Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


19. Chapter 21: Tabloids Suck [1st Part]

P.S.: This is shortened. Chapter 21 was meant to be a concert. While Chapter 22 was meant to be a 'hanging' day with a local friend in Vancouver.

Third Person POV

The next morning, Jess woke up and saw that Grace was already up and on Facebook.


Jess was still tired and said, “What time is it Gray?”

Grace said, “It is currently 10 in the morning.”

Jess sighed, “Why are you up so early?”

Grace shrugged, “I wasn’t too tired…”

Jess nodded, “Alright, I’m going to go back to sleep…”


Jess was almost asleep when Grace spoke up.


Grace said, “I read something about you…”

Jess mumbled, “What?”

Grace sighed, “That you and Niall, err, and you two might be secretly dating?”

Jess laughed, “Yeah, right, uh huh….”

Grace sighed, “No really, on this gossip magazine about you and Niall.”


Jess woke up immediately, and yelled, “What?”

Grace nodded, “Yeah…”

Jess sighed, “Let me see…” Grace handed Jess the iPad.


Jess read the headline,

Niall Horan’s Mystery Girl?


The article read,

Niall Horan and the other lads had a concert in Vancouver the other night. They have a part of the concert, when they cover songs. Niall switched it up, and dedicated a song to a ‘special girl’. We did not know who it was – until, Paul–their bodyguard–brought the girl up. It was none other than almost famous Jessie Brooks–who happens to be living with Niall back in London.


We have spotted them around Vancouver a couple times. They seemed to be getting close – more than flat mates close. Does Niall like Jessie, and does Jessie return that feeling? Will Niall still be the single one? Or will Jessie leave him heartbroken before anything could happen?”


Jess stopped reading when she reached that part. She knew what heartbreak was like, when someone else likes you and he or she turns you down… It has happened to her many times.


Jess said, “I need to go talk to him…”


Jess changed quickly and ran out of the hotel room.



Meanwhile, in Niall and Liam’s hotel room…


Liam was awake scrolling through Twitter.


Liam saw some tweets that caught his attention, “Payzer

It read,

“I wish Payzer was still together…”

It had many retweets.


Liam felt bad his fans could not know about them yet. Liam is just worried they will hurt their relationship more – again.


Liam decided to text Danielle,


Liam: Dani, we should tell the fans soon love. xx


A few minutes later Dani replied,

Dani: We should… I see many tweets about us.

Liam: How about you fly out, and tell them over Twitcam or something?

Dani: I’m busy this week, next week?

Liam: I’ll be in Toronto next week, so come to Toronto?

Dani: Sure, maybe Louis can fly out El too?

Liam: Isn’t she still in University?

Dani: Yeah, but she has next week off. Coincidentally.

Liam: Oh, alright. I’ll ask him.

Dani: I have to go now Li, dance practice soon. Bye love! xx

Liam: Bye love. I’ll get your tickets tomorrow. Xx

Dani: Fine, bye now though! Mwah –xxxx


Liam smiled at the last text. Dani always made Liam happy, no matter what. Liam was about to wake up Niall, when someone started banging on their hotel room’s door. Liam thought it was Louis, Harry, maybe not Zayn – but that was still a possibility.


Liam said, “Coming, Harry, Louis- Jess?”

Jess panted, “I, need, to, talk, to-“

Liam cut Jess off, “Niall?”

Jess nodded, “It’s, important.”

Liam nodded, “He’s still asleep…”

Jess nodded, “Alright, I’ll wake him up…”

Liam shook his head, “No, no, no, I can.”

Jess sighed, “It is really important Liam. As in, I need to talk to him, now!”

Liam sighed, “Fine…”


Liam knew this was not a good idea. Niall had been talking about Jess a lot during his sleep. Niall would say that ‘Jess was too beautiful for Mark’ or ‘Jess should be mine’ maybe even ‘I wish Jess knew’.


Jess went to wake up Niall, when Liam stopped her, “Why don’t we get him breakfast?”

Jess sighed, “I need to talk to him now – so he wakes up-“She stopped when Niall started talking. Liam knew what was going to happen…


Niall started mumbling, “I want Jess…. Why can’t she be mine? I feel like I am stuck in the friend zone… It hurts, being in the friend zone and liking them so much. I wish…” He trailed off with slight snores.


