Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


9. Chapter 9: Lying, and trying for the truth

Third Person

“Hey Tom, where’ve you been mate?” Max yelled as he heard the door close. Tom was confused, Max knew it was him. “Max, how’d you know that was me?” Tom asked curiously.


“Well, you’re the only one who went out. Nath is in his room with Jay, I don’t know what they’re doing. Siva’s with Nareesha. Oh, and Kelsey is taking a nap.” Max stated.


“Oh, well, I’m tired, maybe I’ll go sleep with Kels.” Tom said.


“Oh, okay mate.” Max knew Tom was lying, he knew something had happened. “Wait, Tommy.” Max said before Tom could walk towards his room. Tom stopped walking, and turned towards Max again. “Hmm.” Tom mumbled.


“Where were you, really?” Max questioned. Tom knew lying to his best mate was hard, but he had to. “Just outside.” Tom sputtered out


“Uh huh.” Max nodded, knowing it was a lie. “So, why were you in that alley?” Max asked nonchalantly.


“Just talking with some people.” Tom shrugged.


“Like Louis Tomlinson, I thought you two weren’t on right terms yet?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow questionably.


“Yeah, we ran into each other, I was just helping someone in that alley.” Tom shrugged. “It’s nothing big mate, he’s good people.” Tom just smiled slightly.


“Oh, well, are you hungry? Kev ordered some food a few minutes ago, it should be here in about half an hour.” Max stated.


“Um, sure, I’m just, gonna shower.” Tom just nodded and walked towards the shower.


Max felt the tension of the air, Tom was lying, and Max wanted to know what happened. Max thought, maybe he should ask Jay if he saw anything.


“Jay, Jay, Jay!” Max yelled. Jay heard a groan, it sounded like Nathan.


“Bird’s busy Max, go do something else.” Nathan yelled.


“Nu-uh, I need to speak with Bird quickly.” Max shouted.


“Fine, 2 minutes Max, and then we’re returning to our game.” Nathan shouted.


“So, what’s up Mac, why did you need me so urgently?” Jay asked Max. Jay stood there, arms crossed and eye quirked. “Seriously mate, Nath and I were having fun, I was winning, for once!” Jay whined.


“Mate, mate, I just need to ask a question.” Max said, quietly so only Jay can hear. “Sure, shoot!” Jay said. “Well, when we saw Tom in the alley, you saw it right, that he’s well, he’s the ‘new wolverine’ now?” Max questioned. “Yeah? Why?” Jay tilted is head, in confusion.


“Tom keeps lying, he keeps acting as if he were saving someone – because we all know he and Louis get a long perfectly fine.” Max sarcastically said.


“Yeah, but why would he lie?” Jay asked. “I don’t know mate, I don’t know.” Max sighed deeply.



“Louis?” Harry asked curiously. “Mate, I’ve been looking for you for an hour. Eleanor called earlier. She wanted to say she missed you.” Harry said.


“Aww, I’ll call her back.” Louis quickly said. “No,  you need to tell me where you were first.” Harry said sternly.


“I went out for an early dinner, okay?” Louis said. “Mmm-hmm.” Harry said. “I’ll believe that when there’s no fan shipping Larry.” Harry chuckled.


“Oh come on Haz, not the ‘Larry’ card again.” Louis said. “Yes, the ‘Larry’ card again Lou.” Harry said. “But, but, Harry, it’s just wrong.” Louis sighed. “Hey, it’s true though, most people believe we’re dating.” Harry laughed.


“Harry, if I tell you something, promise you won’t laugh?” Louis asked. “Anything, you can tell me anything mate.” Harry said.


“Okay, okay, um, I’m, I’m a, uh…” Louis paused. “Lou, spit it out, you’re talking slower than me.” Harry joked.


“Okay, I’m Superman.” Louis said, with all the seriousness in the world. He knew the lads knew of his ‘superman’ joke he used to do during The X Factor.


“Oh yeah Lou, and I’m Spiderman.” Harry laughed. Harry continued laughing until he noticed Louis was still just standing there – silent. “Whoa mate, what’s up your boxers?” Harry asked. “It was joke, eh mate?” Harry asked.


“No Harry, I’m seriously. Superman himself found me, well, we bumped into each other, he asked if I knew someone strong, and I said myself, showed my biceps – as I do with you guys – and he said we could meet and discuss it. Now you are looking at the new Superman. Oh, and Tom Parker – that guy from The Wanted – yeah he’s Wolverine.” Louis said as quickly as he ever could.


“Wait, wait, hold the phone – you are saying, Tom Parker from The Wanted is your rival? I thought he always was?” Harry asked.


“Harry, he’s Wolverine, Wolverine and Superman haven’t really interacted before tonight.” Louis stated. “But, you and Tom, rivals… That already happens in reality.” Harry said. “Yes, Harry, now, you can’t tell anyone this, yet. I have to keep this secret from people, but I was allowed to tell one person, and one person only.” Louis said.


“I’m privileged to be the one you tell. Thanks mate.” Harry said. “Yeah, yeah, don’t mention it – literally.” Louis said. “Yeah, yeah, your secret is safe with me.” Harry said. “Promise?” Louis asked. “Promise.” Harry said.


“Good.” Louis said and walked away.



“Tommy.” Max said. “Thomas.” Jay said. “Tom!” Max yelled. “Good boy!” Jay jokingly yelled.


“What do you little fucks want?” Tom groaned, even more irritated.


“Whoa, chill your tantrums Tom. We’re just trying to tell you dinner has be delivered.” Max said.


“Yum, dinner.” Tom sarcastically said. “I’ll be right back.” Tom said.


“He’s still acting weird.” Jay whispered to Max as Tom walked away. “Yeah, he is.” Max agreed.


“Hey Seev.” Nareesha called out. “Yes, baba?” Siva replied. “Have you seen my drawings?” Nareesha asked. “Baba, aren’t they in our room?” Siva said. “I thought so, but they aren’t in there.” Nareesha said.


“Nareesha!” Tom’s voice echoed. “Yes, Tommy?” Nareesha said. “Are these papers important, they’re sitting in the loo?” Tom said.


“Are they drawings?” Nareesha yelled as she made her way towards the bathroom. “I think so, yeah.” Tom said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you Tom!” Nareesha’s voice cheered.


“You’re welcome.” Tom said.


“Wow, he’s not in a prissy mood around Nareesha.” Max commented. “Yeah, he isn’t.” Jay agreed. “Nareesha’s kind, that’s why Tom is rarely irritated with her.” Siva jumped in. “You’re just saying that because you two have been dating for almost 5 years.” Max said.


“5 years is great mate, you’d understand when you find the one you want to spend forever with.” Siva said. “I know.” Max said. “You guys are blokes.” Jay said. “Love is just, hard to find.” Jay said.


“I’ve got to go,” Tom said randomly, “I’ve got to pick something up.”


Tom never just randomly picks things up, Jay thought. Max and Jay looked at each other questionably.


“Okay mate, see you.” Siva said. “Where you going babe?” Kelsey asked, with a sleepy tone.


“Out.” Tom said simply.


Kelsey, Jay and Max looked at each other oddly before Kelsey nodded for one of the lads to follow Tom. Jay and Max both grabbed their jackets.


“We’re going out too.” Max said. “Maybe a few drinks.” Jay lied, not that it would be a lie later.


Weird, Siva thought. Siva soon shrugged off, as he knew that he could just go cuddle Nareesha or at least chat with her.


“Hey mates.” Nathan walked in.


Darn, Siva thought, spoke too soon, Siva joked with himself.


“Hey mate…” Siva trailed off.

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