Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night [1D + TW]

UK Boy bands, One Direction and The Wanted have always had a 'tension' online - mostly Twitter.

What happens when both bands end up in New York, New York on the night of New Years Eve?

What if their resolutions, aren't resolutions, but wishes?

What if -
...that wish comes true?

Which boy is which superhero?


6. Chapter 6: Headlines and new meetings

Third Person POV

The next day, all headlines were on the lines of,


“One Direction or The Wanted?”

“Big feud on Piers Morgan’s show.”

“British invasion goes wrong?”

“Bands don’t get along.”


Both bands hated because…again. It reminded them so much of their last feud – except this time it was in person, not over Twitter.


Louis was going for a walk around New York, he was sad. Louis always wished he could fly – that way he could fly between gigs and see Eleanor. Louis walked into a mall that was nearby their hotel.


He started walking through the mall – it was huge. He was amazed by how huge it was. He found a shoe store and hoped there were Toms. He was thinking on adding a new pair of Toms to his collect.


He walked into the store and found a new pair of Toms, which he liked. They were similar to his ‘usual outfit.' They were red with blue and white stripes. He chuckled at the fact it resembled his usual tour outfit. He continued looking through the store, and he found some Supra's. He thought Niall would love them – so he got them. They were white Supra's with green lines on it. He walked a little more and found some converse shoes. He got a new white pair for Harry, with some navy blue on it as well. He also got a pair of white converse with purple on it. He walked to the back of the store and found a custom shoe spot. He thought he would buy red high tops, and write ‘ZM’ on them and give them to Zayn. He thought Zayn would love them because it resembled his style – and himself as well.


When he bought all the shoes, he was happy he could get the lads late Christmas stuff, and Zayn an early birthday present.


When he walked out of the store, he walked into someone. He started getting pissed off at the random person.


He yelled, “What is your problem? You do not run into people, now apologize!”

The man spoke up, “I’m sorry sir, I was looking for someone…”

Louis sighed, “Sorry, but hey, don’t call me sir, call me – Louis, Louis Tomlinson.”

The man laughed, “Hello, nice to meet you. I am looking for someone – someone strong. Do you know anyone?”


Louis was thinking, he was strong maybe he could do it.


Louis spoke up, “I am strong.” He started showing off his biceps. He did have a tendency to do that – especially around the other lads.

The man laughed, “Okay, well this job…requires strength and belief.”

Louis was confused, “Strength, and belief? What kind of job is it?”

The man smiled, “A secret job.”

Louis smiled, “Oh, oh, I want to do it!”

The man shook his head, “Oh Louis, I thought you were famous.”

Louis laughed, “I am – wait since when did you know that?”

The man laughed, “I see a poster – behind you.”


Louis turned around, and sure enough, there was poster behind him. It was an advertisement from last month’s Jingle Ball.


Louis sighed, “Fine, but I still want to do it.”

The man smiled, “Okay meet me outside of here in 3 hours.”

Louis smiled, “Sure, I’ll see you later.”

The man nodded, “I’ll see you later Louis.”


The man and Louis parted their ways. Louis still did not understand that was Superman – his most 

Favourite superhero.



Tom was walking around New York.


Tom walked into a restaurant because it was lunchtime. He decided he wanted alone time, and the lads understood that. 


Tom decided to go into ‘Henry’s End.' Tom just wanted something American – but not too fancy.


When he walked in the waiter asked if he wanted to sit at a table, Tom only nodded. The waiter took him to a table for two – but only he was sitting there.


While Tom waited for a waiter to come back for his order, he took out his phone. He went on Twitter and decided it was a good time to reply, and retweets fans tweets.


He saw fans telling him how they were talented. How they were cute, hot, adorable, anything pretty much. He also saw fans saying mean things about One Direction. Truthfully, it was getting on Tom’s nerves – all the feuding between the two bands. He – As Jay and Liam did – thought that they should not argue. He just ended up in the arguments, purely by accident. 


He read about 50 mentions when a waiter had arrived. The waiter asked what he wanted to drink, and he told them. He asked Tom if he was ready to order food. Tom only shook his head no. Tom started looking for something good to eat.


Five minutes later, the waiter came back and Tom was ready to order. He then told the waiter what he wanted to eat.


Tom checked more mentions while he waited for his food. He was still checking, when suddenly his phone beeped. He saw that Max had texted him and asked if he saw most of the gossip magazines. Tom asked why. Max told him that most headlines were talking about yesterday’s feud with One Direction.


Tom knew both of their managements are pissed off that they started their feud again.


Tom’s food had finally arrived and he started eating.


Half an hour later, he was done and paid for his dinner.


He was walking out of the restaurant; and bumped into someone. He looked up and saw a man with almost shoulder length black hair.


Tom said, “So sorry for bumping into you.”

The man laughed, “No problem young one.”

Tom laughed, “All right…”

The man smiled, “I’m Logan.”

Tom nodded, “And I’m Tom Parker.”

Logan smiled, “I know.”

Tom laughed, “Right, right, I’m in a famous band…”

Logan laughed, “Actually I’ve researched you and know your name, but that works.”


Tom was confused at what Logan meant by that.


Tom asked, “How else would you know me?”

Logan said, “I’ve been trying to find a replacement and thought you would be perfect for it.”

Tom was even more confused, “Replacement for what?”

Logan said, “Yeah, I feel as if it is time to retire and need a replacement – and you are perfect for it.”

Tom stated, “But I’m in a worldwide band…”

Logan said, “I know that – but this job can be done anywhere.”

Tom nodded, “Are you going to tell me about this job?”

Logan nodded, “It’s a secret – so meet me somewhere secret,” he handed Tom a piece of paper with an address, “at 3pm.”

Tom nodded, “I can do that.”

Logan smiled, “Great, I’ll see you soon.”


Tom nodded and continued walking home.



In One Direction’s hotel room…


Louis walked in and said, “I’m home! And I have gifts!”


The other boys walked in with smiles.


Harry spoke up first, “What you get me Lou?”

Louis smiled, “Shoes…you all got shoes.”

Harry smiled, “What kind of shoes.”

Louis smiled, “I got you and Liam new converses.”

Harry smiled, “Really, what colour are they?”

Louis said, “I got you navy blue converse shoes.”

Liam said, “What did you get me?”

Louis said, “They are purple converse.”

Liam smiled, “Yes!”

Niall asked, “What did you get me?”

Louis smiled, “New Supra's.”

Niall smiled, “Green?”

Louis nodded, “Not all green, but there is green on it.”

Niall smiled, “Yes!”

Zayn asked, “You got me high tops, didn’t you?”

Louis nodded, “They aren’t normal ones though…”

Zayn asked, “How?”


Louis pulled out the high tops and Zayn smiled.


Zayn said, “You got my initials on them?”

Louis nodded, “They’re for your birthday.”

Harry pouted, “But Louis, what about my birthday?”

Louis laughed, “Sorry Haz, I’ll get you something else for your birthday.”

Harry said, “It better be engraved.”

Louis nodded, “I’ll find something.”


They continued talking about birthday presents. All Louis could think about is his meeting later on.

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