Jess stood in shock, not knowing what to say. Jess knew Niall liked her, but did not know it was that bad. Jess liked Niall, before she met him – but now it felt more as a friend. Then again, she might just pushed away her feelings because of her boyfriend.


Jess decided to wake up Niall anyways, it took a while but he started sleepily mumbling.


Niall mumbled, “Li go away, go bug Dani or someone.”

Liam chuckled, “Mate, I’m not the one waking you…”

Niall mumbled, “Haz, go away.”

Liam laughed, “Mate, it isn’t Haz either.”

Niall mumbled, “Lou, go away… Go Skype El or something…”

Liam laughed, “Mate, it isn’t Lou either.”

Niall mumbled, “It can’t be Zayn, he would be sleeping still… Unless it is, if it is, go away.”

Liam laughed, “It isn’t any of us, mate.”

Niall mumbled, “Then who can it be.”


Jess jumped on Niall, and Niall turned. Niall became wide eyed.


Niall’s voice cracked, “Jess – Uh Jess, what are you, uh, doing here?”

Jess sighed, “I needed to talk to you-“Jess turned to Liam, “Alone.”


Liam nodded and walked away.


Niall gulped, “Err, what do you, uh, want to talk about?”

Jess giggled, “We uh… I… Something online.”

Niall gulped, “You aren’t getting hate, are you?”

Jess shrugged, “I would care less about that… I care more about the fact that the rumors started might get me hate.”

Niall sighed, “Oh, great… What rumors now…”


Niall now was drifting back to sleep slowly.


Jess said nonchalantly, “Oh just that we might be secretly dating.”


Niall jumped up. Niall had forgotten that Jess was on him. When Niall jumped up – he accidentally crashed his lips to hers. Jess was too shocked to push him off but he got off himself. Niall instantly felt guilty. Niall knew it was an accident – but it felt right to him.


Niall got off the bed, “Fuck, I uh, shit, I feel bad Jess. I did not mean to-“

Jess cut him off, “I get it Niall, and you forgot I was on top of you – oh fuck that sounds so wrong…”

Niall chuckled, “Even in odd situations – you still make me laugh.”

Jess sighed, “Ha, ha. Funny one, Horan.”

Niall sighed, “You said Horan, you’re pissed…”

Jess sarcastically said, “No I totally am not pissed. I totally did not just accidentally kiss the guy who I am apparently dating. I do not have to tell Mark that the guy that likes me accidentally kissed me because he forgot I was on top of him – not in that way.”

Niall sighed, “I’m sorry Jess, if you want, I’ll go back with you to Nanaimo and tell him with you – I’ll tell him it was my fault for forgetting.”

Jess sighed, “Fine, but only if you’re doing the talking…”


Niall sighed; he did not really want to help Jess. Niall wish that he could just grab her and kiss her – on purpose not by accident. Niall just wanted his fairy tale right now.


Niall sighed, “I’ll do it.”

Jess laughed, “Sounds like you’re speaking to Simon or any other management…”


Niall laughed, and then he heard his phone ringing. He walked over to it, and speaking of Simon. Simon was calling. Niall answered it.


Niall: Uncle Si?

Simon: Niall, we need to talk.

Niall: Sure. When?

Simon: Half an hour?

Niall: Where?

Simon: Well, I just arrived, so maybe come to the airport and pick me up.

Niall: Fine, I cannot drive though.

Simon: Paul can get you a driver.

Niall: Fine, just me, or any of the other lads?

Simon: Actually, your lady friend, what’s her name, Jessie?


Niall suddenly froze. Simon wants Jessie to join. That is going to be awkward after what just happened.


Niall: Why?

Simon: We need to discuss something.

Niall: Fine, but what is she doesn’t come?

Simon: She has to.

Niall: Fine.

Simon: Bye, remember, half an hour.


Niall sighed and hung up. Jess instantly worried.


Jess asked, “What’s wrong Nialler? What did Simon want?”


Niall sighed he knew everything was wrong. He wanted everything right.


Niall said, “Simon wants to meet up – with us.”

Jess nodded, “So I should go?”

Niall shook his head, “I mean us, as in you and I.”


