Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


7. Chapter 7: Meetings in an alley, and followers?

Third Person’s POV

3 hours later, it was 3pm…

Tom and Louis were off to meet their possible future ‘bosses’.


Louis yelled, “I’ll be back later lads, I need to go,” he thought of something quickly, “get something for El.”

Liam yelled, “Be back by 5, we have an interview at 7pm and need to be there by 6 to be ready.”

Louis nodded, “Fine, it won’t take that long.”



Tom yelled, “Lads, I’m going out again.”

Max yelled, “Fine, just don’t get lost.”

Tom yelled,” I won’t. I promise.”

Max said, “Good, now stay in touch with us as well.”

Tom sighed, “Yes Max…”


Tom left, and that left Max suspicious of what Tom was doing even more… So he did what he could do – he followed Tom. He dressed up in a disguise.


Max was ready to leave when Jay stopped him, “Where are you going mate?”

Max mentally sighed, “I am going out.”

Jay laughed, “Spying on Tom, are we?”

Max chuckled awkwardly scratching his neck, “Yes…”

Jay smiled, “Great, I’m coming too.”

Max laughed, “Fine, come on. Get a disguise.”


Jay nodded and walked off to find a disguise. Max was looking out to see how far Tom had gone, not that far. There is some good things with New York traffic.


Max yelled, “Jay mate, hurry-“Jay walked out in a disguise, “-Never mind, let’s go.”

Jay nodded, “Off to find out about Tom.”


Max and Jay walked out to follow Tom.



Tom was getting closer to the secret meeting place – which was in an abandoned alley.


Tom did not know the lads were following behind him…he also did not know that someone else would be there as well.



Louis was walking to the mall again. He did not know there was an abandoned alley – which is where Tom is meeting Logan.


Louis reached the mall’s entrance and decided he should actually look for a present for El – so the lads will not wonder what came up.


He reached one of the women’s clothing stores – and asked for help, to get his girlfriend a present. After 10 minutes he had the ‘perfect present’ for El. Louis decided to walk out of the mall and walked towards the abandoned alleyway.


Louis walked by the alley and saw a familiar figure – well not too familiar, “Tom?”

Tom turned around, “Louis? What are you doing here suspenders?”

Louis chuckled, “I got a gift for my girlfriend, you?”

Tom sighed, “I got lost?”

Louis laughed, “Sure thing.”

Tom awkwardly laughed, “Uh huh, so why aren’t’ you mean now Louis?”

Louis sighed, “I am not really that mean – but I like to live up to being known as ‘the sassy one’ or also known as ‘sass master from Doncaster’.”

Tom chuckled, “Okay, well shouldn’t you be going back to your band mates?”

Louis shrugged, “I actually was supposed to meet someone at the mall…but they weren’t there yet so I came for a little walk.”

Tom nodded, “Oh, well I am supposed to meet someone…”

Louis nodded, “Here?”

Tom shrugged, “I guess…”

Louis nodded, “Well I’ll leave you to it…so, see you Tom.”

Tom waved, “Bye suspenders.”

Louis laughed, “Yeah, yeah.”


Louis walked towards the mall to see if Superman was there. When Louis arrived, he saw the same man he saw earlier – immediately he knew it was Superman. He walked towards him and tapped his shoulder. He turned around.


(I will be calling superman ‘the man’ still)


The man said, “You’re here – finally. I’ve been waiting for a while.”

Louis was confused, “I was here earlier…but you weren’t?”

The man laughed, “I was here, right here.”

Louis shrugged, “All right, I guess I didn’t check here.”

The men nodded, “Okay, let’s go talk Louis.”


Louis nodded and they walked towards a more secretive place. When they reached that secretive place – Louis realized the same alley he saw Tom in earlier… They walked into it, but Louis noticed something different… He noticed Max and Jay were there – their disguises did not work well.


Louis whispered, “Max, Jay, what are you two doing here?”

Max gasped, “Shit, I, we, uh, we had to follow Tom…”

Jay nodded, “Yeah, he has been suspicious lately…”

Louis nodded, “All right…”


Louis caught up to Superman again. Superman started talking to…Wolverine. Why were they talking? Louis noticed that Tom was beside Wolverine.


Louis said, “Psst, Tom, what are you doing here still?”

Tom froze, “I uh, came here to talk to someone?”

Louis nodded, “Sure…”

Tom sighed, “Fine, I came here to see-“he pointed to Wolverine, “-Logan.”

That was his name, Logan. Louis nodded, “Oh, okay.”

Tom nodded, “Yeah, so what are you doing here suspenders?”

