Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


12. Chapter 14 – Skyping my friends…

Grace's POV

It was Friday afternoon, I had just got out of school. It’s only the first week of school… The only thing I hate about this year, is it’s grade 12, so everything I do and get, goes for if I graduate or not.


I was getting ready to go home when someone stopped me.


Paige said, “Hey Grace, have you heard from Jessie, I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

I sighed, “Don’t you know, she moved?”

She shook her head, “No, she what, when did she? Why did she?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, one day she’s talking to her famous friends, and all of the sudden she moved to London.”

She gasped, “London, England?”

I nodded, “Yup…”

She was shocked, “She moved…over the pond…in a different time zone… How will we talk to her?”

I shrugged, “Maybe she’ll contact us soon.”

She sighed, “I hope so, I miss her. Maybe we can send her something to remind her of us here?”

I smiled, “That could work, and anyone who misses her can send her something.”

She nodded, “Okay I’ll go ask a few people…”

I nodded, “Okay bye!”


We walked off into different directions. I was going home, when again, someone stopped me.


Cane said, “Grace… I need to speak to you quickly.”

I nodded, “Sure, what’s up Cane?”

He sighed, “Where’s Jess?”

I sighed, “She moved…”

He yelled, “WHAT?”

I slap a hand over his mouth, “Shh, be quiet.”

He chuckled, “Yeah, I’m sorry. But she moved?”

I nodded, “Yeah, over the summer, or also known as, a week ago.”

He sighed, “I didn’t get to say good bye.”

I chuckled, “No worries, not many people did say good bye.”

He sighed, “God… I… Fuck… Why did I… Fuck!”

I laughed, “Why did you what?”

He sighed, “You can keep a secret right?” I nodded.

He continued, “Well… I actually like Jess, I just never had the guts to tell her. When I was going to… Well, basically, Carly asked me out, I said yes, I didn’t mean to, but I did. Don’t get me wrong, I like Carly, but I was in love with Jessie…

I sighed, “Why didn’t you break up with Carly?”

He sighed, “I was going to, trust me, but I heard things… People started talking about this guy she liked.”

I laughed, “You mean Mark?”

He shrugged, “I guess so.”

I laughed, “Yeah, she liked him, but she didn’t date him, because of ‘complications’.”

He sighed, “What ‘complications’?”

I laughed, “Cannot tell. Sorry Cane.”

He laughed, “No worries, it’s her secret.”

I nodded, “Well I have to go now Cane, sorry, bye!”


He waved bye and I ran to my car so I could get home.


When I got home, I showered and got ready for tonight. If you’re wondering what tonight is, well basically, it’s youth group. I go there with some friends, and other people I don’t know. I’m a very social person, so most people know me. Not all the time I’ll remember them. That’s why I loved being friends with Jess, she knew who people were even if they didn’t know her.


A few hours passed when I arrived to youth group, everyone was crowded around playing games.


I sat down on my iPod for a bit, I’m so glad there’s Wi-Fi here.


I was scrolling through Facebook when a screen popped up…


Jessie Brooks is calling…

I accepted…

Jessie's POV


I’m so anxious. I haven’t talked to anyone back home in so long…


I called Grace… Not too long after, she accepted.


Grace: Jess, I miss you so much!

Me: I miss you too!

Grace: How’s spending time with your idol?

Me: You mean Niall? Oh well, he just got back, apparently they get a little break for now. He’s an amazing friend.

Grace: That’s awesome, are his laughs as addicting in real life?

Me: Haha, of course you’d ask that. To be honest – yes they are!

Grace: Sweet!

Me: So guess who I’ve seen…

Grace: Who, Bruno Mars? If you’ve seen Bruno Mars, I am so jealous.

Me: No but it’s someone who owes you ten bucks…

Grace: Oh my, Mark!?

Me: Uh huh, he lives here now…

Grace: Everyone kind of heard me when I yelled that…

Me: Oh, so you want to talk to him… Maybe you can show everyone else too.

Grace: Sure, I’ll hook it up to the screen.

Me: Okay, I’ll get Mark.


She went off to get everyone else while I went to get Mark.


I yelled, “Mark!”

He ran up to me, “Yes hun?”

I said, “Want to say hi to everyone back home now?”

He nodded, “Yeah I miss everyone…”

I sighed, “Me too…”

He chuckled, “Well let’s go.”

Niall asked, “Can I join too?”

I chuckled, “I think you can, hopefully no one faints or anything…”

Niall laughed, “Okay, sounds good.”


We walked back to my laptop. Looks like Grace is still setting up.


Grace: Hey Mark! And Niall?

Mark: Hey Grace, remember…you still owe me money.

Niall: Hello love!

Grace: I do not Mark! And hello Niall!

Me: Okay now you two are introduced… Where’s everyone else…. I kind of have good news… Or so I hope it is.

Grace: Okay. Just wait. (She yelled to everyone there) Guys get your butts over here!