Jess suddenly spat her water at Niall, “What!”

Niall sighed, “Thanks for spitting on me. Anyways, Simon wants to talk to us for some reason.”

Jess nodded, “Fine…”

Niall laughed, “You sound like I was, when Simon and I were on the phone.”

Jess laughed, “I know I heard your conversation until the last bit – then I got water.”

Niall nodded, “I better go get changed quickly…”

Jess giggled, “Yeah, I never noticed you didn’t have any clothes on, other than your boxers.”


Niall looked down and noticed Jess was right, all he had was his boxers on. Niall flushed a deep red. Niall was super embarrassed that Jess saw that…


Niall laughed, “Err, yeah, I’ll go change, just wait here, maybe let Liam back in.”

Jess nodded, “Want me tell him where we’re going, or will you?”

Niall said, “I’ll tell him.”

Jess nodded, “I’ll go get him now, and you go change.”


Niall nodded and Jess walked to get Liam.


Jess walked down the lobby and saw Liam, she yelled, “Li!”

Liam turned around, “Oh hey Jess.”

Jess chuckled, “Niall and I are done talking now.”

Liam nodded, “Alright.”

Jess smiled, “Yeah.”

Liam smiled, ”Hey, how about us three go have breakfast?”

Jess sighed, “We can’t…”

Liam sighed, “Alright, but why?”

Jess sighed more, “Niall will be explaining that after changes.”

Liam wiggled his eyebrows, “What, did you guys do a quickie?” Liam winked after that.


Jess was wondering since when did Liam become so dirty minded. Jess would definitely not do that – at least now. Jess knew there were many people who wanted to do ‘it’ with Niall, and she would be lying to say if she did not want to, but for now, she cannot. Jess was also worrying about if Liam saw their accidental kiss.


Jess gasped, “I do not cheat on my boyfriends… To be fair, I’ve only had one…but yeah.”

Liam laughed, “I know, but I thought I’d bug you.”

Jess laughed, “He had his boxers on, and he needs to change them – because we’re going out soon.”

Liam raised an eyebrow, “Going out, soon? Like on a date?” Liam winked again.

Jess slapped Liam’s arm, “No, not like that, like, err, he’ll explain.”

Liam nodded, “Sure, let’s go back up now.”


Jess nodded and they walked back to the elevator.


When Jess and Liam reached the hotel room, Liam unlocked the door and allowed Jess in first.


Niall said, “Jess, we need to leave, like now.”

Liam said, “Not without explaining it first.”

Niall sighed, then spoke fast, “Jess and I have to go get Simon and meet up with him. Before you ask why, I do not know why he wants to meet with us. I am assuming it is because of my concert dedication.”

Liam nodded, “Go, before Simon yells at you.”

Niall nodded, “Jess let’s go.”


Jess nodded and waved to Liam. Liam gladly returned the wave. Niall grabbed Jess’ hands and they rushed downstairs to meet their driver and the car. When they reached the car, they were still holding hands – Jess had a feeling this was going to reach the tabloids. They got in the car and headed off the airport. They had random conversations – mostly about what they were going to discuss with Simon. When they reached the airport, they saw Simon standing there.


Simon said, “Took you guys a while.”

Niall chuckled, “Sorry Uncle Si, the morning traffic was bad outside our hotel.”

Simon said, “Well let’s go get breakfast, because you are probably hungry.”

Niall grinned, “Great, I couldn’t get breakfast-“Niall looked at Jess and glared, “-Because she woke me up to talk and never got me breakfast.”

Jess laughed, “Liam told me to, but it was important, so I didn’t get you breakfast.”


The three of them walked back to the car and headed off for breakfast. Niall could care less where they went to eat. Jess on the other hand, she was fussy about what she ate. She is not allergic to anything food wise, but she does not like a lot of food. Simon did not care where they ate, because he knew he would be the one paying.


They arrived to Scoozi’s a restaurant in Vancouver. Jess had read about it, and heard it was nice. The three of them walked in, and they were seated. Jess looked around and thought it looked beautiful. Niall on the other hand, he kept stealing glances at Jess. Simon saw that Niall would look at Jess, and knew Niall would be fine with his plan.


Simon said, “Order, and I’ll pay.”

Niall smiled, “Yay, because I am hungry.”

