall – no offence Niall.

Niall: None taken?

Mark: Jess, you like him, you like him more than you like him – maybe not more than Cane, but definitely more than me.

Jess: Why do you think that?

Mark: Because you moved with him.

Jess: Europe is my dream place, well Ireland is.

Mark: He’s Irish, you date him, go to Ireland and marry there.

Jess: Fuck sakes… I don’t like Niall… Again, no offence Niall.

Niall: None taken, again.

Mark: You know what Jess, how about this – don’t fake date Niall, just date him already. I’ll break up with you.

Jess: Fuck Mark, how about this, I am in love with you, not Niall.

Mark: Yet you can’t say I love you?

Jess: Last time I did, it didn’t work out.

Mark: You and Aaron weren’t made for each other though.

Jess: I know that, I also know that we’re perfect for each other.

Mark: Exactly, why can’t you just say you love me?

Jess: I’m scared.

Mark: Of what?

Jess: I’m scared I’ll say it and you won’t love me anymore. I’m scared that I’ll tell you and suddenly it becomes a game.

Mark: Well it’s either you love me, or him.

Jess: What if it isn’t him.

Mark: Then who?

Jess: Cane?

Mark: Haha, him? He left you heartbroken.

Jess: Yeah, but it wasn’t purposely.

Mark: So, you think I’ll do it purposely?

Jess: No, I just never thought of loving someone who wasn’t him…

Mark: Then leave me, leave Niall, leave London, and come home – date Cane.

Jess: It’s harder than that. Cane is back with his girlfriend…

Mark: Well hun, choose who you want.

Jess: I want you.

Mark: Okay, so who loves you most.

Jess: How would I know?

Mark: Ask us.

Jess: That is ridiculous.

Mark: Ask.

Jess: Fine, Mark how much do you love me?

Mark: Enough to be with you forever, no matter if we married or not.

Jess: Alright. Niall, how much do you love me?

Niall: Uh… I uh… Enough… I don’t know how to explain it.

Mark: See, date him.

Jess: Why the fuck, are you being so complicated?

Mark: Because you can’t accept you’re falling for Niall.

Jess: Fine, I’m falling for Niall, but it’s a crush, you’re my love.

Mark: You confessed. Now I’m done.

Jess: No, Mark-

Mark: -Sorry Jess, but we’re over.

Jess: Mark no-


Call ended. Jess let out a frustrated sigh. Niall walked over beside her. Niall started comforting her.

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