Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


8. Chapter 8: Protection and new beginnings

Third Person’s POV


Louis mumbled under his breath, “Oh shit!” he turned back to Liam, and yelled, “Liam, no…”

The two men smirked at Liam, and not only saw Liam, but Zayn as well. The two men started walking towards Liam and Zayn. Neither Liam nor Zayn knew if they should be frightened, or courageous. Liam turned around; no longer see Max behind him. Liam groaned internally, knowing Max already knew, and wanted them to make a fool of themselves. Louis’ breathing was rising; it was almost ready to stop. Tom, he was smirking, hoping something would happen to them too, especially Zayn–because of Zayn and Max’s rivalry online.


The two men finally reached Liam and Zayn. The men were still smirking; no one knew what was going through their minds. Liam and Zayn became more frightened as the two men took steps closer. 20 feet, becomes 15 feet, 15 feet becomes 10 feet, 10 feet becomes 5 feet, 5 feet becomes 1 feet.


The two men were currently right in front Liam and Zayn, the smirk still undoubtedly on their faces. Liam stiffened out, trying to pull a brace face. Zayn, well, he was being himself, mysterious. It was hard to tell if Zayn was brave, or acting like it.


The first man, who was talking to Louis, said, “Hello.” Liam immediately relaxed. 

Liam grinned, “Hello.”

The first man said, “So, you hard our conversation?”

Liam shook his head, vigorously and bewilderingly, “No, I came to find my band mate.”

The first man nodded, “Okay, well, he can’t leave yet.”

Liam gulped, “Oh, all right, just give him the message our interview is still at 7.”

The first man nodded, “Okay, I’ll pass him the message.”


Liam and Zayn walked away, wanting to forget the frightful men.


Max had disappeared from the alley, not wanting others to realize him. Max ran, or jogged, towards his hotel room; hoping paparazzi would not see him. Max ran, or jogged, fast, and in a quick run, or jog, he was at the hotel room in approximately 15 minutes. He walked to his bed, and collapsed down, being too tired from the running, or jogging.


Max heard a knock from his door, and decided to open it. He looked to see who it was, but before he could, someone was yelling at him.


Their bodyguard, Kevin, yelled, “Max, you idiot, where did you go to!”

Max sighed, “I, I went to go for a walk.”

Kevin scoffed, “Yeah right, you’re sweating like days end.”

Max chuckled awkwardly, “I decided to jog back.” He shrugged as if it was no big deal.

Kevin scoffed, again, “Listen Max, you can’t go anywhere, unless you have permission from me.”

Max slowly nodded, “I’m sorry Kev; I just wanted to go for a walk.”

Kevin’s face had soften, “I’m sorry for yelling. It just irritated me that you walked out on us without telling us what you were doing.”

Max smiled kindly, “It’s okay Kev, I know you were only looking out for me. It’s your job.”

Kevin smiled, “Thanks for understanding. Now, while Tom’s out, we’ve got to arrange a meeting soon.”

Max nodded, “For what?”

Kevin shrugged, “I don’t know, no one told me what it was about exactly. Just that it was a meeting.”

Max nodded, “Oh, okay, well, can I take a little nap?”

Kevin nodded, “Yeah, Tom won’t be back until about 6, maybe earlier, maybe later.”

Max nodded, “Okay, I’m going to go nap now.” Max yawned as he closed the door slowly.


Kevin waved a little goodbye, before walking away.


Louis and Tom were almost done their conversation with Logan and Superman but they were going over the rules.


Logan said, “Rule One, you two must not get along in public, or else people may get suspicious.”

Tom snickered, “Won’t be hard, aye Louis? I mean, we already bickered over Twitter.”

Louis smiled, “Right one Tom.”

Logan smiled, “Great. Rule Two, you two must not tell anyone your secret. The only ever exception is if their life is in full danger.”

Louis’ lips were in a straight line, “I can’t tell my band mates? Or my girlfriend?”

Logan shook his head, “No, you must not. This must be a secret.”

Louis frowned, “Oh, all right.”

Logan nodded, “Now, Rule Three, the most important rule. Neither one of you shall get caught, at least by media, especially with your masks.”

Tom clarified, “So, no one can know, we can’t get along, and no one must find out, or at least media?”

Logan nodded, “Are you both clear with these rules?”

Louis and Tom nodded at the same, and almost in unison said, “Yes, we are.”

Logan smiled, “Great, welcome new Superman and new Wolverine.”


Both Louis and Tom smirked at their new names.

The newly renewed Superman, Louis Tomlinson. The newly renewed Wolverine, Thomas Parker.

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