Simon said, “I know Niall, how about you, uh, Jessie right?”

Jess nodded, “I’m hungry, a little. And call me Jess.”

Simon nodded, “Alright, Jess, order whatever you would like.”

Jess smiled, “Could I perhaps order something for my friend?”

Simon nodded, “In that case, we’ll order for the other lads as well.”


I looked at Niall and noticed he was going to love this place.


Jess giggled, “Niall, you love this place because it has a lot of meat… Don’t you?”

Niall nodded, “Yes I am.”

Jess chuckled, “You are a goofball Niall.”


Niall chuckled. On the inside, he mentally sighed. Mostly because Niall wants to be “Jessie’s goofball” but he knows that, it cannot happen.


Niall said, “Thanks Jess.”

Jess smiled, “Welcome, Horan.”

Niall sighed, “You’re calling me Horan again…”

Jess chuckled, “I know, but its fun.”

Niall chuckled, “I thought I was the goofball, apparently it rubbed off on you.”

Jess laughed, “Ha, ha, funny Horan.”

Niall laughed, “I am a funny one, Brooks.”

Jess giggled, “You said Brooks, since when did you do that?”

Niall shrugged, “Since you’ve been calling me Horan.”


Jess was about to say something, when Simon interrupted.


Simon said, “I actually came here to discuss something with you two. I was wondering how you guys were on doing a plan with me.”

Jess raised an eyebrow, “Depends what it is.”

Niall agreed, “Yeah, it depends…”

Simon smiled, “I want you two to fake date.”

Jess went wide eyed, “Wait, what?”

Niall nodded, “Yeah Uncle Si, what, why?”

Simon said, “Because, your fan base no longer wants you single… After the Haylor trouble last year, they want Niall to have someone. It seems as a lot of Directioners actually love Jess here.”

Jess gulped, “Why do I have to fake date Niall. I’ve read things about what happens when two people fake date. They end up falling in love, but it’s a contract so they have to break up.”

Niall chuckled, “You’re worried we’re going to fall in love and we’ll have to break up so we’ll be heartbroken?”

Jess nodded, “Imagine that, how hard it would be.”


Niall actually thought about it. Niall knew he was already falling. Niall knew how heartbroken he would be if they broke up because it was fake. Niall also hoped they would fake date – that way he could show how they would actually date. Niall had one problem, Mark.


Niall sighed, “I’d do it…but for our fan base.” Total lie.

Jess sighed, “I’d do it-“

Simon cut Jess off, “Great we can-“

Jess cut Simon off, “I can’t do it though…”

Simon said, “And why’s that?”

Jess sighed, “I already have a boyfriend…”

Simon sighed, “That’s the thing – he would have to grow fond to the idea. You and Niall already live with each other, so Directioners can ‘think’ what you guys do while he’s home. You guys can be more of those inside couples. You and your boyfriend can still date, as long as it isn’t in public…”

Jess sighed, “But I’d feel as if I were cheating.”

Simon said, “What if we paid you?”


Jess thought about it. If she did this, her and Mark could go around Europe. Jess had two problems. One, her and Mark could not be public anymore. Two, even if they go on the trip, she would have to be in disguise.


Jess sighed, “I could ask Mark…”

Simon said, “Great, but I see that you two are already trending on Twitter and they’ve written articles about you two.”

Jess sighed, “Are we more popular than when Demi and Niall had that ‘Nemi’ faze?”

Simon said, “I guess so, it looks as if they is more.

Niall chuckled, “I’ve been paired to a lot of people but never dated any of them.”

Jess laughed, “Yes Niall, you are the cute Irish one that always seems to be single.”

Niall smiled, “You think I’m cute?” Cue the cheeky smile.

Jess sighed, “Half the world thinks you're cute Niall.”

Niall laughed, “But you said it.”

Jess sighed, “Again Niall, half the world has probably said it.”

Niall smiled, “But you’re the only one who I believed.”

Jess sighed, “You are one odd flirt.”

Niall chuckled, “Who said I was flirting? I am telling the truth…”

Jess laughed, “Ah, there goes the bad flirting again.”

Niall shook his head, “Fine, I’ll ask Harry for advice.”



What a busy morning, tabloids definitely suck.

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