Louis laughed, “I’m seeing well, someone…not in that way…but yeah you get what I mean – at least I hope.”

Tom chuckled, “Yeah, I know you aren’t cheating but you came to see someone?”

Louis nodded, “Yes, apparently it was the same place as you.”

Tom laughed, “Yeah, apparently.”

Louis laughed, and then whispered, “Did you know your band mates followed you?”

Tom shook his head, “No, why?”

Louis laughed, “I walked into this alley, and saw them – in disguises.”

Tom laughed, “Oh, so that is who was following me… I thought they were normal American pedestrians…”

Louis laughed, “You sure aren’t a bright one, are you Tom?”

Tom chuckled, “Hey, I am bright…maybe not that smart…”

Louis laughed, “Whatever you say.”


Tom was about to protest but he did not. Both of the two stood there in silence until Superman and Logan talked.


Logan said, “If you two are taking our jobs, you will have to be enemies against each other in the supernatural world.”

Both nodded, Louis said, “We already do that in the normal world.”

Tom agreed, “Yeah like-”

Louis cut him off, “Tom they don’t need to know about that time or the other time.”

Tom sighed, “Fine, suspenders.”

Louis laughed, “All right.”


Tom and Louis went back to listening to their ‘bosses’.


Logan said, “We need you guys not to tell anyone – just yet. Soon, but not now.”

Louis nodded, “What if someone gets suspicious?”


Louis knew what he was talking about, he was thinking about how Max and Jay were eavesdropping on the two. Louis only hoped they would not tell a soul about it.


Tom nodded, “We can do that – so basically only we can know?”

Logan nodded, “Anyone else who knows, well, they’ll be hurt.”



While Max and Jay were listening. Technically, they were eavesdropping on Tom and Louis’ conversation with two strangers.


(This part will be a repeat of the above conversation between Tom, Louis, Logan and Superman.)

Mystery man #1 said, “If you two are taking our jobs, you will have to be enemies against each other in the supernatural world.”


Max chuckled at that. Max knew both Tom and Louis did not get along in the normal world. Wait, did he say supernatural world? 


Both Tom and Louis nodded, Louis said, “We already do that in the normal world.”

Tom said, “Yeah like-” 

Louis said, “Tom they don’t need to know about that time or the other time.”


Max and Jay knew they were talking about the Twitter feud and the Piers Morgan show. Those two never seem to get along.


Tom said, “Fine, suspenders.”

Louis said, “All right.”


Logan said, “We need you guys not to tell anyone – just yet. Soon, but not now.”

Louis said, “What if someone gets suspicious?”


Louis looked towards Max and Jay. Jay knew Louis meant because they were listening. Max just continued listening.


Tom said, “We can do that – so basically only we can know?”

Mystery man #1 said, “Anyone else who knows, well, they’ll be hurt.”


Max and Jay gulped. If no one is supposed to know, but Max and Jay know, they might get hurt.


Max and Jay started walking back towards their hotel.


They were about to run when they ran into someone, or two someone’s. They looked up, and saw Liam and Zayn.


Max snarled, “What are you doing here, Malik?”

Zayn scoffed, “I’m here to find my mate, and we’re heading off to an interview soon.”

Max laughed, “Well, he’s busy right now.”

Liam started panicking, “What’s wrong with him? Did he get hurt? Is he getting hurt? Was it one of you two?”


Max thought about telling them, but he did not.


Max laughed, “He’s with one of the members of our band – but not Jay or I.”

Liam sighed, “As long as it isn’t Tom…we’re fine.”

Jay started whistling, Liam sighed, “It’s Tom isn’t it?”

Jay nodded, “Yup, they’re talking to-” 

Max elbowed Jay in the ribs, “-They’re talking to someone.”

Liam sighed, “Oh for, never mind, where are they?”

Max shrugged, “We were walking back to the hotel,” Max grabbed Jay’s arm, “speaking of which, we should be going now.”


Max was about to run with Jay when Zayn grabbed his arm.


Zayn snarled, “Tell us where they are!”

Max sighed, “Alley.”


With that, the two walked back to the hotel.



Liam and Zayn were confused.


Liam and Zayn shrugged and walked towards the alley.


When they reached it, they saw Tom and Louis talking to two men. They were shocked.


Liam yelled, “Louis what the hell! We have an interview in half an hour to get to!”


When Louis heard a familiar voice, he turned and saw two familiar faces. He saw Liam and Zayn – and oh boy, they were going to be in trouble.


Louis mumbled under his breath, “Oh shit!” he turned back to Liam, and yelled, “Liam, no…”

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