Because...I can love you more than this [Niall]

[It is a fan fiction - but because it is more like a romance, I will put it as romance]

Meet Jessie Brooks, 16-year-old teenager living in Nanaimo. She did not sing often, but she got her heart broken - unintentionally - by the guy she was in love with since grade 8. So, what happens when she starts posting cover more? Especially - If they are, One Direction covers.

Will a certain member notice it?

[I tried not to make this a cliché Fan Fiction, but it started as one. Also, it is technically 'based on my life' because, well, yeah.]

P.S.: My original story of this consists of 28 chapters - but this one was shorten due to lack of space for some chapters - as some of the ones I posted were shortened.


8. Chapter 10 – Niall just needs her…wants her…

Niall’s POV

The boys and I just got off the Skype call with Jess, and, her boyfriend… I’m a little jealous, but, I guess if I didn’t make my move, he’s lucky to have make a move. I’m just happy she is with someone, he seems to makes her happy.


Liam sat down next to me, “What’s up Niall? You seem so glum…”

I sighed, “Sorry Liam, it’s just, I kind of…like someone.”

He chuckled, “Does her name start with a J and has a boyfriend?”

I sighed, “Err, yes…”

He laughed, “I knew it.”

I smiled, “Glad it’s obvious to you…”

He sighed, “Don’t worry Niall. If it helps, I don’t think they’ll last that long.”

I smiled, “It does help a little.”

He smiled, “Good, smile, don’t show her you’re sad, show her you’re happy. Girls like happiness, so maybe she’ll like you back soon in the future. I mean, you’re Irish charm can’t keep her away.”

I chuckled, “Liam, my charm doesn’t work on just anyone. She’s a special one…”

He chuckled, “You’re too cute Niall…”

I blushed, “Stop making me blush…”

He chuckled, “See, that’s why I said Niam is definitely real.”

I laughed, “Yeah, I guess it is real…”

He smiled, “It’s real Niall. Definitely real.”

I laughed, “You know what I wish was real?”

He laughed, “Err, Jiall?”

I chuckled, “Err, yeah…”

He smiled, “Wait which Jiall?”

I laughed awkwardly, “There’s different Jiall’s?”

He nodded, “Yup, the first one is you and Justin Bieber, the second is you and Jessie.”

I laughed, “Of course Directioners would pair Justin and I together…”

He laughed, “Surprised there’s no Miall.”

I laughed, “Michael Bublé and I?”

He nodded, “I guess it’s the big age gap that makes in impossible.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, that’d be an odd pair.”

He smiled, “That’s why I ship Niam. We’re the same age, not too far apart.”

I laughed, “Liam, we’re only like two weeks apart…”

                                                                       He laughed, “That’s why I like it.”                      

I chuckled, “I like it too. Except, I would prefer Jessie and I, instead of you and me.”

He laughed, “Yeah I know that, it’s just, we’re both single, so right now we can be Niam.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, sounds good. So, any special lady for you?”

He laughed, “Well if you’re asking if I fancy anyone, then yes.”

I smiled, “Really, who?”

He smiled, “You know her. I dated her for two years Niall…”

I smiled, “Still wishing there was ‘Payzer’?”

He nodded, “I’ve wished ever since there was no Payzer.”

I sighed, “Why did you break up with her then? I mean, it seems like you’re still in love with her?”

He sighed, “Nialler, it’s complicated. I want her happy, I want to be normal, and I want a simple not too complicated life. Most of all, I want to be together without the fans being mean to her.”

I smiled, “Aww, Liam, still sensible. Well, go see her mate, maybe ask her out on another first date?”

He smiled, “Sounds good, I’ll go to her next act.”

I smiled, “Good.”


Liam left after that last comment, I think he went to go figure out when he could see Danielle next. I’m glad he can possibly get the love of his life back. While me, I still have to wait, I don’t know if she’s made for me, but I want her, I need her.


I decided to go check Twitter. I was smiling at all the happy comments from fans. Ignoring any hate comment I seen. I had a few mentions I wanted to reply to. One caught my eye,


Jessie Brooks: @NiallOfficial it’s so boring without you here…


She misses me, sure she does, just not the way I miss her. I wish I could see her, hug her, kiss her, and hold her, whatever I could. I wish I wasn’t famous right now, but if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t know Jessie.


I decided to reply,


Niall Horan: Don’t worry @JessieOfficial I miss you too! Xx


I saw my mention explode after that tweet. I guess directioners aren’t so happy about another ‘girl’ in my life. I mean, I saw retweets and favourites, but I think it’s because they’re fans, they basically retweet and favourite any tweets.


When I actually read the mentions, everyone seemed to love Jessie. I think they’d prefer her with Liam, just because his Toy Story obsession. He’s not really obsessed, he just likes Toy Story.


I was listening to one of our songs, one stood out to me though…


Would he say he’s in L-O-V-E?

Well if it was me then I would (I would)

Would he hold you when you’re feeling low?

Baby you should know that I would (I would)

Would he say he’s in L-O-V-E?

Well if it was me then I would (I would)

Would he hold you when you’re feeling low?

Baby you should know that I would


It reminded me of Jess so much, I mean, I know it’s too soon for them to say they love each other. I just want to be the one to tell her, I guess her ex probably told her. Right now, it should be me; I should be the one holding her, kissing her, loving her. I just want her, maybe even need her…


Want her…need her…

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