Me: Surprised on how much you have changed in the past two years…

Grace: Yeah I know… I thought I’d be more quiet.

Me: So who’s all there?

Grace: Paige, Anne, Audrey, Aaron, Sherrie – of course – Katie, Wade, Jolene, Rick, and the other usuals. Oh and Jess….Cane said he misses you…

Mark: Who’s Cane…

Niall: The guy Jess liked…

Mark: The one that left her heartbroken?

Me: Dude, I’m right here…

Grace: Yes Mark, he’s a guy she liked… Niall, how did you know – she told you didn’t see?

Niall: Yeah she did, I’m surprised…

Mark: That….never mind.

Me: You’re odd Mark…

Grace: He also said he liked you…and that he never meant to say yes to Carly asking him out.

Mark: That f...... bastard… He can’t just like her…. And urg!

Grace: Whoa, defensive much Mark?

Me: Shh Grace, where’s everyone else?

Grace: You aren’t going to fan girl over Cane liking you back?

Me: Nope.

Grace: What the fuck happened to you… I don’t mean to swear, it was needed.

Me: No worries… I seriously need to tell everyone something…

Grace: Okay they’re coming right now…


Me: Hi Paige.

Paige: I like, miss you, so much!

Me: I miss you, everyone there…

Paige: Even, you know who…

Me: I don’t know, I honestly just forgot about him over the summer. Thanks to my new five best friends over here in London.

Paige: Who?

Me: I’ll be casual about it… You know, One Direction…

Paige: Yeah I know One Direction… Not anything about them

Niall: You don’t know… Oh my… We… Oh my… That’s odd…

Me: Shh Niall, not everyone fan girls over One Direction.

Niall: I know… Just like not everyone fan girls over me…

Me: Niall, you’re amazing, you have a great voice – singing and talking – and you have a great appearance.

Niall: I’m not amazing. Liam’s amazing. I don’t have a great voice, trust me, Harry’s voice is better. Zayn has a better appearance…

Me: Niall, just stop there… You’re everything the boys are…

Paige: I’m confused…

Me: Oh sorry, this is Niall Horan, also known as the Irish one or one fifth of One Direction.

Paige: Ohhhh, well hello Mr. Horan.

Niall: Err, just Niall works.

Me: Paige… Since when did you use Mr.?

Paige: I don’t know…

Katie: Wait… You’re Niall Horan. I used to like One Direction, but I wasn’t obsessed or anything, just liked the music.

Me: It’s not obsessed, it’s dedicated.

Niall: Yeah, what she said.

Katie: Haha, you’re still funny… I don’t know why you broke up with my brother…

Aaron: Hey!

Katie: Sorry … Not.

Me: I still don’t know why you guys don’t get along…

Aaron: Just never do I guess.

Me: You two are weird…

Katie: Thanks…

Niall: Love you should tell them your good news…

Me: Oh yeah, right. Well, Mark, let’s tell them…

Mark: Gladly…

Mark and I: We’re dating.


Everyone looked shocked, yet happy. Grace’s jaw dropped, probably feeling bad about talking about Cane. Paige looked like rainbows were about to come out of her, or something. Aaron was smiling, probably happy that there’s a new boyfriend. Anne was smiling, she hadn’t said anything, but I know she’s happy about us. Sherrie, she’s the most shocked, I think she didn’t see that coming. Everyone else, was happy, but not too shocked.


Sherrie: Wait, what? Since when, what?!

Me: Well… We… I kind of needed a job. I saw this…

Sherrie: Get to the point…

Me: Yeah right… Err, we seen each other again, and he liked me, and I got my feelings back. On our first date, he asked me out.

Sherrie: Aww, go Mark!

Mark: Thanks Sherrie. I’ve got myself a beautiful lady.

Everyone: Aww…

Niall: Bleh…

Me: Rude…

Niall: I’m sorry…but when you see it for a while, you get a little creeped out.

Me: Niall, you’ve only been home since 8…

Grace: You guys seem like you bicker like an old married couple

Me: Awkward…

Niall: That’s odd…

Mark: She’s my half, not his.

Me: Whoa, I’m owned… Cool.

Mark: Weirdo.

Me: True, but I’m yours.

Everyone: Aww!

Me: Okay. I think we should go, but I’ll try keep in touch with you all once in a while. Just message me or tweet me, and I’ll reply at some point.

Everyone: Okay!

Mark: Bye guys!

Everyone: Bye Mark!

Niall: Bye lads and lassies.

Me: Niall, no British-Irish terms…

Niall: Okay, bye boys and girls.

Everyone: Nice meeting you Niall!

Niall: Nice meeting you guys too!

Me: Okay we really need to go, it’s late here…or early…whatever.

Grace: Bye Jess, I’ll Facebook you tomorrow.

Me: Okay, bye.


With that, we hung up.


I’m starting to miss home now…

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